The Bandy Family In Early America

by Dale Bandy


Second Edition Fall 1999

© 1999 by Dale Bandy

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Guide to Bandy Gallimaufry and The Bandy Family in Early America

Preface and Acknowledgments

Users Guide

Chapter 1 The Earliest American Bandys

Bandys Around Chesapeake Bay Including Accomack County

Bandys/Bannings of Talbot County, Maryland

John Bandy of Maryland

John Bandy of Augusta County

Other Maryland Residents

The Bannings of Connecticut

The Bundys of North Carolina


Chapter 2 More Early Links to Virginia

Richard Bandy and Family

Cumberland County

Bedford County

Franklin County

Botetourt County

Avy Bandy of Cumberland County

John Bandy of Virginia

Chapter 3 North Carolina Links

The Bandys of Central North Carolina

The Bandys of Western North Carolina

John and Margaret

David and Mourning

David and Mourning (part 2)

Bryant and Nelly

George and Christina

George and Christina (part 2)

Chapter 4 Jesse and Charity of the Carolinas and Tennessee

William and Juditha's four sons

A second possible son of Jesse and Charity

A third likely son of Jesse and Charity

Another possible son of Jesse and Charity

Jesse and Charity

Another possible daughter

Chapter 5 Lewis and Mary and John and Lavinia of North Carolina and Georgia

Lewis and Mary

John and Lavenia

Other Bandys in Georgia

Chapter 6 Thomas

Thomas and Mary Polly's Children

Thomas and Mary Polly's Children (part 2)

Thomas and Mary Polly's Children (part 3)

Thomas and Mary Polly's Children (part 4)

Thomas and Nancy

Chapter 7 Richard and Jane of Virginia and Tennessee

Wilcher (Welcher) Bandy

John Wesley Bandy

Solomon Bandy

Epperson (Epison) Bandy

Chapter 8 John and Lucy of Virginia

Chapter 8 (part 2)

Chapter 9 George and Drusilla of Virginia and Kentucky

Ruben Bandy

Ambrose Bandy

Richard Bandy

Elizabeth Bandy

Chapter 10 Yarns, Traditions and Facts

Richardís Roots in England

Richard's Imprisonment

Eleanor's Imprisonment

Avyís Story

Bandys in the Revolution

The Great Wagon Road and the Wilderness Trail

Civil War Participation

World Wars I and II and Viet Nam

Stories of the Old West

Sheriff Bandy

Doc Bandy and the Fatal Pistol Whipping

The Shootout at Bandyís Saloon

An Eccentric

A Few More Moonshiners and Bootleggers

The Infamous

The Famous

And a Few Famous But Distant Relatives

Chapter 11 This Writer's Family Line

Census Contents


            All of this data was provided for publication by Dale Bandy, 
            to whom we are all most grateful.  

            Dale wishes to thank his wife JoAnne who helped him compile it and also 
            Burt Eubank who has done an extraordinary job of assisting with the editing of the 
1880 Census and the 1900 Census which is in preparation. 

Index to the Census 1790 - 1870

This section shows the occurrences of key forenames by state in each of the census years 1790 to 1870 and provides a cross reference to chapters of the book.

Full Forename Index to the Census 1850 - 1870

This section contains a full index of every forename in the 1850 to 1870 census showing the implied date of birth in each census and their place of birth.

Temporary Forename Index to the Census of 1880

This section contains a temporary index of every forename in the 1880 census showing the state and county in which the person appeared.  This index will be removed when the full forename index (above) is extended to include the 1880 data.

Census Details

The census details below are in order of state. Within each state, persons are listed by household, and the households are ordered by the given name of the head of household.  The Gen-Num column in the data tables is a cross reference to families in the Gallimaufry genealogies by Burt Eubank.

1790 to 1840 Census Details
1850 Census Details States Al - Il
1850 Census Details States In - Pa
1850 Census Details States Tn - Wi
1860 Census Details States Al - Ia
1860 Census Details Illinois
1860 Census Details States In - Nc
1860 Census Details States Ny - Tn
1860 Census Details States Tx - Wv
1870 US Census Alabama to Indiana
1870 US Census in Illinois
1870 US Census Indiana to Louisiana
1870 US Census Minnesota to Mississippi
1870 US Census North Carolina to Ohio
1870 US Census Pennsylvania to Tennessee
1870 US Census Texas to Wisconsin
1880 US Census Alabama to Indiana
1880 US Census Illinois
1880 US Census Indiana to Minnesota
1880 US Census Missouri to Rhode Island
1880 US Census Tennessee
1880 US Census Texas to Wyoming