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Index to Census

This section shows the occurrences of forenames by state in each of the census years 1790 to 1870 and provides a cross reference to chapters of the book.

Gen-Num Household Name See Chapter 179018001810182018301840185018601870Comment
18-0752355A. S. 3AR Albert Lafayette?
17-1075598Absalom 3TN TN MO
16-0408210Absolem Barnes 5GA GA
18-0600776Alex Eperson (A. E.) 7TN TN
18-1001971Alexander M. 3NC
18-0735857Alfred George 3NC TN
17-1275684Allen B. 5GA
16-0391203Ambrose 9KY IL IL
18-0859904Ambrose 9IL IL
17-0623405Andrew 7VA OH OH OH
18-0806885Andrew 9IL
18-13631114Andrew J. 7IL
18-12581062Andrew Jackson 8OH
18-12231051Ansel Lee 3KY
18-1941402Armstead 8VA
Asa LA Born Tn.
18-0143714Barney A. 6KY KY
17-0497160Bartholomew 6MO
17-0463331Bluford 6TN TN IL IL
17-0650420Bryant 4TN MO AR AR
Bryant 3NC TN TN Same individual?
17-0428325Byrum 9KY KY
Caleb 1VA Could be Kendall (below).
18-2716Calvin 4AR TX TX
Calvin B. 4TN CA Born Tn.
16-0002157Cary 6TN TN
Catherine VA Born Tn.
Cela 4TN
17-0802483Christine 3NC NC NC
17-0913549Compton G. 6MO MO/MO Listed twice in 1870.
17-0610399Cornelius 6VA VA VA
17-1235669Darwin Peter 2MN MN
16-0931David 3NC NC NC NC TN NC
17-1744David 4TN TN/TN Listed twice in 1840.
David 2TN
18-0627789Demarcus DeLafayette 6KY
17-1740Dempsy 4TN
17-472336Diana E. 9IL
17-0932559Dicie 3TN
16-0389201Drinkard 9KY IA
E. A. TX Born Mo. Female.
18-2968Edmund 4MO MO
Edward MS
17-0502347Elihu 6IL IL IL
16-0007161Elisa (Elihu) 6KY IL IL IL IL IL IL
17-0848517Elisha Jimison 6IL IL IL
16-0316167Elizabeth 9KY KY KY
16-0602201Elizabeth 9KY KY
17-1657Elizabeth 3TN AR TX TX
Ely IL Born Va.
Emaline KY Born Ky.
16-0461234Ephraim C. 5GA GA
17-0002296Epperson (Epison) 7TN TN TN TN
17-1284687Frances W. 5GA
18-1509Francis 3MO
17-1176638Francis (Frazier) 9KY
17-1266681Francis L. 5GA
18-2649Francis M. 4TN TN
17-0551364Francis Marion 9IN IN
18-16881186Frank Pierce 6VA
18-0168760Frederick F. 6TN TN
17-0578200Genetta 9IL
15-0139124George 9KY KY
16-0373192George 3NC NC NC
17-0563370George 9IL IL
17-1169635George 8OH OH OH
17-1741George 4TN
18-0704842George 8OH OH OH
George CA Born Tn.
George AR Born Tn.
George NC Born NC.
17-0522355George (William) 3NC NC NC GA GA
17-0580381George A. 9IL/IL IL IL Also listed in BG as 513. Listed twice 1850.
16-0386198George Bannister 9KY KY IN IN IN
18-0632794George Marion 6TN/KY Listed twice in 1870.
18-0638799George Marion 6IL MO
17-0593388George W. 9KY KY KY
18-0610779George W. 7TN AR
19-10631533George W. 2VA
19-25032036George W. 7IL
19-26472101George W. 8IL
18-0764868George Washington 7TN TN
18-17451207George Washington 6MO MO
18-2964Green Casteel 4MS
18-0625788Green Harrison 6TN TN TN
17-1634Greenbury 3NC TN TN
18-19491277Greene 7IL WI WI WI
17-0632411Henry 6IL
17-1282Henry J. 5GA
18-0720850Henry Wilson 3AR
17-1641Hester 3TN
16-0010162Horatio (Horacha) 6TN IL IL IL
17-0499344Horatio Osborn 6IL IL
17-0637413Hugh 4TN MO AR AR
18-0738858Hugh Quinn 3NC TN
17-1224663Isaac 2MN MN
18-17011193Isaac T. 6VA
18-0772303Ivel 7AR Richard's (303,17--0010)) son, Henry?
J. W. TN Born Tn.
17-0588385Jabel (Jubel) 9IL IL
17-1238670Jacob F. 2MN
Jacob F. OH Born Oh.
