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Bandys in 1860 US Census Indiana to North Carolina

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of Birth Comment
17-0551IN Putnam 163Francis 22M IN
17-0631IN Putnam 163Eliza 22F IN
17-0576IN Vigo 288O. 32M IN Farmer.
17-0638IN Vigo 288Eliza 32F VA
18-0846IN Vigo 288Mary 11F IN
18-0847IN Vigo 288Samuel 8M IN
18-0848IN Vigo 288Daniel 6M IN
18-0849IN Vigo 288Charles 2M IN
17-0572IN Vigo 326Richard 45M VA
17-0581IN Vigo 326Sarah 44F KY
18-0808IN Vigo 326John 19M IL
18-0809IN Vigo 326Margret 17F IN
18-0810IN Vigo 326William 10M IN
18-0811IN Vigo 326Nancy 8F IN
18-0812IN Vigo 326Richard 7M IN
18-0813IN Vigo 326Michael 5M IN
18-0143KY Allen 262B.A. 32M TN Farmer.
18-0241KY Allen 262Martha 34F KY Housekeeper.
19-2107KY Allen 262S.F. 11F KY
19-2108KY Allen 262J.R. 9M KY
19-2109KY Allen 262W.B. 4M KY
18-2110KY Allen 262S.E. 2F KY
17-0428KY Breckinridge 419Byran 36M KY Farmer.
17-0635KY Breckinridge 419Caroline 32F KY Maiden name Jordan.
18-1269KY Breckinridge 419Richard Sachel 12M KY
18-1270KY Breckinridge 419Nancy Elizabeth 10F KY
18-1271KY Breckinridge 419Silas Taylor 8M KY
18-1272KY Breckinridge 419William Lewis 6M KY
18-1273KY Breckinridge 419John 4M KY
KY Breckinridge 419Benjamin Franklin 2M KY
18-0147KY Allen 262Camila 40F KY Housekeeper.
19-0176KY Allen 262A.A. 16F KY
16-0602KY Clinton 225Elizabeth 50F VA Knitting. Lived with Doll Wheeler.
xxx KY McCracken 793Emerline 17F TN Seamstress. Lived with Wiley family.
17-1176KY Clinton 182Frasur 26M KY Farmer.
17-1177KY Clinton 182Mary 24F KY Housework.
18-1810KY Clinton 182Malisa C. 7F KY
18-1811KY Clinton 182Martha 6F TN
18-1812KY Clinton 182Wm. R. 4M KY
18-1813KY Clinton 182James R. 2M KY
17-0593KY Breckinridge 471George 41M KY Farmer
17-0603KY Breckinridge 471Martha 20F KY
18-1830KY Breckinridge 471Thomas 11M KY
18-1831KY Breckinridge 471Houston 7M KY
18-0629KY Daviess 882Jeff 29M TN Farmer.
18-0893KY Daviess 882S. J. 24F TN Domestic lady.
19-1003KY Daviess 882Jas. H. 7M KY
19-1004KY Daviess 882Martha 5F KY
19-1006KY Daviess 882M.R. 3F KY
19-1007KY Daviess 882M.E. 1F KY
17-1173KY Clinton 299J.R. 30M IN Laborer.
17-1174KY Clinton 299Vianes 21F KY Spines.
18-1803KY Clinton 299George R. 1M KY
18-0627KY Daviess 885M.D. 31M TN Wagon maker.
18-0628KY Daviess 885Rebecia 25F KY Domestic lady.
19-0988KY Daviess 885Martha 8F KY
19-0989KY Daviess 885Milissa J. 5F KY
19-0991KY Daviess 885Lewis R. 3M KY
19-0993KY Daviess 885M.E. 0.6F KY
17-0818KY Allen 262Richard 63M KY Farming.
KY Allen 262B.B. 20F KY
KY Allen 262M.E. 19F KY
17-0429KY Breckinridge 471Richard 32M KY Farmer.
