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Bandys in 1850 US Census Alabama to Illinois

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of Birth Comment
17-1269AL Chambers 385John L. 16M GA Lived with Green and Mary J. Jenkins.  May be Mary J.'s nephew.
17-1267AL Chambers 385Mary A. E. 14F GA Lived with Green  and Mary J. Jenkins.  May be Mary J.'s niece.
16-0621AL Shelby 185Mary Ann 44F GA Farmer. Widow of James. Maiden name White.
17-1252AL Shelby 185Wilson L. 23M GA Laborer.
17-1251AL Shelby 185James A. 19M GA Laborer.
17-1253AL Shelby 185Maria Annette 15F GA
17-1657AR Clark 200Elizabeth 50F SC Widow of Dempsey of Rhea County, Tennessee?
18-2716AR Clark 200Calvin 22M TN Farmer.
18-2717AR Clark 200Jesse 18M TN
18-2718AR Clark 200Mary 16F TN
18-2719AR Clark 200James F. 14M TN
18-2720AR Clark 200Elvira 12F TN
17-0520AR Lawrence 206Thomas 66M VA Farmer.  Owned 9 slaves. Robert Lee, age 17, lived with the family.
17-0532AR Lawrence 206Rebecca 57F NC Maiden name Gooding.
18-0720AR Independence 389Wilson M. 37M AL Clerk. Margaret Hutchesen, age 14, lived with the family.
18-0728AR Independence 389Lucinda 37F AR Maiden name Hutchesen.
19-1100AR Independence 389Robert Alexander 8M AR
19-1624AR Independence 389Charly P. 3M AR
19-1625AR Independence 389Catherine A. 0.6F AR
18-3875CA El Dorado 441George 40M TN Miner.
18-2080FL Nassau 178James W. 38M GA Overseer for 154 slaves.
18-2081FL Nassau 178Louisa 32F GA Maiden name Fox.
19-3427FL Nassau 178Emma Ophelia 1F FL
17-1275GA Bryan 233Allen 24M GA Planter.
17-1276GA Bryan 229Ann 33F GA
17-1270GA Bryan 229Thomas L. 20M GA Farmer.
17-1286GA Bryan 229Samuel B. 19M GA Farmer.
17-1281GA Bryan 229Susan A. 18F GA
18-2076GA Bryan 229Samuel N. 13M GA
18-2628GA Bryan 229James 9M GA
16-0461GA Muscogee 224Ephraim C. 56M GA Deceased wife's name Maria.
17-1266GA Pike 169Francis L. 21F GA Lived with J. and C. Cothran. Later married John McClean
17-0522GA Murry 282George 63M NC Farmer. Slaveowner. Had three sets of twins.
18-0747GA Murry 282William 23M NC Farmer.
18-0749GA Murry 282James B. 22M NC Farmer.
18-0750GA Murry 282Rebecca 21F NC
18-0752GA Murry 282Abrus S. 20M NC Farmer. Pickney's twin.
18-0751GA Murry 282Pickney 20M NC Farmer. Abrus' twin.
18-0753GA Murry 282George 16M NC Farmer. Martha's twin.
18-0754GA Murry 282Martha 16F NC George's twin.
18-0756GA Murry 282Becky 14F NC Frederick's twin.
18-0755GA Murry 282Frederick 14M NC Becky's twin.
17-1262GA Upson 319James L. 21M GA Student.
17-1248GA Heard 160Lewis Howard 28M GA Farmer.  Slaveowner. William Holiday, age 21, lived with the family.
17-1250GA Heard 160Mahala 24F GA Maiden name Cockrell.
18-2073GA Heard 160Martha 2F GA
17-1730GA Chatham 333Rebecca 27F GA Lived with David Miller, age 20. Ex-wife of William J.
18-2950GA Chatham 333Louisa 2F GA
16-0637GA Bryan 229Samuel 60M GA Farmer.
16-0638GA Bryan 229Mary 35F GA Maiden name Sterling.
17-1284GA Bibb 172William 20M GA Clerk. Lived with James and M. B. Flanders.
17-1263GA Upson 324Wilson L. 15M GA Farmer. Lived with Francis Franklin.
17-1264GA Upson 324William 13M GA
17-1230IA Des Moines 410John 24M IN Farmer.  Lived with Thomas and Mary Brown.
17-1228IA Des Moines 410Thomas 20M IN Farmer.  Lived with Thomas and Mary Brown.
16-0616IA Des Moines 390John 60M VA Farmer. Name entered as Bundy, but family indicates correct name is Bandy.
16-0617IA Des Moines 390Mary 50F KY Maiden name Van Nuys.