19-13251636Jacob W. 3NC
16-0006159James 6VA VA/TN TN IL TN IL IL Listed twice in 1820.
16-0460232James 5GA GA
17-1645James 4TX Born Jackson, Ga.
18-0662336James 6 IL
19-10681536James 2VA
19-26331277James 7CA CA
James 3NC Susanna's husband.
James KS Born Tn.
17-1251James A. 5AL AL
James C. TN Born Tn.
17-0817495James Cardwell 6IL MO IL
17-0554365James Franklin 9IN
19-03951393James Franklin 6KY
18-0168719James Howard (Bee) 7TN
18-1010976James J. 7TN TN
17-1262James L. 5GA LA NE
18-1716James M. 6VA
19-13381641James Marcus 3NC
17-0501346James T. 6IL IL MO
18-20801331James W. 5FL GA GA
17-0951567Jameson 6TN TN IL IL
17-0628409Jameson (Jimison) 7TN TN TN TN TN
18-1062995Jamison Alexander 6MO MO
17-1647Jane VA Born Va.
18-0629791Jefferson 6KY
15-0487Jesse 3SC SC TN
16-0634280Jesse 5GA
17-0541359Jesse 7TN TN
Jesse TN
Jesse TN
18-2966Jesse A. 4MO CA
Jesse A. 4MS MS
17-1636Jesse W. 4TN
16-0371191John 8VA
16-0616272John 2IN/IN IA IA IA IA Listed twice in 1830.
16-0631277John 5GA
17-0573376John 9IL IL IL
17-0801483John 3NC NC NC
17-1230666John 2IA MN
17-1638John 4TN TN TN
18-19621282John 8OH OH
John 3NC
John IL
18-0708845John C. 2VA VA VA
18-17821218John C. 8VA
18-17341202John H. 6MO MO
18-2967John H. 4MO MO CA
18-0693836John Jefferson 6TX
18-0808886John Kennedy 9IL
18-1940John O. 8VA
18-19821290John Oscar 2MN
17-0617402John Ottie 8VA VA VA VA VA
17-1173636John R 9KY
18-0578764John T. 6TN
17-0466334John Wesley 6TN IL IL
18-1002972John Wesley 3NC/NC NC NC Listed twice in 1850.
18-12991083John Wesley 7IL IL IL IL
Jonas TN
17-1640Jonathan 4TN TN
18-0597775Jonathan (Dock) 7TN
17-1077599Jonathan F. 3NC TN NC
16-0166166Joseph (Wilson) 7TN/TN TN TN TN Listed twice in 1820.
18-12071043Joseph Alexander 4TN
19-12081593Joseph P. 6TX GA
18-20801331Joseph W. 5SC Is this James W. (1331,18-2080)?
19-2220Joseph W. 7IL
18-0634796Joseph Wiley 6IL TN
18-0001704Joseph Wilson 7TN TN
18-0624787Josiah Washington 6TN
Jubal TN Born Ky.
Kendall 1VA VA 1800 listing from unoffical copy of census.
Keren 3IN Male or female?
18-0617784Larkin 7TN
18-1593867Leah 2IL
17-0392300Letitia (Lydia) 2IL IL
18-0741856Lettie (Lydia) 3NC
15-0166136Lewis 5NC GA
17-0477338Lewis 6TN
17-1248676Lewis Howard 5GA AR
18-0642803Lewis Madison 6IL IL
17-0458330Lewis Riley 6TN TN TN TN TN TN
18-0631793Lewis Riley (Doc) 6TN
18-16691179Locky (Lockie) 6TN IL
16-0372191Lucy 8VA
17-0539303Lucy 7AR AR
16-0640283Luke 5GA GA
16-0393197Mahala 9KY
17-0493342Marcus 7TN
17-0849518Marquis Lafayette 6IL MO
17-0353320Martha 6IL
18-1507598Martin 3MO
15-0164136Mary 4GA
16-0464276Mary 5GA
17-0909158Mary 6MO
17-1643Mary 3TN TN
18-2969Mary 4CA
Mary NY
16-0621233Mary Ann 5AL AL
16-0487208Mary Polly 6VA MO
17-1148628Matthew 6VA
18-0896924Micajah 6IL
18-0147948Miley (Camila) 6KY KY
15-0000110Nancy 6TN
16-0626189Nancy 5GA
17-0963575Nancy 6IL
19-10692067Nancy 2VA
Nathan TN Name could be Bundy.
18-0762298Newman 7IL IL IL
17-0576379Osburn (Ozzy) 9IL IN
17-0562369Paschal 9IL MO MO
18-20911333Patterson 8OH
17-0004299Peron (Parron) 7TN IL
Peter 3TN Bryant's son?
