Another possible daughter

·Another possible daughter is Charlotte Bandy who married Archibald Harris in Roane County, Tennessee on October 14, 1820.[i] Charlotte and Archibald cannot be found elsewhere. Based primarily on the date of her marriage, Charlotte is thought to be the daughter of the older Jesse. She seems to be too old to have been the daughter of William or others from the group.

·In the 1830 Rhea County Census, George Bandy (17-1741) is listed as being in his 40's living with 5 other males (one each under 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 15, 15 to 20, and 20's) and 2 females (one between 10 and 15 and one in her 30's) (p. 372). George is listed on the same page of the census as William suggesting they are neighbors. No other references have been found to this George. It seems fairly certain that would be other evidence of household this size. It is noted, however, that Cela Bandy's 1840 Lincoln County census entry does very crudely match with George's 1830 entry. She is listed with 4 males (one between the ages of 10 and 15 and 3 between 15 and 20) and 3 females (one each in her 20's, 30's, and 40's). The differences could be reporting errors. The Lincoln County marriages presented above under the listing for Dempsey and Elizabeth could involve George and Cela's children.

To date, no evidence has been uncovered suggesting what may have happened to George, his wife, or the children in the 1830 household. Further, the members of Jesse’s 1830 Rhea County household cannot be accounted for. It is possible that Cela was in Jesse’s household. Also, noted is that John Bandy listed in the 1820 Lincoln County, North Carolina census had a son whose age is consistent with George’s. As there is no information what so ever regarding the identity of that son, it is possible that he is this George. Yet another possibility is the George listed in the 1830 Rhea County census is the same George listed in the 1830 Lincoln County, North Carolina census. That is, he is the son of Pioneer George and grandson of Avy. However, there is only a crude match with the North Carolina census listing. These is, however, too little information to reach any reliable conclusion. Two possible sons are listed below. The attribution to George should be judged speculative.

·· Jonathan Bandy (17-1640) (1811 - ? ) who married Hethey Bolin (17-1641)(1812 - ? ) in 1831 in Rhea County.[ii] Jonathan was on the 1833 Rhea County tax list. The census of 1840 for Rhea County does not list Jonathan, but he does seem to be listed in adjacent Polk County (p. 22). The listing is consistent with the 1850 census described below, and is on the same page as David Bandy discussed below. In the 1850 Rhea County census, Jonathan Bandy, age 39, is listed with Hester, age 38 (p. 310). Jonathan listed his place of birth as North Carolina, and their five children are all listed as being born in Tennessee. It is possible that this Jonathan and the Rhea County David Bandy are related to David Bandy of North Carolina who married Mourning. However, that David appears to have a son Jonathan living in Cherokee County, North Carolina in 1850. By 1860, Hester is listed without Jonathan and with two more children (Rhea County, Tennessee, p. 514). Jonathan and Hethey’s children include:

··· Francis M. Bandy (18-2649) (1832 - ? ) is listed as age 18 in the 1850 census. F. M. Bandy married Nancy J. Bean in Rhea County on February 8, 1855. By 1860, Francis M. is separately listed with wife Nancy J. , age 26, and children (p. 517):

···· John R. Bandy, age 4.

···· Sara J. Bandy, age 2.

···· William M. Bandy, age 1.

In 1870, F. M., age 35, and Nancy J., age 35, listed together with additional children (Hamilton County, Tennessee p. 606):

···· Mary E. Bandy, age 8.

···· Bud Bandy, age 7.

···· Charles Bandy, age 5.

···· Salima Bandy, age 2.

··· Mary A. Bandy is listed as age 16 in the 1850 census. She probably is the Mary Ann Bandy who married John W. Bean on July 21, 1859 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

··· Elizabeth Bandyis listed as age 13 in the 1850 census. She probably is the Elizabeth Bandy who married William S. Smith in Rhea County on February 14, 1856.

···· Mary C. Smith, born in March 1857 in Rhea County, married James G. Marriott on January 24, 1872.

··· John P. Bandy is listed as age 10 in the 1850 census and as age 21 in 1860. The John W. Bandy who married Sarah Foar in Meigs County on June 29, 1865 is assumed to be the son of Ruben.

··· Sarah Jane Bandy is listed as age 8 in the 1850 census and age 18 in the 1860 census.

··· Martha E. Bandyis listed as age 7 in the 1860 census.

··· James K. Bandy is listed as age 1 in the 1860 census.

·· Jesse Bandy (1814 - ? ) was listed with a Tennessee birthplace in the 1850 Pontotoc County, Mississippi census living with William and Martha Graham.. According to descendent Megan Zurawicz, this Jesse married Arthaleen Nix on April 7, 1850. In the 1870 Lee County, Mississippi census, Jesse A. Bandy, age 55, and Artheleen, age 39, are listed with 6 children (p. 491). Mrs. Arthisa E. Bandy, age 46, is listed with 5 children in Lee County, in the 1880 census. Listed with her is 9 year oldJesse.

··· John W. Bandyis listed as age 15 in the 1870 census.

··· Frank W. Bandyis listed as age 13 in the 1870 census.

··· Minatte H. Bandy(1857 - 1930) is listed as age 11 in the 1870 census. According to Megan Zurawicz he married Jennie Self (1880 - 1958) about 1909. This may have been his second marriage. He died at Fort Cobb, Caddo County, Oklahoma.[iii] According to Megan, Minatte and Jennie’ chilldren include:

···· Opal Bandy

···· Jettie Bandy

···· Claud Bandy

··· Albert Sidney Johnston Bandy (February 8, 1862 - June 2, 1922 ), listed as age 7 in the 1870 census, married Marilla Blanche Young (1865 - 1924) on February 8, 1898 in McGee, Pontotoc County, Chickasaw Nation, the Indian Territory (now Garvin County, Oklahoma). His first wife is known only by the intial M. (1873 - 1896). She previously married William Harvey Meek (1860 - 1896) and they had four children. Albert and Marilla’s children include:

···· Willie Mae Bandy (April 15, 1899 - April 25, 1949) married James Arthur Johnson (May 13, 1895 - January 29, 1982) on January 16, 1916 in Cooperton , Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

···· Jesse Walton Bandy (September 14, 1901 - April 15, 1962) married Faye Edith Whaley (1906 - ? ) probably in Caddo or Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

···· Ruby Cloe Bandy (February 10, 1904 - April 18, 1968) married Geoffrey Housley (1901 - 1978) on December 24, 1920 probably in Caddo or Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

··· Margaret A.Bandy born about 1865 in Mississippi.

··· Marietta Bandyis listed as age 1 in the 1870 census.

··· Jesse R. Bandyis listed as age 9 in the 1880 census.


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[iii]Lynn Bandy reports that Menn and Fanny Bandy married and had seven children. The five known children are George, Hattie, Harry,Lora, and Mary. Menn, however, seems to be a male.