Chapter 3 North Carolina Links

Bandy households are first found in central North Carolina in 1752 and in western North Carolina beginning shortly before the first census in 1790. Some members of the central North Carolina group moved to Georgia. Although there is less evidence, it is also assumed that some members of the western North Carolina group are descended from the central North Carolina group.

The central North Carolina group includes:

James Bandy likely remained in North Carolina (discussed below).

James Bandy, who was younger than the first James, was married to Susannah, and they remained in North Carolina.

Robert Bandy likely remained in North Carolina (discussed below).

John Bandy (discussed below) lived in North Carolina. Perhaps he is the John who served in the Virginia militia (see Chapter 1).

Solomon Bandy (perhaps 71, 15-160) (1748 - ? ) possibly is Richardís (71, 14-1) (July 8, 1722 - July 21, 1795) son (see chapter 2) or possibly Jamesí son. Little is known of his fate.

Lewis Bandy (136, 15-166) married Mary Barnes (136, 15-164) and moved to Georgia (see chapter 5).

John Bandy (148, 15-262) married Lavenia Woolf (148, 15-269) and moved to Georgia (see chapter 5).

The western North Carolina group includes:

David Bandy (16-931) (1760's - 1850's) married Mourning (discussed below). Although they moved to Tennessee for a while, they returned to North Carolina where they are assumed to have died.

Bryant Bandy (after 1770 - after 1820) lived in North Carolina and moved to Tennessee where he married Nelly Hix (discussed below). She likely is his second wife. His first wifeís name is unknown.

John Bandy is listed in the 1820 Lincoln County census (discussed below). He possibly is the same John Bandy who lived in central North Carolina and the same John Bandy who married Elizabeth Hughs. Little is known of his fate.

George Bandy (192, 16-373) (1750 - June 1830) who married Christiana Slinkard (192, 16-374) (? - June 1830) likely is the son of Avy Bandy (75, 14-38) of Cumberland County, Virginia. He moved first to Burke County and then to a part of Lincoln County which became Catawba County (discussed below).

Jesse Bandy (15-487) (1760 - 1830's) married Charity, last name unknown (see chapter 4). They also lived in South Carolina and Tennessee.

Although it is not entirely clear, it is likely that some members of these groups are related to each other and are descended from the Bannings of Maryland and/or the Bandys of Accomack County, Virginia. It well could be the case that they are related to Richard and Avy. George is assumed to be Avyís son. James, Robert, and possibly John are likely somewhat older than the others. This would suggest that they may be the fathers of some of the other younger individuals.