17-1235IA Des Moines 390Darwin Peter 19M IN
17-1237IA Des Moines 390Henry 17M IN
17-1238IA Des Moines 390Jacob F. 15M IN
17-1240IA Des Moines 390Lea Ann 13F IN
17-1242IA Des Moines 390Eliza 11F IA
17-1246IA Des Moines 390Catherine 8F IA
16-0391IL Edgar 135Ambrose 54M VA, Bedford Farmer.
16-0399IL Edgar 135Eunia 51F KY, Breckinridge Maiden name Taber.
17-0589IL Edgar 135Rhoda 29F TN, Pulaski City
17-0590IL Edgar 135Reuben Riley 20M TN, Pulaski City Laborer.
17-0591IL Edgar 135Sally A. 17F IL, Edgar
17-0592IL Edgar 135William M. 15M IL, Edgar
18-1363IL Williamson 272Andrew J. 20M IL Farmer.
18-1597IL Williamson 272Sarah J. 20F KY Maiden name Reader.
19-2226IL Williamson 272Mary E. 0.4F IL
17-0817IL Greene 104Cardwell 35M TN Farmer.
17-0796IL Greene 104Elizabeth 30F TN Maiden name Capps.
18-1056IL Greene 104William 12M TN
18-1055IL Greene 104George 10M TN
17-0502IL Macon 37Elihu 25M IL Farmer.
17-0513IL Macon 37Melvina 19F IL Maiden name Larkins.
18-0682IL Macon 37Luther A. 1M IL
16-0007IL Greene 37Elihu 62M VA Farmer.  Sam Gates, age 20, lived with family.
16-0367IL Greene 37Elizabeth 59F VA Maiden name Thompson.
17-0498IL Greene 37Thomas 22M IL
17-0499IL Greene 37Horatio Osborn 20M IL
17-1631IL Greene 37Elihu 17M IL
17-0183IL Greene 37Caroiline M. 16F IL
17-0848IL Greene 105Elisha 25M TN Farmer.
17-0850IL Greene 105Parlee 23F TN Maiden name Crabtree.
18-1725IL Greene 105Narcisa 3F TN
18-1727IL Greene 105Jerome 0.11M TN
17-0563IL Knox 395George 23M KY Farmer.
17-0569IL Knox 395Narcis 19F IL Maiden name Holland.
18-0799IL Knox 395Martha 1F IL
17-0580IL Edgar 235George 25M IN Farmer.
17-0587IL Edgar 235Elizabeth 21F IL, Edgar
17-0580IL Edgar 204George A. 27M IN, Lawrence
17-0857IL Edgar 204Elizabeth J. 20F IL, Edgar Maiden name Shrader.
18-1931IL Edgar 204Aaron M. 7M IL, Edgar
18-0851IL Edgar 204John A. 2M IL, Edgar
19-2503IL Vermilion 355George W. 11M IL Lived with W. and M. Kibbon. Possible parents Richard and Leah.
16-0010IL Macon 205Horatio 56M VA Farmer.
16-0333IL Macon 205Johannah 52F KY Maiden name Thompson.
17-0503IL Macon 205Eveline 22F IL
17-0504IL Macon 205Temple 18F IL
17-0505IL Macon 205Mary 16F IL
17-0507IL Macon 205Sarah Jane 11F IL
17-0506IL Macon 205William Marion 11M IL
17-0508IL Macon 205Matilda 8F IL
17-0951IL Greene 104Jameson 54M KY Farmer.
16-0384IL Greene 104Elizabeth 55F NC
17-0544IL Greene 104Wilshire 21M IL Farmer.
17-0545IL Greene 104Elevson 18M IL
17-0546IL Greene 104Becky 17F IL
IL Greene 104Henry 1M TN
17-0501IL Macon 205James T. 27F IL Farmer.  Taylor Wilson, age 14, lived with the family.
17-0512IL Macon 205Ellen 18F IL Maiden name Lemon
18-0680IL Macon 205Anderson 5F IL
18-0681IL Macon 205Alfred 0.4F IL
17-0573IL Edgar 237John 32M KY, Breckinridge Farmer.
17-0582IL Edgar 237Catherine 25F KY, Breckinridge Maiden name Epley.
18-0820IL Edgar 237Diana 6F IL, Vigo
18-0821IL Edgar 237Ozzy R. 4F IL, Edgar
18-2629IL Edgar 235John A. 2M IL, Edgar
18-1299IL Williamson 268John Wesley 40M TN Farmer.
18-1300IL Williamson 268Cyntha 40F KY Maiden name Elliott.
19-2219IL Williamson 268Jonathan A. 16M IL Farmer.
