Botetourt County

1769: Botetourt County was formed from Augusta County which was formed in 1745 from Orange County.

1782: John Bandy and Richard Bandy are listed among troops raised in the county. The same two are listed as taxpayers. In Thomas' pension file he states he moved to Botetourt County after the war.

August 10, 1785: Richard Bandy granted leave to include his lands in one survey. Source: Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800.

1785: The enumeration of Botetourt County, Captain Graham’s District, includes Richard Bandy’s household with nine white people, one dwelling building, and two other buildings.

September 13, 1786: Richard Bandy bought 100 acres from John Mills. This land is described as being located on Wolf Creek, a branch of the Roanoke formerly in Augusta County. Source: Deed Book 3, pp. 421.

July 18, 1787: Richard and Thomas Bandy along with Christian Vineyard (sometimes spelled Wynart) were granted 250 acres on Wolf Creek and the Roan Oak adjoining their own lands and the lands of John Mills. Source: Grant No. 9, 1787, p. 718

September 9, 1788: Richard bought 254 acres from Rowland Madison and wife Anna. The land is described as being part of a patent bearing the date March 1, 1773. Source: Deed Book 4, p. 24 or 124.

September 10, 1788: Richard Bandy appointed Constable in Capt. Graham's Company and in Capt. Madison's Company. Source: Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1787-1800.

December 9, 1788: Thomas Lewis appointed Constable in place of Richard Bandy. Source: Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769.

1790:Richard Bandy received a grant of 350 acres on waters of Wolf Creek, adjoining his own land (Grants No. 41 1798-99, pp.455). His 350 acres plus 254 acres acquired from Madison adds to the 604 acres owned by Richard.Richard Bandy pays taxes on 620 acres.

1791:Richard Bandy paid taxes on 620 acres of land. Richard Bandy married Nancy Lewellen. This could be Thomas's son.

1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, and 1795: Richard Bandy paid taxes on 620 acres of land.

May 8, 1794: Martha Bandy (Thomas’ daughter) married Henry Vanover. The marriage is also reported on June 7, 1794.

May 23, 1794: Richard Bandy Sr. and Lucy Justice were married by Henry Vanover. Since Richard Sr. names "Lucy" as his widow in his will it follows that this is Richard Sr. Source: Kegley's Virginia pp. 540.

1795:Richard C. Bandy paid taxes on 125 acres of land. Thomas Bandy paid taxes on 125 acres of land. Richard Bandy died leaving a will dated July 21. Richard’s will named his wife Lucy along with the following children: Thomas, Richard, John and George Mary Lewis, Eliza Greer relict of Aquila Greer, Sarah Jordan and Katy, an infant. He also lists Henry Bandy, son of Ann Bandy, now wife of James Neighbors. One theory is that Henry is a grandson by a deceased unnamed son and a former daughter-in-law, now remarried. However, Nancy Bandy married James Neighbors on March 12, 1791 in Bedford County. If Nancy and Ann are the same person, it could mean that Henry was born out of wedlock. Richard appointed sons Thomas and Richard as executors. Signatures show Richard as Richard C. Bandy and Thomas as Thomas Bandy Jr.

1796:Richard Bandy, the son, pays taxes.

1797, 1797, 1798, 1799: Taxes paid again. Lucy Bandy married George T. Monicle (Monical). This is assumed to by the remarriage of Richards widow.

1799:Solomon Bandy married Mary Barnett. This is assumed to be the grandson of Richard and son of Richard, Jr. Martha Bandy married James Cornelius.

1800:Richard Bandy paid taxes on 100 acres. Thomas paid taxes on 125 acres. Richard Bandy acquired Wolf Creek property 350A from the State of Virginia. Thomas Bandy appointed surveyor of highway. Source: Annals of Southwest VA 1787-1800.

1801:Richard Bandy sold 187 acres to William Harress, described as part of 350 acres granted in 1790 plus "a small piece of Bandy Survey of 100 acres." Source: Deed Book 7, p.483. Elizabeth Bandy marries James David on October 13. Source: Annals of Southwest Virginia.

Richard Bandy and wife Janesold 298 acres to George Kish, described as part of the 350 acres granted in 1790 plus "part of 100 acres sold to Bandy in 1786." Source:Deed Book 7, pp.465. Richard Bandy executor of Richard Bandy deceased, sold to Thomas Bandy a parcel of land conveyed by Robert Madison deceased. Source: Deed Book 7, pp. 498. Thomas Bandy paid taxes on 125 acres. Richard Bandy paid taxes on 100 acres. Richard Bandy paid taxes on 350 acres. Richard Bandy sold 254 acres to Thomas Bandy. This is the property acquired by Richard Sr from Rowland Madison in 1788.

