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Bandys in 1850 US Census Indiana to Pennsylvania

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of Birth Comment
16-0386IN Putnam 549George Banister 65M VA, Botentourt Farmer.
16-0694IN Putnam 549Phebe 52F VA Maiden name Barger.
17-0548IN Putnam 549John 20M IN Farmer.
17-0549IN Putnam 549William 18M IN Farmer.
17-0551IN Putnam 549Marion 13M IN
17-0554IN Putnam 549James 9M IN
xxx IN Morgan 166Jas. 21M IN Farming. Listed as Bundy.  Probably Thomas' son.
IN Morgan 166Mahaly 25F IN
17-0576IN Vigo 182Oza 21M KY Farmer. James Clamine, age 18, lived with the family.
17-0638IN Vigo 182Eliza 23F VA Maiden name Wolfe.
18-0846IN Vigo 182Mary B. 1F IN
17-0572IN Vigo 182Richard 36M VA Farmer.
17-0581IN Vigo 182Sarah 34F KY Maiden name Kennedy.
18-0806IN Vigo 182Andrew 15M IL Laborer.
18-0807IN Vigo 182Elizabeth 12F IL
18-0808IN Vigo 182John 9M IL
18-0809IN Vigo 182Margaret 7F IN
18-0810IN Vigo 182William 1M IN
17-1632IN Morgan 165Thomas 44M NC Farmer.
17-1633IN Morgan 165Elizabeth 49F NC Maiden name Yarnell.
18-2630IN Morgan 165Joel 18M TN
18-2631IN Morgan 165Sasanah 11F IN
16-0388IN Vigo 183William 60M VA Farmer.
16-0396IN Vigo 183Elizabeth 53F VA Maiden name Jordan.
17-0578IN Vigo 183Genetta 17F IN
17-0579IN Vigo 183Lucy 11F IN
18-0143KY Allen 119Barney P. 21M TN Farming.
18-0241KY Allen 119Martha 24F KY Maiden name Huntsman.
19-2107KY Allen 119Silas P. 1M KY
16-0316KY Breckinridge 130Elizabeth 50F KY Farmer. Maiden name Atkisson. Widow of Richard.
17-0430KY Breckinridge 130Thomas 20M KY Farmer.
17-0596KY Breckinridge 130Mary 18F KY
17-0597KY Breckinridge 130Elizabeth 15F KY
17-0598KY Breckinridge 130Susan 12F KY
17-0428KY Breckinridge 130Byron 10M KY
17-1210KY Breckinridge 130Henry 8M KY
17-0593KY Breckinridge 134George 32M KY Farmer.  Thompson Bracker, age 14, lived with the family.
17-0602KY Breckinridge 134Ellen C. 21F KY Maiden name Adkisson.
18-1830KY Breckinridge 134Thomas 1M KY
18-0147KY Allen 119M. 30F KY
19-1208KY Allen 119J. P. 11M TN
19-0065KY Allen 119M. E. 9F TN
19-0176KY Allen 119A. A. 7F TN
19-0389KY Allen 119R. A. 5M KY
19-0390KY Allen 119J. C. 4M KY
17-0818KY Allen 120Richard 52M KY Farming. Wives Aggie Blakenship and Eizabeth Roberts.
18-0146KY Allen 120Basheba E. 12F KY
17-0429KY Breckinridge 134Richard 22M KY Farmer.  James Dowel, age 21, lived with the family.
17-0434KY Breckinridge 134Parthenia 18F KY Maiden name Claycomb.
18-0585KY Breckinridge 134William A. 1M KY
18-0142KY Allen 119Silas Elbert 24M TN Farming.
18-0161KY Allen 119Eliza Ann 25F KY Maiden name Graves.
19-0395KY Allen 119James Franklin 2M KY
19-0396KY Allen 119William Richard 0.4M KY
16-0385KY Breckinridge 143Thomas C. 70M VA Farmer.
16-0393KY Breckinridge 143Mahala 55F KY Maiden name Hardin.
17-1071KY Breckinridge 143Malissa E. 30F KY
17-0942KY Breckinridge 143Warden Hardin 26M KY
17-0946KY Breckinridge 143Joel 15M KY
xxx LA West Feliciana 257Asa 26M TN Servant. Lived with William F. Bond.
17-0650MO Lawrence 274Bryan 30M TN Farmer.
17-0863MO Lawrence 274Phebe A. 28F SC Maiden name Gassaway.