17-0434KY Breckinridge 471Parthenia 27F KY
18-0585KY Breckinridge 471William 10M KY
18-0586KY Breckinridge 471Laura 8F KY
18-0587KY Breckinridge 471Lelilia 6F KY
18-0588KY Breckinridge 471W.G. 4M KY
18-0589KY Breckinridge 471George 1M KY
18-0142KY Allen 238S.E. 24M TN Farmer.
18-0173KY Allen 238E.A. 20F KY Housekeeper.
19-0395KY Allen 238J.F. 12M KY
19-0396KY Allen 238W.R. 10M KY
19-0398KY Allen 238T.E.E. 9F KY
19-0666KY Allen 238T.H. 7F KY
19-0667KY Allen 238D.W. 3M KY
19-0668KY Allen 238B.A. 0.9M KY
17-1179KY Clinton 485Simeon 20M KY Farm laborer. Lived with Noah Lowhorn family.
17-0430KY Breckinridge 441Thomas 34M KY Farmer.
16-0316KY Breckinridge 442Elizabeth 60F KY
17-0634KY Breckinridge 442Nancy 26F KY
17-0595KY Breckinridge 442Rachel 21F KY
17-0431KY Breckinridge 442Lititia 16F KY
18-1830KY Breckinridge 442Thomas 10M KY
18-0875KY Breckinridge 442Richard 8M KY
18-0876KY Breckinridge 442Edmonia 5F KY
18-1831KY Breckinridge 442Houston 5M KY
18-2691KY Breckinridge 442John 4M KY
18-0877KY Breckinridge 442James 3M KY
18-0878KY Breckinridge 442Mary 0.5F KY
17-0942KY Breckinridge 435W.H. 35M KY
16-0393KY Breckinridge 435Mahala 65F KY
17-0052KY Breckinridge 435Emeree 35F KY
18-1489KY Breckinridge 435Junins 6M KY
18-1490KY Breckinridge 435Emma 4F KY
18-1492KY Breckinridge 435Minerva 2F KY
18-1494KY Breckinridge 435Unknown 0.1F KY
17-1262LA Claiborne 629J.L. 28M GA Overeer
xxx LA Carroll 318Lamina 58F VA Lived with Edward & Mary StJohn. Labeled "Mother".
xxx MI Wayne 221Jane Unknown F UNKNOWN Lived in hotel. Age and birthplace listed as unknown.
17-1235MN Brown 276D.P. 34M IN Farmer.
17-1224MN Brown 273Isaac 32M IN Farmer
17-1225MN Brown 273Lydia 30F NY Maiden name Middleton.
18-1979MN Brown 273Minor Derwin 13M IN
18-1982MN Brown 273John Oscar 8M IA
18-1984MN Brown 273Hiram Newton 6M IA
18-1986MN Brown 273Owen Alonzo 4M IA
18-1989MN Brown 273Adelia 2F MN
18-1987MN Brown 273Horace Evan 2M MN
17-1238MN Faribault 36Jacob F. 25M IN Farm laborer.
17-1223MN Brown 274William B 30M IN Farmer. Lived with Luther Whiton.
17-0913MO Cass 157Campton 30M VA Farmer.
17-1154MO Cass 157Susan E. 24F VA
18-2692MO Cass 157Mary A. 5F VA
18-1706MO Cass 157Chas. B. 4M VA
18-1707MO Cass 157Viola C. 0.11F VA
17-0817MO Cass 771Cardwell 40M TN Farmer.
17-0796MO Cass 771Elizabeth 40F TN
18-1056MO Cass 771William T. 19M TN
18-1055MO Cass 771George A. 17M MO
18-1058MO Cass 771Joseph H. 11M IL
18-1059MO Cass 771Narcissa J. 7F IL
xxx MO Madison 482Edmund 23M TN Farmer.
MO Madison 482Sarah M. 19F MO
18-1745MO Franklin 214G. 30M MO Farmer.
18-1746MO Franklin 214R. 30F MO
19-2367MO Franklin 214N. 8M MO
19-2369MO Franklin 214Sarah 6F MO
19-2370MO Franklin 214Mary 4F MO
19-2371MO Franklin 214Ellen 2F MO
xxx MO New Madrid 747George 18M TN Lived with Alford & Lovinza Adams.
