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Other Maryland Residents

There are other references to Bannings who may be another group or alternatively may simply be references to this same group. The principal reference is found in the Genealogical and Biographical Records of the Banning and Allied Families.[i] The discussion found in that work is somewhat difficult to follow, but does refer to three brother John, James, and Richard Banning. John Banning is listed as living in Talbot County, Maryland. Their father’s name is not listed. He is referred to as “John Doe” Banning. They are described as descending from Robert Banning of Burbage, England through John (I), born 1539, John (II.), born 1565, John (III), born 1613, Stephen (I), Stephen (II) and “John Doe.” The most curious aspect of the information is that the names of the three brother match the names of three early Bandys who were found in Virginia and North Carolina.

Others who remain unattributed include Sarah Banning who married Sam’l Small on May 29, 1739.[ii] The Talbot County will of Philip Banan (Banin) probated February 2, 1738 lists wife Mary, daughter Mary, and sons Philman, William,Quilton, and Henry.[iii]

David Banning, son of Isaac and Hulda, had daughters Harriet (1726 - ? ) and Susanna (1732 - ? ) and sons Hyrum (1728 - ? ) and Milo (1730 - ? ).

How they are related to the other members of the group is unknown.


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