Chapter 1 The Earliest American Bandys: Links to the Chesapeake

Perhaps the most important unresolved puzzle for those interested in the history of the Bandy family is how the earliest Americans with the name are related to later Americans. For now, the answer remains an enticing mystery. The earliest American Bandys are found all around Chesapeake Bay beginning in the 1600's, and records of their presence in the area are found as late as the early 1800's. Yet, there is no clearly established relationship between any of these individuals and other Bandys who, beginning in the mid-1700's, are found in both central Virginia and central North Carolina. Nevertheless, it seems likely that some of these individuals are descendants of the earliest American Bandys. Although yet to be established, some of the early settlers may have moved from around the Chesapeake onto both central Virginia and North Carolina. Circumstantial evidence of links between these groups is presented at the end of this chapter.

To understand the earliest American references to individuals named Bandy, it is necessary to study records of individuals with similar names including Band and Banning. It is possible that they may be related to the early Bandys found around the Chesapeake. This possible relationship is based on the fact that individuals with these names (and several variations) lived in the same locations at the same time, and the fact that in several instances the same individuals are referred to both as Bandy and Banning, and possibly Bandy and Band.