18-1062MO Franklin 214J. 55M MO Farmer.
18-1196MO Franklin 214Jane 50F MO
19-2347MO Franklin 214M. 14M MO
19-2348MO Franklin 214E. 12M MO
19-2363MO Franklin 214M. 10F MO
18-1736MO Franklin 214M. 8F MO
19-3454MO Franklin 214Aang 6F MO
19-2366MO Franklin 214Ann 4F MO
19-2361MO Franklin 214Shag 0.8F MO
xxx MO Madison 479John D. 26M TN Farmer.
MO Madison 479Mary E. 23F MO Domestic.
MO Madison 479William J. 1M MO
18-1734MO Stoddard 497John H. 38M TN Farmer
18-1735MO Stoddard 497Elizabeth 25F TN
19-3462MO Stoddard 497Melissa 7F KY
19-3463MO Stoddard 497Ellen 2F IL
19-3464MO Stoddard 497Mahala 0.6F IL
16-0487MO Cedar 54Manerva C. 22F TN Lived with John & Sarah Jackson.
17-0909MO Texas 1048Mary 68F VA Lived with A. & Elizabeth Jadwin.
17-0562MO Harrison 568Pascal 38M IN Farmer. J. Gray lived with family.
17-0568MO Harrison 568Livina 30F IL
18-0783MO Harrison 568Sarah J. 14F IL
18-0785MO Harrison 568Mary 13F IL
18-0786MO Harrison 568Narcisia 10F IL
18-0785MO Harrison 568Mary 8F IL
18-0787MO Harrison 568Elija 6M IL
18-0789MO Harrison 568Henry 3M IL
xxx MS Harrison 410B.S. 32M AL Laborer. Lived with Morgan and Ester Childs.
18-0735NC Catawba 963Alfred 38M NC Farmer.
18-0742NC Catawba 963Adaline 33F NC
19-1178NC Catawba 963Naomi A. 10F NC
19-1244NC Catawba 963John T. 8M NC
17-0802NC Catawba 964Christina 61F NC Farmer.
18-1004NC Catawba 964Angeline E. 25F NC
18-0738NC Catawba 964Hugh Q. 30M NC Fletcher Monday lived with family.
18-0743NC Catawba 964Elizabeth 33F NC
NC Catawba 964Jane J. 13F NC
19-1259NC Catawba 964James M. 4M NC
19-1260NC Catawba 964W. S. 3M NC
19-1261NC Catawba 964Lucinda 1F NC
18-1002NC Catawba 795J.W. 35M NC Farmer. Martha & Sarah Lynn lived with family.
18-1005NC Catawba 795Harriet 37F NC
19-1337NC Catawba 795Jane E. 13F NC
19-1338NC Catawba 795Janis M. 13F NC
19-1339NC Catawba 795Luther H. 9M NC
18-0734NC Catawba 965Rufus M. 41M NC
18-0741NC Catawba 965Letisha T. 42F NC
19-1325NC Catawba 965Jacob 19M NC
19-1327NC Catawba 965Charity M. 16F NC
19-1328NC Catawba 965Elau M. 14M NC
19-1109NC Catawba 965Hiram M. 12M NC
19-1107NC Catawba 965David A. 11M NC
19-1108NC Catawba 965Levi W. 9M NC
19-1326NC Catawba 965John F. 7M NC
19-1330NC Catawba 965Robert H. 5M NC
19-1329NC Catawba 965William T. 3M NC
17-0521NC Catawba 964William 72M NC Farmer.
17-0533NC Catawba 964Elizabeth 66F NC
18-0737NC Catawba 964Emiline 32F NC
18-0739NC Catawba 964Dovey 21F NC
NC Catawba 964David A. 5M NC
18-0747NC Catawba 965William Jr. 35M NC Farmer.
18-0998NC Catawba 965Emaline 30F NC
19-1309NC Catawba 965Theodore 7M NC
19-1310NC Catawba 965Adolphus 5M NC
19-1311NC Catawba 965Perry 3M NC