Bandys/Bannings of Talbot County, Maryland

The name Bandy is found not only on both sides of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, but also in nearby Talbot County, Maryland beginning in the early 1700's. Talbot County also is located on Cape Charles north of Accomack County, Virginia indicating that it would have been a short move.

Two theories are offered here regarding the origin of this group. One obvious theory is that the Bandys of Maryland are descendants of the earlier Virginia Bandys. A second theory is that this second group is unrelated to the Virginia Bandys. The Maryland group may consist of individuals who were originally named Banning (or Bannin or Baning). As noted, surviving records refer to several members of the groups sometimes as Bandy (or Bande) and other times as Banning (or Bannin or Baning). For example, apparently the first Edward Banning is identified as Ed Bandy in the list of debtors owing money to Abraham Johnson in 1701 in Maryland, county not listed.[i]

The first reference to either name in Maryland is to Edward Banning (referred to here as Edward (I)) in Talbot County land records on February 16, 1676 when he witnessed a deed. He purchased land himself in 1690. Edward died in 1710 and his will was probated in 1712.[ii] He married two or more times.[iii] His will lists Thomas and Eliza as young children born of his former wife. They are left to the charge of his wife Susannah. The will also lists sons John, William, Edward, and Andrew. The will raises an obvious question. Why are the children born of his former wife identified as his young children? One would expect the children born to his former wife to be his older children. If John, William, Edward, and Andrew were older, were they Susannah’s children? Three possible theories are offered. One is that the four older sons are the children of Edward (I) and yet another, earlier wife. The second theory is that they are actually Edward’s step-children, the sons of Susannah and her first husband. The third theory is that all of the children were all born to Edward’s first wife. Edward‘s mention of the younger children is intended to make clear his desire that the minor children be left to the care of his widow.

Of course, there is the possibility that some of the older sons are from one marriage, and some from another. A combination of the first two theories would explain why the sons do not share equally in Edward’s estate. It would also explain why some of the descendent’s seem to be referred to as Bandy. That is, their father’s name was Bandy. As his will was written in 1704, Thomas and Eliza may well by grown and even married by the time of their father’s death in 1710. In 1727, Susannah left her estate to daughter Susannah Bannin (Jr.).[iv] This daughter may possibly have been born to Susannah and Edward after he wrote his will in 1804. The six children mentioned in Edward’s will are:

·Elizabeth Banning of whom no definite record of has been found. An Elizabeth Banning married John Brocking about 1700. On July 27, 1730 an Elizabeth Bandy married Joshua Clark in St. Peter's Parish.[v] Given the elapsed time she is assumed to be someone other than Edward’s daughter, thought it could be Elizabeth’s second marriage.

·Thomas Banning ( ? - by 1726) apparently married Hannah Jones. John, William, and Richard (sons of Thomas’ brother John) lived with Thomas in 1719, after John's death. Hannah was given land by her father, in Queen Ann, Maryland in 1721. It is not clear whether Thomas and Hannah had children of their own. By 1726, Thomas is dead. Edward’s will, written in 1704, identifies Thomas as a minor. During the next 20 years he reached maturity, married, gained custody of three nephews, and died.

·John Banning (? - by 1724) married a daughter of Richard Purnell, and they had three sons John, William, and Richard. After their father’s death, the three sons lived with their uncle Thomas and his wife Hannah (see above). After Thomas died, they lived with their uncle Andrew.

·· John Banning about whom little, if anything, is known. It is possible that he could be the John Bandy who moved to Virginia and is identified as serving in the Militia in Augusta County in 1758 (see below). Could be the John Bandy who is found in Halifax County, North Carolina in 1765 and 1779 (see Chapter 3). Could he be the John Bandy who died in the 2nd Maryland Regiment during the American Revolution? See below.

·· WilliamBanning ( ? - 1780) married an Ann and they had at least four children.[vi] It is not clear that this William is John’s son as the records are from Caroline County.

··· William Banning(March 17, 1750 - 1796) married Rebecca Cheezum on June 21, 1774.