19-2220IL Williamson 268Joseph A. 14M IL
19-2221IL Williamson 268Daniel A. 10M IL
19-2222IL Williamson 268Melissa S. 9F IL
19-2223IL Williamson 268Sarah A. 7F IL
19-2224IL Williamson 268Green S. 6M IL
19-2225IL Williamson 268Mary Elizabeth 4F IL
17-0588IL Edgar 241Jubel 37M KY Farmer.
17-0599IL Edgar 241Elizabeth 37F IN
18-0858IL Edgar 241Hiram 15M IL, Edgar Laborer.
18-0859IL Edgar 241Ambrose 12M IL, Edgar
18-0860IL Edgar 241James 11M IL, Edgar
18-0861IL Edgar 241Ann R. 8F IL, Edgar
18-0862IL Edgar 241George 5M IL, Edgar
17-0392IL Williamson 268Luticia 61F NC Widow of Peron. Maiden name Rice.
18-1362IL Williamson 268Perrin 23M TN
18-1598IL Williamson 268Ellen 17F IL
18-2588IL Greene 113Newman 23M TN Farmer.
18-2689IL Greene 113Belinda 20F TN
17-0562IL Knox 395Paschal 28M VA Farmer.
17-0568IL Knox 395Lavicia 25F IL Maiden name Holland.
18-0783IL Knox 395Sarah 7F IL
18-0784IL Knox 395Elizabeth 6F IL
18-0785IL Knox 395Mary 4F IL
18-0786IL Knox 395Narcissa 2F IL Name not clear.  First name may have been Sarisus.
16-0387IL Knox 395Reuben 60M VA
16-0395IL Knox 395Sibby 60F VA Maiden name Atkinson.
17-0564IL Knox 395Polly 20F KY
17-0565IL Knox 395Richard 18M IL Laborer.
17-0566IL Knox 395John 10M IL
17-0962IL Greene 102Robert Carrol 35M KY Farmer.
17-0963IL Greene 102Nancy 30F IL Maiden name Taylor.
17-0969IL Greene 102William 24M IL
18-0623IL Greene 102James E. 10M IL
18-1327IL Greene 102Walter T 7M IL
18-1328IL Greene 102Elihu Marion 4M IL
18-1759IL Greene 102Elizabeth 0.4F IL
18-1252IL Peoria 317Samuel Coleman 31M VA Farmer.
18-1253IL Peoria 317Sidney 38F VA Maiden name Nelson.
19-2644IL Peoria 317Lucrita 16F OH
19-2645IL Peoria 317Isiah 12M OH
19-2646IL Peoria 317Jane 12F OH
19-2627IL Peoria 317George W. 11M IL
19-2628IL Peoria 317Samuel Coleman 6M IL
19-2629IL Peoria 317Nancy 5F IL
19-2630IL Peoria 317Andrew Jackson 4M IL
19-2631IL Peoria 317Mahalia 3F IL
17-0509IL Montgomery 109Thomas 30M IL Farmer.
17-0515IL Montgomery 109Sarah 27F IL Maiden name Brown
18-0691IL Montgomery 109James Elias 8F IL
18-1932IL Montgomery 109Thomas 4M IL
18-0694IL Montgomery 109Tihmo 3F IL
18-0695IL Montgomery 109Nancy 1F IL
17-0498IL Greene 65Thomas 23M IL Farmer. Later married Julia Ann Looper.
17-0567IL Knox 401William 35M KY Farmer.
17-0571IL Knox 401Ann Eliza 30F VA Maiden name Hodge.
18-0802IL Knox 401Mary 8F IL
18-0803IL Knox 401Charles 6M IL
18-0804IL Knox 401Sarah 4F IL
18-0805IL Knox 401Helen 1F IL
17-0575IL Edgar 136William Fletcher 24M KY, Breckinridge Farmer.
17-0584IL Edgar 136Jerusa F. 23F IL, Edgar Maiden name Easthorn.
18-0829IL Edgar 136Mary Angeline 5F IL, Edgar
18-0830IL Edgar 136Martha Jane 3F IL, Edgar
18-0831IL Edgar 136Jerusa S. 1F IL, Edgar
17-0472IL Vermilion 302William 39M VA Horse dealer.  Elizabeth Howell, age 76, lived with the family.
17-0474IL Vermilion 302Hariet J. 39F VA Maiden name Murphy.
18-0662IL Vermilion 302James 12M IL
18-0663IL Vermilion 302William M. 10M IL
18-0664IL Vermilion 302Samuel J. 8M IL
18-0665IL Vermilion 302John 6M IL
18-0666IL Vermilion 302Benjamin 4M IL
18-0667IL Vermilion 302Emily 2F IL
18-0668IL Vermilion 302Virginia 0.2F IL
18-1365IL Williamson 268Wilshire 26M TN
18-1366IL Williamson 268Manirva 22F TN Maiden name Smith.
19-1932IL Williamson 268Ashury 1M IL