1802:Thomas Bandy sold 2 acres for a meeting house. Source: Deed Book 8, pp. 38-1806: Thomas Bandy married Nancy Craddock. Patsy Bandy, daughter of John, married William Campbell.

1807:Jane Bandy, daughter of John, married Hezekiah Brown.

1808:Thomas Bandy accounts for the estate of his father Richard Bandy. Thomas signs for the estate. The document notes that legacies were paid in 1800 to Richard, John, George, Thomas, Elizabeth Greer, Thomas Lewis, Sarah Jordan plus Lucy Bandy the widow, her dowry.

1810: Christian Vineyard (Wynart) sold 115 acres to Thomas Bandy, described as part of the 250 acres granted to Richard and Thomas Bandy and Christian Wynart in 1787. Source: Deed Book 10, p. 241. Thomas sold 135 acres to Christian Wynart, described as part of the 250 acres granted as above. Source: Deed Book 10, p.245. These two transactions on the same date represent a division by the Bandy and Wynart families of the 250 acres granted in 1787. Polly Bandy marries Jonathan James. The Census of Botetourt County lists four Bandy households: Thomas and John, who were presumably Richards’ sons, James, who may have been Thomas's son, and William, who may have been George’s son.

1811:Thomas Bandy and wife Nancy sold 10 acres to his sister Sarah Jordan for $200 on March 11. The land is described as part of the 250 acres granted to Richard and Thomas Bandy and Christian Wynart. Source:Deed Book 10, p. 304 Thomas Bandy sold to Jacob Gish, Jr. 186 acres for $900 described as 164 acres from the 254 acre Madison property and 22 acres from the Richard-Thomas Wynart 250 acres grant. Source: Deed Book 10, p.303. Thomas Bandy acting as executor of Richard Bandy, deceased sold 238 acres to William McDermed for $993.33, on March 11.

1813:Susanna Bandy married Peter Feathers.

1816: Richard Bandy married Elizabeth Henry.

Richard and Elizabeth’s children, primarily as reported in Bandy Gallimaufry, include Mary, Solomon, Thomas, Richard, John, George, Sarah, Ann (Nancy), and Elisa (Eliza). These children (·) are briefly discussed below. Four sons, Thomas (who moved to Tennessee), Richard (who moved to Tennessee), John (who remained in Virginia), and George (who moved to Kentucky) each had large numbers of descendants. As a result each is discussed in a separate chapter: Thomas is discussed in Chapter 6, Richard in Chapter 7, John in Chapter 8, and George in Chapter 9.

·Mary Bandy (193, 16-375) (1744 - ? ) who married Thomas Lewis (193, 16-376).

·Solomon Bandy (71, 15-160) (1748 - ?). A Solomon Bandy was listed as serving in the Revolutionary Army in Warren County, North Carolina (see Chapter 10). That is the only known contemporaneous reference to Solomon. He is alternatively described as being Richard or Thomas’ twin. The fact that the one contemporaaneous reference is in North Carolina does raise the possibility that Solomon is related to the Bandys who lived there (see Chapter 3 which presents the possibility of Solomon being James’ son). However, the fact that his assumed brother Thomas, listed below, did serve in North Carolina does leave open the possibility of Solomon being Thomas’ brother.

The reference to a Simon Bandy serving in the North Carolina militia does leave room for the possibility that the reference to Solomon could actually be to Simon. That Simon may well be the Simon Bundy who settled near Gap Creek in 1782 in what is now Washington County, Tennessee, but was then part of North Carolina (see Chapter 10).

An Internet source lists Solomon’s wife as Nancy Ann. No support for that possible marriage is known.

An alternative suggestion regarding Solomon Bandy (and Rachel Bandy who married John Baker, Sr in 1779 in South Carolina.[i]) is that they are children of James Bandy (see chapter 3). Rachel and John lived in Abbeville, South Carolina, and both died in South Carolina. The basis for listing Rachel and Solomon as James’ children is unknown. The reference to Solomon is contrary to the common assumption that he is the son of Richard.

·Thomas Bandy (110, 15-1) (June 22, 1748 - October 18, 1835) was born in Cumberland County, Virginia. He enlisted as a private from Bedford County, Virginia on August 1, 1781, He was in the Battle of Guilford Court House, in North Carolina, and the siege of Yorktown. He lived in Botetourt County, Virginia. He was executor of his father’s will. Thomas moved to Tennessee where he died. Thomas married twice, first to Mary Polly Christian (110, 15-2) ( ? - about 1776) on November 22, 1768 and then to Nancy Burns (111, 15-0) (March 1757 - August 12, 1852) on October 12, 1777 in Bedford County, Virginia. Thomas was listed in the Virginia census for 1810 and the Tennessee censuses for 1820 and 1830. Nancy was listed in the Tennessee census for 1850 as age 95. See Chapter 6 for details regarding descendants.