18-1160MO Lawrence 274Martha J. 10F TN
18-1161MO Lawrence 274Juditha 7F TN
18-1162MO Lawrence 274William H. 6M TN
18-1163MO Lawrence 274Reubin 0.7M TN
xxx MO Madison 243Edmond 14M UNKNOWN Lived with Everett and Nancy Parker. Same as Edmond H.?
18-1745MO Franklin 49George Washington 22M TN Farmer.
18-1746MO Franklin 49Rutha Effie 20F IN Maiden name Stevens.
17-0637MO Lawrence 274Hugh 32M TN Farmer.
17-0862MO Lawrence 274Susan 31F TN Maiden name Foster.
18-1150MO Lawrence 274William J 10M MO
18-1151MO Lawrence 274James M. 8M MO
18-1153MO Lawrence 274Jackson 6M MO
18-1154MO Lawrence 274Pernelia 3F MO
18-2966MO Madison 243Jesse A. 21M TN Laborer. Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker.
18-2967MO Madison 243John D. 17M TN Laborer. Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker.
18-2968MO Madison 243Edmond H. 15M TN Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker. Same as Edmond?
18-2969MO Madison 243Mary E. 10F TN Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker.
18-2970MO Madison 243Margaret A. 8F TN Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker.
18-2971MO Madison 243Sarah E. 6F AR Lived with Thomas and Margrette Parker.
18-1062MO Franklin 54James 25M TN Farmer.
18-1196MO Franklin 54Jane 20F MO Maiden name Anderson.
19-2347MO Franklin 54Melsina 3F MO Name could be Melissa.
19-2348MO Franklin 54Sarah Elizabeth 1F MO
xxx MO St. Louis 21Joh C. 1M MO Lived with Peter and Barbara Binder.
18-1734MO Franklin 40John H. 27M TN Farmer.
18-1735MO Franklin 40Elizabeth 25F TN
19-2346MO Franklin 40Caroline 7F KY
16-0216MO Lawrence 299William 70M SC Farmer. John Monday, age 25, and John R. Brite, age 11, lived with the family.
16-0284MO Lawrence 299Juditha 72F NC
17-0819MO Franklin 54William 52M TN Farmer.
17-0909MO Franklin 54Mary 43F TN
18-1738MO Franklin 54Martha 24F MO
18-1741MO Franklin 54Ellen 17F MO
18-1063MO Franklin 54Seth Thomas 13M MO
18-1747MO Franklin 54Elizabeth 6F MO
18-1748MO Franklin 54Mary 0.8F MO
17-2146MS Pontotoc 80Jesse A. 36M TN Overseer.  Lived with William and  Martha Graham.
xxx MS Tallahatchie John W. 28M Laborer.
17-0802NC Catawba 295Christine 51F NC, Nevian Widow of John. Miden name Hollar.
18-1001NC Catawba 295Alexander 27M NC, Catawba Wagon wright.
18-1004NC Catawba 295Angeline 16F NC, Catawba
16-0931NC Cherokee 69David 87M NC Farmer.
19-0932NC Cherokee 69Morning 60F NC
17-1648NC Cherokee 69Ester 30F NC
17-1649NC Cherokee 69Polly A. 25F NC
18-1002NC Catawba 295John 28M NC Lived with D. and M. Drum. John M.'s twin?
17-1077NC Cherokee 69Johnathan F. 28M NC Farmer.
17-1078NC Cherokee 69Ruth 27F NC
18-1511NC Cherokee 69Thomas I. 7M NC
18-1512NC Cherokee 69Amanda A. 2F NC
18-1513NC Cherokee 69Charity I. 0.1F NC
18-1002NC Catawba 344John M. 28M NC, Catawba Farmer.  Henry, Rachel, and Sarah Linn lived with the family.
18-1005NC Catawba 344Harriet 26F NC, Catawba Maiden name Ramsey.  First husband Linn.
19-1338NC Catawba 344James Marcus 3M NC, Catawba
19-1337NC Catawba 344Jane Elizabeth 3F NC, Catawba
18-0734NC Catawba 290Rufus 31M NC, Catawba
18-0741NC Catawba 290Letta 27F NC, Catawba Maiden name Abernathy.
19-3431NC Catawba 290Nicole W. 8F NC, Catawba
19-1327NC Catawba 290Charity 5F NC, Catawba
19-1328NC Catawba 290Elihu 3M NC, Catawba
19-1109NC Catawba 290Hiram 1M NC, Catawba
19-1107NC Catawba 290David 0.1M NC, Catawba
17-0521NC Catawba 295William 82M VA Farmer. Susanah Wilfong, age 70, lived with the family.
