The Bundys of North Carolina

Most early records were hand written and many are difficult to read. As a result, words that are similar in appearance are often very difficult to tell apart--especially when context is not sufficient to determine the actual meaning. The Bundy family settled in eastern North Carolina in Pasquotank and Perquimans counties around 1683 or 1684, and over time spread into several locations where the Bandy family members are also found. That creates a significant challenge. Often it is very difficult to determine whether a written record refers to an individual named Bandy or an individual named Bundy. In a number of instances references to the same individual are sometimes listed as Bandy and other times as Bundy. Here are a few instances were references may well be to individuals named Bundy.

Revolutionary War records refer to a Simon Bandy serving in North Carolina, and a Simon Bundy moved to Tennessee in the early 1800's.

Caleb Bandy is listed in the 1810 Accomack County, Virginia census. Caleb Bundy and Caleb Bundy, Jr. are both listed in the 1820 Pasquotank County, North Carolina census. The two ocations are geographically close.

David Bundy son of Benjamin and Ruth Bundy moved to Wilson County, Tennessee from Pasquotank County, North Carolina prior to May 10, 1812. There he married Frances Martin. David Bandy is listed in the 1820 Sumner County, Tennessee census on the same page as several individuals named Bandy. As the identity of this David is not known he could be David Bundy. However, there is a record David Bandy in Virginia in the late 1700, and the David listed in the 1820 census is shown as being over age 45 indicating he is old enough to be the same individual. The Sumner County taxable Property and Polls list for 1812 list David, Henry, and John Bundy as well as Jamison, Joseph, Perren, and Solomon Bandy. Bundy family records suggest that David eventually moved on to Kentucky.

Nathan Bundy married Hannah Munden on February 25, 1817 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Nathan Bandy is listed in the 1820 Wilson County, Tennessee census. However, two Nathan Bundys are listed in the 1820 Pasquotank County, North Carolina census and one is listed in the Perquimans County.

At this point it seems unlikely that the two group descend from the same ancestors as the Bundy family record seems fairly complete. That is, the early family members names and relationships are established. Nevertheless, it is possible that there was come confusion with respect to individuals in the early 1800's when individuals from both groups are found in the same vicinities. Therefore, it is not assumed that the Bandy and Bundy families are related. It is, however, noted that John Bandy who moved to Kentucky, Indiana, and on to Iowa and who reported a Virginia birthplace could possibly be descended from Caleb if he did spend time in Virginia. There is no real evidence to support a conclusion that they are definitely related. Some early reference to John do spell the name Bundy as well as the name Bandy and Banda. See Chapter 2 for details regarding Johnís descendants.