Chapter 5 Lewis and Mary and John and Lavinia of North Carolina and Georgia

This Chapter revises and extends the analysis by Robert Scott Davis, Jr. published in the April 1992 The American Genealogist. That article focused on the families of Lewis (136, 15-166) and Mary Barnes Bandy (136, 15-164) andJohn (148, 15-262) and Lavinia Woolf Bandy (158, 15-269).. Although the specific relationship between Lewis and John has not been established, it is assumed that they are likely brothers or cousins, and are descended from Robert, James, and/or John discussed in Chapter 3. A Lewis and a John are both found in North Carolina in the late 1700's. That John, however, is somewhat older than Lewis. If the North Carolina and Georgia John Bandys are the same individual, John more likely is Lewisí father or uncle. By the late 1700's, Lewis and family are found in central Georgia while John and family are located in costal Georgia.

By the mid-1800's, some descendants of both Lewis and John had moved to Chambers County, Alabama, now known as Lee County while other descendants remained in Georgia. Some of Lewisí descendants moved to Louisiana, Arkansas and Nebraska. Some of Johnís descendants moved to Florida and South Carolina, but it is not known if any remained there. As noted in Chapter 4, it is possible that some of Johnís descendants also moved to Tennessee, but there is much uncertainty.