Avy’s Story

In 1755, Avy Bandy (75, 14-38) is listed in the Cumberland County, Virginia church records as the perhaps deceased parent of Thomas (75, 15-74) (1740's-?) and George (192, 16-373) (1750-1822) who apparently were orphaned minors being bound out as apprentices. The first name of the individual is not clearly legible, and may be something other than Avy. Nevertheless, references here to the name are as Avy. Avy could be the brother or sister-in-law of Richard, above. One possibility is that Avy was the widow of Solomon, the twin or Richard of family tradition (See Chapter 2). Another possibility is that Avy is related to the Eastern Shore or the Talbot County, Maryland group (See Chapter 1). Avy's son George married Christina Slinkard (192, 16-374) (1750-1830) in 1775, and they moved to Burke County and Lincoln County (now Catawba County), North Carolina around 1786. What happened to Thomas is unknown. The writer has considered several theories including the possibility that Avy’s Thomas is the Thomas who settled Tazewell County, Virginia. As for now, Thomas’ fate remains a mystery. Nevertheless, because Tazewell County records indicate that the original settler was a Thomas, this book lists Avy’s son as the original Thomas of Tazewell County.