17-0533NC Catawba 295Elizabeth 87F NC, Catawba Maiden name Wilfong.
18-0735NC Catawba 295Alfred George 28M NC, Catawba
18-0736NC Catawba 295Adaline 25F NC, Catawba Wife of Alfred George. Maiden name Beatty.
18-0737NC Catawba 295Emily 21F NC, Catawba
18-0738NC Catawba 295Hugh Gwinne 18M NC, Catawba Farmer.
18-0739NC Catawba 295David 14M NC, Catawba
18-0986NC Catawba 295Larina 0.8F NC, Catawba Alfred and Adaline's child?
17-1562NY St. Lawrence 268Edward 24M ENGLAND Laborer. Lived with James and Emily Burdick.
17-1653NY St. Lawrence 268Frederick 19M ENGLAND Laborer. Lived with James and Emily Burdick.
xxx NY Columbia 323Francis 21M NY Laborer.
17-1653NY St. Lawrence 264Frederick 19M ENGLAND Laborer or perhaps lawyer.  Lived with Samuel and Datha Daniels.
xxx NY New York 118Leopold 25M AUSTRIA Cap maker. Forsinila Pepper lived with the family.
NY New York 118Ann 20F AUSTRIA
NY New York 118Caroline 0.11F NY
16-0933NY St. Lawrence 169William 63M ENGLAND Farmer.
16-1170NY St. Lawrence 169Sarah 55F ENGLAND
17-1651NY St. Lawrence 169Amos 27M ENGLAND Farmer.
17-0623OH Lawrence 422Andrew 68M VA Laborer.
17-0624OH Lawrence 422Rebecca 50F VA Maiden name Woolridge.
18-1254OH Lawrence 422Jane 19F VA
18-1256OH Lawrence 422Elizabeth 17F VA
18-1258OH Lawrence 422Andrew Jackson 14M VA
18-1259OH Lawrence 422Rebecca 12F VA
18-0705OH Lawrence 422William H. 11M VA
18-1261OH Lawrence 422Lucinda 8F VA
xxx OH Lawrence 348Elizabeth 17F OH Lived with B.C. and Liddie Nelson.
18-0704OH Lawrence 349George 33M VA Laborer.
18-0706OH Lawrence 349Eizabeth 31F KY Maiden name Caulley.
19-1057OH Lawrence 349Mary I. 12F OH
19-1058OH Lawrence 349Lafayette 10M OH
19-1059OH Lawrence 349Julia A. 8F OH
19-1060OH Lawrence 349Matilda 7F OH
17-1169OH Gallia 61George 54M VA Farming
17-1170OH Gallia 61Celia 44F TN Maiden name Sanders.
18-1956OH Gallia 61Martha 22F VA
18-1958OH Gallia 61Eliza 21F VA
18-1960OH Gallia 61Tamzey 18F VA
18-1962OH Gallia 61John 16M VA Laborer
18-1788OH Gallia 61William 14M VA
18-1964OH Gallia 61Virginia 13F VA
18-1965OH Gallia 61Thomal Corwin 10M VA
18-1967OH Gallia 61Mary 7F VA
18-1968OH Gallia 61Emily 6F VA
18-2091OH Gallia 61Patterson 3M VA
18-1970OH Gallia 61Margaret 1F VA
xxx OH Henry 21Jacob F. 27M OH Farmer.
OH Henry 21Elizabeth 25F PA
OH Henry 21William O. 3M OH
17-1658OH Columbia 299J. S. 60M SWITZERLAND Grocery keeper.
17-1659OH Columbia 299Mary 61F SWITZERLAND
18-2724OH Columbia 299Frederick 22M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
18-2725OH Columbia 299James 21M SWITZERLAND Grocery keeper.
18-2726OH Columbia 299Rosana L. 19F SWITZERLAND
18-2727OH Columbia 299Abram L. 17M SWITZERLAND Laborer.
18-2722OH Columbia 276Lewis L. 26M SWITZERLAND Farmer. Lavinia L. Patrick, age 15, lived with the family.
18-2723OH Columbia 276Elizabeth 24F OH
19-3465OH Columbia 276Henry 2M OH
xxx OH Monroe 390Nicholas 36M SWITZERLAND Carpenter. Lived with William and Harriet Beard.
xxx OH Warren 92Terry 23M IRELAND Laborer.  Lived with Joseph and Sarah Bretney.
xxx PA Philadelphia 259James 19M IRELAND Shoemaker. Lived with Joel and Eliza White.