Another possible son of Jesse and Charity

·Another possible son of Jesse and Charity is Jesse Bandy (Jr.) (17-1636) (1801 - ? ) who married Artimissa Underwood in Roane County, Tennessee in 1822[i] Artimissa's parents, John Underwood, Sr. and Jane Utley Underwood, were both born in Virginia around 1775. They married in South Carolina in 1796. The Underwoods had 12 children including John, Jr. (1800-1870), discussed below, and Artimissa (1798-?). Their six older children born before 1811 are all reported as being born in South Carolina and the six younger children born after 1811 are all reported as being born in Tennessee indicating that the Underwoods moved from South Carolina to Roane County, Tennessee around 1811.[ii] Roane is adjacent to Rhea County where Jesse and William lived.

What happened to Jesse (Jr.) is not clear. In 1830, Jesse is listed in Roane County along with a wife in her 20's (probably Artimissa) and four children (two girls under 5, one boy under 5, and one boy between 5 and 10) (p. 33). In 1840, a Jesse heads a household in Lincoln County (p. 48). The ages of family members is generally consistent with this being the Jesse married to Artimissa. The Lincoln County connection is consistent with the above discussion of Dempsey (17-1740) and George (17-1741), and could also mean that Jesse is the son of John, discussed below. Jesse did not accompany either the Underwood or Bandy family in the move to Missouri.

A 49 year old Jesse Bandy is listed in the 1850 census for Robertson County, Tennessee as married to a 37 year old Sarah (p. 45). Is Sarah short for Artimissa? If so, her age must be reported incorrectly as she would have only been 12 years old in 1822 when they supposedly married. Sarah could be another woman as she reports her birthplace as Tennessee. Artimissa was supposedly born in South Carolina around 1798. This Jesse reports his birthplace as North Carolina, the same place as his sister. Living with Jesse and Sarah in 1850 is John Castcal. My guess that this is John Casteel, a relative to the Casteels discussed below. Vera Casteel reports that Jesse Bandy married Sarah Casteel in 1835 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

·Another possible son of Jesse is David Bandy (17-1744) who married MargaretCasteel on August 6, 1828 in Rhea County, Tennessee, the same year Nancy Bandy married Joseph Casteel.[iii] In the 1830 Rhea County census, David is listed as being in his 30's, with one male under age 5, and one between 5 and 10. The only female is listed as being between 15 and 20 suggesting that Margaret was a young bride. On December 28, 1831, a warrant was issued for the arrest of David Bandy in Rhea County. David owed Thomas McCallie $4.40. On December 29, 1831 the warrant was cancelled with a notation “paid in full.”[iv] On May 7, 1832, David Bandy and assumed brother Dempsey inventoried the estate of David Casteel.[v] David Casteel (1806 - 1832) was Margaret's brother. David Bandy still lived in Rhea County in 1840. In what appears to be a duplication, David is also listed in Polk County in 1840 (p. 22). In the 1840 listings there are two males under age 5 (Edmond and an unidentified child?), two more males between 6 and 10 (Greenbury and John?), one between 10 and 15 (Jesse?), and one (David himself) in his 30's. The females include one under age 5 (Mary ?) and one in her 20's (Margaret). The Polk county listing indicates that the older female is between 15 and 20. That is assumed to be an error. The last known reference to David is in February 1843 when the estate of John Cozby is identified as owing money to David.[vi]

The 1850 Madison County, Missouri household of 20 year old Thomas and 40 year old Margrette Parker includes six Bandys along with 7 month old David J. Parker. It is thought that David and Margaret Bandy moved to Arkansas in the 1840's, and after David's death Margaret married Thomas Parker. They settled in Missouri. In Thomas and Margaret's 1850 household are Jesse A. Bandy (age 21), John D. Bandy (age 17), Edmond H. Bandy (age 15), Mary E. Bandy (age 10), Margaret A. Bandy (age 8), and Sarah E. Bandy (age 6 ) (p. 243). Although Sarah's birthplace is listed as Arkansas, the five older children are listed as having been born in Tennessee. Margaret reports her birthplace as Kentucky. On the same page of the census is Andrew Casteel (Margaret’s brother) and 10 other Casteels most of whom report Tennessee birthplaces. Greenberry’s Confederate Veteran’s record lists Margaret's father's name as Andrew Casteel. That is judged to be an error. Margaret is the daughter of Joseph John Henry Samuel Casteel (1760's - December 10, 1840) and Elizabeth Ann McClellan (about 1779 - 1842).