··· Thomas Banning (? - buried July 14, 1756)

··· John Banning (September 5, 1755 - buried October 8, 1756)

··· Elianor BellBanning (February 2, 1756 - ? ). See Chapter 10, for possibly more regarding Elianor.

·· RichardBanning [vii] (about 1715 - 1742) who married Ester Millson (more likely Wilson) on November 30, 1737. After Richard’s death, Ester married Matthew Jarratt. Richard and Ester lived in Dover, Delaware and had sons:

··· John Banning (1740- February 15,1791) was a contributor of money and services helping establish the state government of Delaware. John was a member of the electoral college casting Delaware’s vote for George Washington as first president. John married Elizabeth Alford, daughter of Philip and Charity Alford, in 1766.[viii] Their children include:

···· John Alford Banning

···· Sarah (Sally) Banning

··· Phineas Banning (1740 - 1791) is referred to as Bandy or Bundy in his father-in-law's will. Phineas first married Priscilla Cardeen, daughter of William and Rachel Cardeen, and then married Phebe, last name unknown. Phebe later married Joseph Barker. Phineas is attributed five children. It is not known which children were born to Priscilla and which to Phebe.

···· Elizabeth Banning

···· Ester Banning

···· Nathaniel Banning

···· Priscilla Banning

···· Gertrude Banning

··· Richard Banning (1730's - 1811) married Mary Russell ( ? - by 1779). One account reports children:

···· Charles Banning

···· James Banning

···· Ester Banning

···· White Banning

···· Sanford Banning

An alternative report lists only a daughter:

···· Elizabeth Banning

·William Banning (1692 - by 1746) married Jane Spencer (?- by 1767) about 1722, and they had somewhere between three and five sons. After William’s death, Jane married Nicholas Goldsborough, Jr. (February 17, 1704 - November 14, 1756) who adopted the sons. After Jane’s marriage to Nicholas, the sons continued to go by the name Banning. Nicholas' will, probated in 1756 in Talbot County named Jane, Jeremiah, Henry, and Anthony as heirs.[ix] (By many accounts James was the father, and William was the grandfather of Jeremiah and his brothers. It is not certain which is the case. It is possible that some are the sons of James and others are the sons of William.) However, on November 5, 1744 the Vestry Minutes of St. Michaels Parish indicate that Nicholas Goldsborough, Jr. and Jane Banning, wife of William Banning were to come forth and show cause why they should not be proceeded against on a suspicion of lewdness and or incontinency. They declined to appear and the charge was postponed to another meeting. This does indicate that William and Jane were married.


William also wrote his name as William Bandy,[x]and his name is listed as William Bandy in the 1833 Talbot County Tax List.[xi] William Bandy sold 50 acres of land called Goose Neck on April 30, 1745 (land he apparently inherited from his father Edward). He and his wife leased the land back on May 8, 1745. In the lease William's wife is listed as Jane, and the last name is listed as Banning. Children include:

·· James Banning (about 1724 - July 27, 1767) married Anjelica Frazier (1726 - ?) daughter of Benoni and Cecilah Frazier.[xii] Is it possible he is the James Bandy found in central North Carolina? The dates of birth and death are consistent with the known activities of James Bandy. The Banning family record reports his birth and death in Dorchester, Maryland. Nevertheless, son Benoni did move to Burke County in western North Carolina. Several believed descendants of the central North Carolina group did move to Burke County. James and Anjelica’s children include:


···Benoni Banning (June 26,1744 - February 25,1827) married Ann Clark (December 3, 1749 - March 3, 1824) daughter of Abraham Clark and Elizabeth Williams (December 3,1749 - March 3, 1824) on January 3,1769 in Dorchester County, Maryland. They moved to Washington County, Virginia and then to Burke County, North Carolina. The proximity to various Bandy households suggests some tie. Their children include:

···· Clark Banning (September 25, 1769- ? ) married Ann Wiley about 1790 in Talbot County. They lived in Maryland and West Virginia then moved to Cumberland County, Kentucky in 1806, and on to Greene County, Illinois. He was a Methodist minister. Clark and Ann’s 14 children include:

····· James Banning (December 6, 1792 - October 13, 1817)

····· Thomas Wiley Banning (March 19, 1794 - April 30, 1873)

····· Ann Banning (October 23, 1795 - November 6, 1798)

····· John K. Banning (August 26, 1797 - November 6, 1798)

····· Benoni Banning (January 11, 1799 - ? ) married a Mary, last name unknown.

