An Eccentric

Richard Edgar Bandy (2648, 20-1708) (October 12, 1896 - 1977) left home very young and hoboed around America until he landed in California and worked in the oil fields.[i] He invested in oil fields and land and then the stock market. He was a member of two stock exchanges. He was a very frugal man, choosing to live in a dirt floor, one car garage while renting out his house. He bought his clothing at Goodwill. He had a small appliance repair shop behind the garage. He became a millionaire. At age 62, he married Mary Jo, last name unknown, and they lived in a very small one bedroom apartment in a high rise hotel in Long Beach, California. When he died, he willed his estate to a church school in Long Beach. Jo was independently wealthy.[ii]


[i]He was the son of Robert Allen Bandy (1401, 19-669) (June 4, 1862 - February 7, 1941) and Eliza Jane Jackson (1401, 19-1788) (September 29, 1868 - March 30, 1948).

[ii]From information provided by Anna Heath.