In 1860, John D. (with 1 year old William J.), Mary E. (18-2969), and Edmond Bandy who lived with Sarah M. (who is assumed to be his wife rather than sister based on her different middle initial, Missouri birthplace, and age 19) remained in Madison County (pp. 605, 326, 330 respectively). By 1870,Jesse A. Bandy with wife Elizabeth, J. B. (assumed to be John D.) and wife Mary,[vii] and Mary W. (who could be Mary E.) are listed in Monterey County, California (pp. 605, 326, 330 respectively). John and Mary's children all born in Missouri are William Jasper (who was listed with John in 1860), Nancy Jane (born 1861), Elizabeth J. (1861) Sarah Evaline (also born 1861), Mary Cornelia (1865), and John Anderson Bandy (1870). Jesse A. and Elizabeth's children, all listed as having been born in California, are John Henry (1863), Nancy Elizabeth (1867), Clara Jane Bandy (1870). In this census, Jesse A. lists his birthplace as Florida. That does raise the possibility that this group is related to the Georgia Bandys as some members of that family spent time in Florida. He, however, lists his birthplace as Tennessee in the 1850 census. The birthplaces and ages taken together suggest that the parents perhaps started out in either Tennessee or Florida in the 1820's, and that they where in Tennessee until around 1843. They moved to Arkansas for short time in the 1840's, but moved on to Missouri where some members remained until the 1860's with other moving to California in the 1850's. These facts are generally consistent with the parents being David and Margaret.

Greenbury Casteel Bandy (18-2964) (1831 - ? ) is listed in The Arkansas Confederate Veterans Census living in Howard County.[viii] The record indicates that Greenberry is the son of David Bandy, born in North Carolina, and Margaret Casteel, daughter of Andrew Casteel of Farmington, Tennessee. As noted above, she more likely is the daughter of Joseph John Henry Samuel Casteel and Elizabeth Ann McClellan. According to the record, Greenberry was born on August 8, 1832 near Nashville, Tennessee, and he married Ann Merrell (1840 - ? )of Shubuta, Mississippi. Greenberry is identified as a minister. Green C. and Vicy A. Bandy are listed in the 1870 Clarke County, Mississippi census (p. 710). Green is listed as age 39 and a farmer. She is listed as age 30. In the 1870 census, Jesse lists his birthplace as Missouri. Even though Greenbury was probably born in Tennessee, the reference to Missouri suggests that Greenbury is related to the Missouri group discussed below. Pickney Merrill and family are listed on the same page . Charles Pickney Merrill (1816 - May 27, 1871) and Mary Cooley are identified as Ann’s parents in an Internet file.

These facts and others presented below suggest that David and Margaret's children include:

·· Jesse A.Bandy (18-2966) is listed as age 21 in the 1850 Madison County, Missouri census with a Tennessee birthplace. Although Jesse cannot be found in the census of 1860, he is listed in Monterey County, California in 1870. Brother John and sister Mary are apparently also listed there. Jesse is listed with assumed wife Elizabeth, age 36, born in Kentucky. Elizabeth’s last name is believed to be Colyear. Jesse A. and Elizabeth's children, all listed as having been born in California are:

··· John Henry Bandy (listed as age 7 in the 1870 census).

··· Nancy Elizabeth Bandy (listed as age 3 in the 1870 census). Nancy Elizabeth was born on January 30, 1867 and married Elmer Elsworth Webb about 1885 in Los Angeles.

··· Clara Jane Bandy (listed as 4 months in the 1870 census).

·· Greenbury Casteel Bandy (18-2964) (August 8, 1832 - ? ), married Ann Merrell of Shubuta, Mississippi, born about 1840. They had six children:

··· Sallie Bandy

··· Middean Pickney Bandy

··· Peedee Bandy

··· David Bandy

··· James Bandy

··· Ina Bandy

·· John D.Bandy was listed as age 17 in the 1850 census Madison County, Missouri census. LDS computer records indicate that John married Mary Hassler in Madison County, Missouri on August 20, 1857. In 1860, 26 year old John D. with 23 year old Mary E. and 1 year old William J. are listed in Madison County Missouri. By 1870, 36 year old J. B. (assumed to be John D.) and 32 year old Mary Bandy are listed in Monterey County, California census. John and Mary's children all listed with Missouri birthplaces in the 1870 census are:

··· William Jasper Bandy (who was listed with John in 1860 as age 1, and as age 11 in 1870).

··· Nancy Jane Bandy (listed as age 9 in 1870).

··· Elizabeth J. Bandy (also listed as age 9 in 1870).

··· Sarah Evaline Bandy (listed as age 5 in 1870).

··· Mary CorneliaBandy (listed as age 3 in 1870).

··· John Anderson Bandy (listed as 3 months in 1870).

·· Edmond H.Bandy is listed in the 1850 Madison County, Missouri census as age 15 with a Tennessee birthplace. Edmond A. Bandy married Sarah Minerva Waggoner on August 27, 1857 in Madison County, Missouri. In 1860, Edmond, age 23, and Sarah M. (listed as age 19 and with a Missouri birthplace) are in Madison County. They cannot be found in later censuses.

·· Mary E. Bandy is listed in the 1850 Madison County, Missouri census as age 10 with a Tennessee birthplace. Mary W., age 29, (who could be Mary E.) is listed in Monterey County, California in 1870 with a Tennessee birthplace.

·· Margaret A. Bandy is listed in the 1850 Madison County, Missouri census as age 8 with a Tennessee birthplace. Margaret Bandy married John Turner on January 5, 1860 in Madison, Missouri.

·· Sarah E.Bandy is listed in the 1850 Madison County, Missouri census as age 6. She is the only child listed with an Arkansas birthplace. Sarah Bandy married William Linkhorn on April 5, 1860 in Madison County, Missouri. Sarah Manervy Bandy married A. Simmons on March 12, 1863 in Madison County, Missouri.


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