·Richard Bandy (156, 16-1) (1750 - November 1815) probably was born in Cumberland County, Virginia. Richard registered for recruitment in Revolutionary War in Captain Pawling’s Co. 15th District, Botetourt County. Richard and wife Jane(156, 16-370) had ten children. Although family tradition indicates that Richard’s father married Jane Cummins, it is possible that it was this Richard. See Chapter 7 for details regarding descendants.

·John Bandy (191, 16-371) (1752-1818) served in Capt. Neeley’s Company during the Revolution. Probably another John Bandy served in the 8th Maryland Regiment. John married Lucy Christian (191, 16-372). John is listed in the Virginia census of 1810. Lucy is listed in the 1820 Virginia census. They are attributed eight children. See Chapter 8 for details regarding descendants.

·George Bandy (124, 15-139) (1758-1838) was born in Botetourt County, Virginia and died in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. He married Drusilla Meador (1760 - 1799). He is listed in the 1820 and 1830 Kentucky censuses. See Chapter 9 for details regarding descendants.

·Sarah Bandy (195, 16-379) (1765- ? ) married Benjamin Jordan (195, 16-380) (764- ? ).

·Ann (Nancy)Bandy (196, 16-379) (1770- ? ). In his will Richard left property to Henry Bandy son of Ann Bandy. She married James Nabors (196, 16-382) (1770 - ? ) in Bedford County on March 12, 1791. The fact that Henry is referred to with the name Bandy suggests that he may not be James Nabor’s son.

·· Henry Bandy (196, 17-492) (1791 - ? ).

·Elisa (Eliza) Bandy (194, 16-377) (1778- ? ). The date of her birth is questionable as she may have had children born as early as 1764. Records suggest that she married Aquella Greer (194, 16-378) (1762 - before 1795). Bertie G. O’Quin provides detailed information regarding this marriage which includes several children not listed elsewhere. The information indicates they lived earlier than previously believed (e.g., Aquella was born about 1744 and died in 1783). The couple were married in the 1760's and lived in Franklin County, Virginia. She married Samuel Arrington on December 20, 1800. He had purchased Aquella’s land from Aquella’s heir in 1798. It is possible that there were more than one couple with the same names.

·· William Greer (April 6, 1768 - ? ) married Delihah Hayes in Green County, Georgia in 1794 and they lived in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He apparently returned to Franklin County, Virginia to settle father’s estate.

·· Asa Greer (about 1772 - ? ) married Rebecca Neighbors. They lived and died in White County, Illinois.

·· Richard Greer (1773 - March 14, 1798) married Nancy Reynolds.

·· (Martha) Patsey Greer (466, 17-641) (1774 - ? ) married Braxton Drake. They had a large family, and she died during childbirth.

·· Elijah Greer

·· Aquilla Greer (324, 17-423)(1779 - ? ) married Elizabeth Smith. They lived and died in Gallatin County, Illinois.

·· Elizabeth Greer (340, 17-422) (1781 - November 1860) married Asa Dillon. She died in Monroe County in what is now West Virginia.

Richard married Lucy Justice (72, 16-383) (1795 - ?) on May 23 1794 and they had one daughter, Katherine (Katy) (72, 16-383) born in 1795, the year of Richard’s death. Lucy Justice may have married George Womack in 1797. Descendants of George T. Monical (Monicle) report his marriage to Lucy Banday on August 9, 1797 in Botetourt County, Virginia. Possibly the confusion extends form hand written records where the names are difficult to read. April 8, 1800 Botetourt County records identify Katy Bandy as an orphan and identify Lucy Bandy as her guardian. This suggests that Katy may have been someone else’s child, and it suggests that the 1797 marriage did not last long. Possibly she is Richard’s grandchild. If Richard was Katy’s father, he was approximately age 75 at the time of her birth.

A Catherine Bandy married Lewis Marrow in Wayne County, Indiana on March 11, 1821. Katharine Bandy married Thomas Dotson in Shelby County, Kentucky on December 8, 1818. There is no evidence, other than the coincidental name and age proximity that indicates either Catherine or Katharine is Richard’s daughter.


[i]Information obtained from Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site User Home Page: Ancestors of Gordon DeWayne Haye.