John Bandy of Maryland

The only known death of a Bandy in the American Revolution is John who served in Col. Thomas Price's 2nd Maryland Regiment.[i] Where he lived prior to his service is unknown. Perhaps he is Edward Banning’s descendent through his son John. As many as eight other Bandys served in the Revolution in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and possibly Georgia.[ii]


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[ii]These include Thomas (Virgil D. White's Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pensions File, Vol. 1 A-E), John (Charles Burton's Botetourt County, Virginia, Its Men), John and Lewis (Robert Scott Davis, Jr's."The Early Bandys of Georgia, The American Genealogist), Richard (Robert Douthat Stoner, Seedbed of the Republic), Simon (North Carolina Revolutionary Army Account, Secretary of State, Treasurer's & Comptroller's Papers Journal "A"), Solomon (North Carolina State Records), and John (American Genealogical Index). It is not clear whether the four listings for John are all different persons, but they are shown as serving in different units. It is noted that subsequent references to Simon seem to list his name as a Bundy.