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Richardís Roots in England

As noted, family tradition says that Richard Bandy (71, 14-1) (July 8, 1722 - July 21, 1795) came to the colonies from Liverpool, England. Efforts to place Richard or other Bandys in Liverpool in the early 1700's have been unsuccessful. Certainly, if Richard came to the colonies from England, Liverpool or elsewhere, he was not the first Bandy to arrive here (see Chapter 1 for a discussion ofElizabeth, Matthew, and other), nor is he the ancestor of all Bandys in the United States today. Family tradition does not explain Avy (75, 14-38) or others discussed in Chapter 2 nor the North Carolina Bandys discussed in Chapter 3 (for example, Robert, James, and John). Alternative theories are presented here and there throughout the book.

Although the likelihood of the following individuals being direct ancestors of a given American named Bandy is remote, the following summary drawn from Bandy Gallimaufry is included as it is bears some similarities with family tradition. It is possible that there are Americans named Bandy who are descended from some individuals listed below even if the individual relationships are incorrect.

Edmundi Bandy (1500's - ? ) and wife, name unknown had two or three children including Johanes, (August 24, 1600 - 1603) a second Johannes (Joannis) (January 21 1603 - ? ) and Joanna Bandy (June 7, 1607 - ? ). This information is from Great Horwood Church, Buckinham, England. Joanna married Joseph Roe in Dunstable, Bedford, England.

Johannes married Agnes Chebnall on October 6, 1636, and had nine children, possibly three before their marriage and six after. The children include Joannes, Edwardus, Margareta, Richardus, Roduilphis, Agnes, Joanna, Aliciae, and Robertus all born between 1632 and 1650 in Buckingham, England.

Robertus had nine children with three wives. He married Sar Blocke on September 23, 1669 and they had John, Thomas, and Robert recorded in Wooton church in Bedford, England. He married second wife Ellen (Ellenor, Elen) in 1675 and they had Mary, Willi, Garrard, and John recorded in Saint Giles Church, Cripplegate, London, England. He married his third wife Mary and they had Mary and Richard recorded in Wooton Church Bedford. It is possible that the Robertus who married Ellen is a different person, than the Robertus who married Sar and Mary.

Richard Bandy (July 3, 1687 - ? ) married Ann Major on September 29, 1715 and they had son Richard, who possibly could be the Richard who came to Virginia. The father married Susanna Tucker on September 3, 1724. This Richard is, of course not from Liverpool. Further, is wife is not named Jane, and she does not seem to be from Ireland.

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