····· Alexander Banning (May 20, 1800 - ? ) married Elizabeth Smith.

····· Clark Banning (February 14, 1804 - February 22, 1874) married Jane Beaty.

····· Frazier Banning (August 14, 1804 - February 22, 1874) married Rebecca Watson.

····· Mary Banning (April 4, 1806 - ? ) married a Johnson.

····· Jeremiah Banning (December 31, 1807 - ? ) married Isabel Matilda Campbell.

····· Williamson Banning (September 23, 1809 - ? ) married Nancy Johnson.

····· Elizabeth Banning (May 15, 1811 - ? ) married William Johnson.

····· Nancy Banning (March 10, 1813 - ? )

····· Henry Banning (April 16, 1814 - ? ) married Mary, last name unknown.

···· Elizabeth Banning (March 18,1772 - October 27, 1851) married William Fullwood (November 10, 1763 - October 27, 1851) on April 6, 1797, and they had seven children.

···· Angelica Banning (April 26, 1775 or 76- October 5, 1863) married Jonathan Bird (January 22, 1764 - July 12, 1848) on January 9, 1798, and they had 11 children.

···· Sarah Banning (May 2, 1778 - ? ) married John (or possibly Abram) Hill on November 25, 1815.

···· Frazier Banning (January 1, 1781 - August 6, 1844) married Elizabeth Allison (about 1784 - May 9, 1863) about 1804, and they had nine children. She was the daughter of Thomas and Cassandra (Bird) Allison.

···· James Banning (March 31, 1783 - 1860's) married Jemima Allison

(1791 - 1870's) about 1808, and they had six children.

···· Alexander Banning (October 1785 - 1848) married Lucinda (last name unknown) ( ? - 1842) about 1828. He married Nancy C. Petty (1802 - ? ) on September 9, 1846. They had nine children.

···· Jeremiah Banning (August 26, 1788 - May 1861 ) married Elizabeth Ann Brooks in 1811 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. They lived in Cumberland County, Kentucky in 1820, and later moved to Shelby County, Illinois. He married Ann Redmon on September 4, 1849, and Sarah Simmerman or Ammerman on January 26, 1858. He had eight children.

···· Henry Banning(March 19, 1790 - 1869) married Nancy Glass (1798 - ? ), and they had three children.

···· Philadelphia Banning[xiii] (February 4, 1794 - 1874) married John Kelly on September 12, 1850, and they had 3 children.

··· James Banning ( November 30, 1746 - November 9, 1826) married Mercy Coffin (April 5, 1753 - November 6, 1833) of Edgartown, Massachusetts. on July 21, 1774 and they had seven children:

···· James Banning (January 2, 1778 - ? )

···· Infant

···· Henry Banning (May 24, 1782 - ? )

···· William Banning (May 2, 1784 - ? )

···· Frazier Banning (May 25, 1786 - ? )

···· Mercy Banning (July 11, 1790 - ? )

···· Jeremiah Banning (October 31, 1792 - October 2, 1872) died in Goshen, Indiana.

··· Anjelica Banning (December 17, 1749 - ? )

··· Sarah Banning (May 25, 1752 - ? ) or (May 2, 1743 - ? ) or (October 10, 1748 - ? ). The different birth dates may be the result of confusion between different Sarah Bannings.

··· Jeremiah Banning (March 5, 1756 - ? )

··· Alexander Banning (September 16, 1759 - ? )

·· AndrewBanning (1726 - 1797)

·· JeremiahBanning (March 25, 1733- December 23, 1798) was a merchant and mariner who married. He had or adopted three children. He was Colonel in the 38th Battalion of Militia during the American Revolution. He represented Talbot County in the General Convention held in Annapolis to ratify and confirm the federal government (that is, Convention to ratify the U. S. Constitution).

