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Eleanorís Imprisonment

Perhaps the most unusual early story involving a person named Bandy is that of the conviction and sentencing of Eleanor Bandy. Eleanor Bandy lived with Margaret Ruffel in Baltimore, Maryland around 1800. The two women were described as living in squalor and frequently drinking and fighting. One night they were both drunk and started to fight. Both were injured with Eleanor showing more bruises than Margaret, but Margaret died after two days. Eleanor was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to life at labor.[i] There is no other known records of an Eleanor Bandy living in the United States during that time period, and no other known references to any Bandys living in Maryland during that time period. It is possible that the individual in the account is the Eleanor Banning who is discussed in Chapter 1. As was noted in that chapter, Bannings were often referred to by the name Bandy.


[i]Georgia Gazette, January 7, 1802, p. 2, column 2 and September 16, 1802, p. 3, column 1.

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