Philip PA
18-0751862Pinkney 3TX TX
18-2950Rebecca 5GA Born Ga. William's (686, 17-1279) ex-wife.
16-0387199Reuben 9VA/KY KY KY IL IL Listed twice in 1810?
17-0694442Reuben E. 4TN TN TN TN
17-0590386Reuben Riley 9IL
18-1163Rheubin 3AR
Rhoda TN Born Tn.
16-0169167Richard 9KY KY KY
17-0010302Richard 7TN TN
17-0429326Richard 9KY KY KY
17-0565372Richard 9IL IL
17-0572375Richard 9IN IN IL
17-0616401Richard 6VA VA VA VA
17-0626406Richard 8VA VA VA VA VA
17-0818497Richard 6TN TN KY KY KY
18-0821891Richard (Ozzy) 9IL Born Il.
18-0765869Richard C. 7TN TN
18-17121195Richard Hasten 6VA IA
18-0761867Richard S. 7IL
18-12691066Richard Sachel 9KY
17-1663Richard T. TX TX Born Tn. Richard IV? 18-607 son of 17-10?
Robert 4MO John's (17-1638) son.
19-11001549Robert Alexander 3AR
18-0748861Robert Bradford 3GA
17-0962575Robert Carrol 6IL IL
17-0345320Robert D. 6TN IL
16-0009Robert Dobson 6TN/LA TN IL Listed twice 1820?
18-0726851Robert Sidney 3AR AR
18-0734856Rufus 3NC NC NC
17-1160632Samuel 6VA VA VA VA
18-12521059Samuel Coleman 8IL IL IL
19-26282098Samuel Coleman 8IL
17-1232667Samuel Gregg 2IA
17-0957572Samuel West 6VA VA
16-0637282Samuel, Sr. 5GA GA GA GA
18-2644Sanford A. 4TN TN
17-0630408Sarah 8VA
Sarah A. IL Born Il.
Sarah IL Born Il
18-0142712Silal Elbert 6KY KY KY
19-21071910Silas P. 6KY
17-1179639Simeon 9KY TN
18-13031085Smith Martin 6TN
17-0005301Solomon (Solamon) 7TN TN IL WI
17-0805487Susanna 3NC
Susanna 3NC NC NC James' widow.
15-0001110Thomas 6VA TN TN
16-0005158Thomas 6TN TN TN
16-0364189Thomas 5GA
17-0218307Thomas 6TN TN TN TN TN
17-0498343Thomas 6IL IL IL
17-0509350Thomas 6IL TX TX
17-0520353Thomas 3NC NC NC AR AR
17-1150629Thomas 6VA
17-1228665Thomas 2MN
17-1632Thomas 4TN IN IN
18-1717Thomas 2VA
18-2642Thomas 4CA Tn John' son?
19-10671535Thomas 2VA VA
16-0385197Thomas C. 8KY KY KY KY
17-0627407Thomas C. 8VA VA VA
18-19651283Thomas Corwin 8OH
18-2632Thomas E. 3TN
16-0406208Thomas L. 6VA VA
18-0713848Thomas R. 2VA
17-0430328Thomas Riley 8KY KY
16-0399203Unice 9IL IL
W. W. TN Born Tn.
18-13271098Walter 6IL
17-0942563Warden Hardin 9KY KY
18-0633795Wesley Lester 6TN
17-0003298Wilcher (Welcher) 7TN TN TN
18-13651115Wilcher (Wilshire) 7IL IL IL
18-0544361Wilshire 6IL IL
16-0216175William 3SC TN TN MO AR
17-0521354William 3NC NC NC NC NC
17-0819499William 6MO MO MO
17-0931559William 3TN TN
17-0969578William 6IL
17-1642William 3TN
18-17881221William 8OH
William IN
William NY
William PA
17-0472336William 6IL IL IL
17-0567373William (Wilson) 9IL IL IL
18-0640801William Alexander 6IL
17-1223661William Barton 2MN MN
17-1286688William Clinton 5GA AL
17-1264William F. 5GA
17-0575377William Fletcher 9IL IL IN
18-0705844William H. 8KY
18-11621025William H. 4AR
17-1279686William J 5GA GA
18-11501021William J. 4AR
18-0747860William M. 3NC NC
17-0506348William Marion 6IL MO
16-0388200William Meador 9VA KY KY IN IN IL IL/IN Listed twice in 1870.
17-0592387William Newton 9IL
18-0594771William Pierce 7TN TN
18-0709846William W. 2VA VA VA VA
17-0544361Wilshire 6IL
17-1263Wilson L. 5AL
17-0608395Woodford B. 7TN TN TN TN