John and Margaret

John Bandly is listed as a juror in a April 1793 Pleas Court case in Burke County, North Carolina.[i]John Bandy married Margaret Hughs on January 7, 1815 in Haywood County, North Carolina.[ii] The 1820 Lincoln County, North Carolina Census lists a John Bandy referred to here as John (Sr.) (p. 376). It is not clear whether the references are to the same individual. The other four Bandys in the Lincoln County census are descendants of George (son of Avy). On the same page as John (Sr.) is John Bandy, Jr., the son of George and grandson of Avy. The second John is not known to the family as a Jr. John (Sr.) may, however, have been an uncle or other relative after whom the younger John was named. John (Sr.) is listed as being age 45 or over indicating that he was born in 1775 or earlier. John (Sr.) lived with four females, one age 45 or over and three between the ages of 16 and 25. Is this the John Bandly listed in the Burke County court record? Is he the central North Carolina John Bandy? One possibility is that he is the older John from central North Carolina and that he is the father of several Bandys found in western North Carolina. It is noted that several other Bandys including George, Jesse, David and Bryant are found in Burke County during the late 1700's and early 1800's.


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