A second possible son of Jesse and Charity

A second possible son of Jesse and Charity is John Bandy (17-1638) (1790 - after 1860) who is listed in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1830 (p. 208). He is listed as being in his 40's. Four younger persons, two males (one between 5 and 10 and one between 10 and 15) and two females (one between 10 and 15 and one in her 20's) are in his household. The older female could be John's wife, but she is not likely the mother of the younger members of the household. By 1840, John is no longer listed there, but three other Bandy households discussed above are: Cela, Elizabeth, and Jesse (pp. 26, 36, and 48 respectively).

By 1840, John likely is in Wayne County where he is listed with two males under age 5, one between 5 and 10, one between 15 and 20, and one in his 50's (John himself). The females include one between 5 and 10 and a second in her 30's (Harriet).

A John Bandy reported in the Perry County, Tennessee census of 1850 that he was born in South Carolina and that he was 60 years old (p. 284).

In 1850, John's reported South Carolina birthplace suggesting that he is related to Jesse and William as they are the only known Bandys in South Carolina at the time of Johnís birth. The similarity between the names of his children and the children of William and Jesse also suggests a relationship.

Another explanation is that John is the son of the John and Lavenia Bandy who moved from North Carolina to Georgia (see the next chapter). Members of that family did spend time in South Carolina. That John disappeared from available records in the 1820's. Possibly, John left Georgia and moved to Tennessee. In that case, Harriet would be his second wife. The fact that she is some 20 year's younger than her husband is consistent with John having been married earlier in his life. It is possible that all of this group is descended from the central North Carolina group (Robert, James, and John). Thus, some descendants moved to Georgia (John and Lewis) while others moved to western North Carolina/South Carolina (Jesse, David, Bryant, and possibly others). The possibility that they again came together in Tennessee is intriguing. There is no specific facts, however, that supports this theory.

His listed in Johnís 1850 household is his assumed wife, Harriet. Her birthplace is listed as Tennessee and her age as 39. The age difference suggests she could be Johnís second wife. However, she could be his daughter or daughter in law. Johnís children include:

∑∑ ThomasBandy (18-2642) listed as age 18 in the 1850 census. Thomas is assumed to be the 30 year old Thomas Bandy listed in Mendocio County, California in 1860 (p.871).

∑∑ RobertDavid Bandy (April 3, 1832 - ? ) was also listed as age 18 in the 1850 census. Robert, age 34, is listed with 24 year old Ann in New Madrid County, Missouri in 1870 with 5 children. In 1850, Robert and Ann are listed with Tennessee birthplaces while the children are all listed with Missouri birthplaces (p. 281). Mary Ann Craig Franklin reports that Robert David Bandy (April 3, 1832 - ? ) married Nancy Ann Strother (November 18, 1845 - ? ) on April 21, 1859, and that they reared 13 children.[i] The children include:

∑∑∑ Ellen Bandy (January 21, 1862 - ? ) married Stephen. H. Sharpe on June 6, 1878 in New Madrid, Missouri.

∑∑∑ Ann (Jonave) Bandy (December 13, 1863 - November 16, 1876).

∑∑∑ Sarah J. Bandy (September 23, 1865 - March 2, 1886) married William Akers on July 8, 1880.

∑∑∑ Laura Bandy (March 22, 1868 - ? ) married a Caldwell.

∑∑∑ Charles Monroe Bandy (March 12, 1870 - ? ) married Kathryn Ray.

∑∑∑ Rosalie Bandy (April 25, 1872 - ? ) married William Aldridge

∑∑∑ Missouri AnnBandy (July 14, 1874 - September 1943) married an Alley and Robert M. Black.

∑∑∑ Charity E. Bandy (September 25, 1876 - ? ) died young.

∑∑∑ Robert (S. or L.) Bandy (May 17, 1880 - 1908) married Ida Morrison.

∑∑∑ George W. Bandy (January 28, 1882 - ? ) never married.

∑∑∑ John Bandy (January 19, 1885 - January 22, 1885).

∑∑∑ Josephine Bandy (January 27, 1886 - 1930) married James P. (Jim) Burns in 1904.

∑∑∑ Caledonia Bandy (April 26, 1888 - after 1950) married William Slayton on June 20, 1905.

∑∑ SanfordBandy (18-2644) was listed as age 15 in the 1850 census. Sanford A., age 22, is listed with Martha O., age 22, in Wayne County, Tennessee in 1860 (p. 296). Sanford married Martha A. Craig in Wayne County on November 17, 1859, and he married Sophia Mullen, in Wayne County, on August 25, 1868. Sanford (listed by the initial S.) and Sophia are listed in the 1870 Gibson County, Tennessee census with four children (p. 508):

∑∑∑ Jinnia Bandy who is listed as age 9 in 1870. Based on her age Jinnia is assumed to be Martha's daughter.

∑∑∑ Louisa Bandy who is listed as age 6 in 1870. Based on her age Louisa is assumed to be Martha's daughter.

∑∑∑ George Bandy who is listed as age 4 in 1870. Based on his age George is assumed to be Martha's son.

∑∑∑ John Bandy who is listed as age 1 in 1870. Based on his age John is assumed to be Sophia's son.

∑∑ GeorgeBandy listed as age 12 in 1850.

∑∑ Rubin Bandylisted as age 6 in 1850.

∑∑ Nancy Bandy listed as age 1 in 1850.


[i]This information is taken from the family Bible in the possession of Mary Ann Craig Franklin. Nancy Ann Strother Bandy kept the record. The Bible was almost destroyed in a fire that claimed Nancy Annís life. The Bible was given to daughter Rosalie Bandy Aldridge who lived in Caruthersville, Missouri. Her daughter, Hattie Aldridge Burrus, passed it on to Mary Ann Craig Franklin who shared the information with me.