Descendants of Simeon Bandy

Generation Two


2. John Frazier2 Bandy (Simeon1) was born on 28 Oct 1866 at Clinton Co., KY, USA.6 He married Mary Leona Goode, daughter of ? Goode and Susan Coggins, before 1889 at MS, USA. He died in 1925 at from Pneumonia in the winter.  He appeared on the census of 4 Jun 1880 at Age 13, cannot write, attended school in Census year, Civil District No. 1, Smith Co., TN, USA.7 He was Farmer in 1900. He appeared on the census of 1900 at age 33, Farmer, page 111, Clay Co., MS, USA.8 He lived in 1916 at Mississippi Co., AR, USA; Charlotte E Bandy Bunnel writes: " In 1915 boll weevils had devastated the cotton crop in Clay Co. MS and I'm sure this family of 9 suffered as all the other families in the area. Since his father Simeon's death John Frazier and brother Oscar had taken care of the farm, but it became evident that something must be done. Mother Hester was 74 years old and in fairly good health but it was a real burden to feed and clothe this large family. Recruiters from Mississippi Co. AR knew of the crop failure and came to find managers for their plantations. John Frazier signed a contract with Walter Driver to move his family to Arkansas to manage his large delta plantation that was in the heart of a 25 mile wide stretch of land considered to be some of the richest cotton land in the world. The topsoil is 1500 feet deep an a rotation of crops in unnecessary, which is a rarity in most cotton growing areas. John Frazier and Oscar agreed that John would take his share of the livestock etc., and sign over his share of the farm to Oscar providing that he care for Hester as long as she lived. So in the spring of 1916 John Frazier and his family left Clay County Mississippi for Mississippi County Arkansas. For the next 65 years Bandys lived in Mississippi County Arkansas."9

Children of John Frazier2 Bandy and Mary Leona Goode were as follows:

3. Anna D2 Bandy (Annis) (Simeon1) was born circa 1869 at TN, USA.18 She married Robert Griffin Sr circa 1890.19 She was also known as Amnis Charlotte E Bandy Bunnell writes: "Some accounts have her name as AMNIS, but I always heard her referred to as Aunt ANNIS (which could have been AMNIS)." She appeared on the census of 4 Jun 1880 at Age 11, Civil District No. 1, Smith Co., TN, USA.20

Children of Anna D2 Bandy (Annis) and Robert Griffin Sr were as follows:

4. Oscar Eugene2 Bandy (Simeon1) was born in 1873 at TN, USA.22 He married Margaret Goode; Margaret was the first cousin of Mary Leona GOODE, wife of John Frazier BANDY.23 He was buried at McPhearson Cemetery, Bandy Farm, Clay Co., MS, USA; Charlotte E Bandy Bunnell writes: "You will notice that many family members were buried in the McPhearson Cemetery. The most plausible explanation for the name is that the McPhearsons were previous owners of the farm. In the rural South it was a common practice, as well as a convenience, to have a family cemetery on your land. I have been there many times and it really went beyond the BANDY blood lines as the in-laws and their families were also buried there. My last visit was when Mama died in 1948.24He appeared on the census of 4 Jun 1880 at Age 7, Civil District No. 1, Smith Co., TN, USA.25

Children of Oscar Eugene2 Bandy and Margaret Goode were:



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