··· Robert Banning (January 16, 1776 - September 17, 1845) “left a numerous family” including:

···· Mary E. Banning

··· Clementine Banning married a Hopkins.

··· Freeborn Banning (1777 - 1826) married the daughter of Henry Geddes. He perhaps also married Elizabeth Mankin on January 2, 1821 in Talbot County, Maryland. Freeborn received his name because he was born shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

···· Henry Banning

·· Henry Banning (ca. 1736-1818) was a Maryland state legislator. Henry Banning's children included:

··· Anthony Banning

··· Thomas Banning

··· John WesleyBanning

··· Jane Banning who married Richard Parrott.

··· Ann Banning who married James Earle Denny (? - ca. 1802) .

··· and a daughter who married John Kersey.[xiv]

·· AnthonyBanning (1740- February 27, 1787) lived in Chestertown, Kent County. He married Anna Calder (1740 - December 1, 1773) daughter of James Calder and Anna Murry. They had one son and two daughters.

·Edward Banning (II) had two sons Charles and Edward, Jr. and perhaps a daughter Susanna. The 1733 Talbot County Tax List includes Edward Bandy and Edward Bandy Junr/2 along with William Bandy.[xv] There is no information on his wife’s identity.

·· CharlesBanning’s (August 1, 1700 - 1742) birth is recorded in the records of St. Michael's Parish, Talbot County on August 1, 1700.[xvi]Charles Banning married Jane Marshall on February 5, 1721.[xvii]They had two sons and four daughters.

··· Rachel Bandy was born on October 2, 1723. Rachel (Banning) married Isaac Edwards on October 9, 1740. She, perhaps is the Rachel Banning who marriedWilliam Moon in December 1744.

··· Thomas was born on March 2, 1728 (although in this instance the parents’ last named is spelled Bande).[xviii]

··· Charles Bandy (Jr.) was born on April 4, 1730.[xix]Martha Bandy is listed as the heir to her father’s 1752 Talbot County, Maryland will along with her husband Charles Bandey Her father was Charles Ganon, planter, and her mother was Rachel Draper. Rachel islater identified as Charles’ widow, now the wife of Solomon Draper.[xx]

··· Elizabeth Baning was born to Charles and Jane on March 21, 1731.

··· Jane Bandy was born on May 2, 1734.

··· Sarah Bandy was born on September 2, 1736.

Charles apparently married a second time. Charles Baning married Rachel Humphryes on January 9, 1739. His 1742 will lists wife Rachel and all children except daughter Rachel.

·· Edward Banning (III) who is referred to as Edward, Jr. In 1733, Edward Bandy, Edward Bandy, Junr., and William Bandy were all listed as taxpayers in Bullenbrook Hundred, Talbot County, Maryland.[xxi] It is unclear whether the William listed in the tax record in a third son, Edward's brother William, or Edward's nephew (John's son William). In 1748, brothers Charles and Edward were privates in Captain Thomas Parker's Talbot County militia.[xxii]

·· Susanna Banning (May 20, 1703 - ? )

·Andrew Bande ( ? - by 1763) married Deborah Wilson Dudley, on April 25, 1728, in St. Peter's Parish in Talbot County.[xxiii] She was previously married to Richard Dudley (in 1718). Her maiden name was Wilson, and she was the sister of Ester who married Richard. Andrew Bandy received payment from the estate of Isaac Cox in 1755 in Talbot County. Maryland. Andrew Banning received payment from the estate of John Dyas in 1756 in Talbot County, Maryland.[xxiv]

After the death of their father John and uncle Thomas, nephews John,William, and Richard lived with Andrew. In 1724, nephew William selected Andrew as his guardian.In 1733, nephewRichard is listed in Andrew’s household in the Talbot County tax list. Andrew’s 1763 Talbot County estate lists William Banning as his accountant. William is assumed to be Andrew’s nephew (son of brother John). Next-of-kin are listed as Elizabeth Modey and Andrew Banning who are assumed to be Andrew’s children. If William were Andrew’s son it seems that he would also be listed as next-of-kin.

·· Elizabeth Banning who married a Modey.

··Andrew Bande

·No information is available on daughter Susannah Banning.


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