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Bandys in 1860 US Census New York to Tennessee

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of Birth Comment
17-1651NY St. Lawrence 73Amos 33M ENGLAND Farm laborer.
17-1655NY St. Lawrence 73Mary 29F IRELAND
18-2711NY St. Lawrence 73William 8M NY
18-2712NY St. Lawrence 73Mary 6F NY
18-2713NY St. Lawrence 73John 4M NY
xxx NY Oswega 126Chancey 44M NY Cooper.
NY Oswega 795Ellen 46F IRELAND
NY Oswega 126Eugene 13M IRELAND
NY Oswega 126Grace 7F IRELAND
NY Oswega 126John 6M IRELAND
NY Oswega 126Hellen 4F NY
NY Oswega 126Louisa 1F NY
17-1652NY St. Lawrence 115Edward 30M ENGLAND Farmer.
16-0933NY St. Lawrence 115William 65M ENGLAND
17-1656NY St. Lawrence 115Sarah 24F CANADA
18-2714NY St. Lawrence 115Silas 4M NY
18-2715NY St. Lawrence 115Sarah 1F NY
17-1653NY St. Lawrence 115Frederick 32M ENGLAND Farmer.
17-1564NY St. Lawrence 115Ann 26F NY
18-2709NY St. Lawrence 115Samuel 6M NY
18-2710NY St. Lawrence 115Thomas 2M NY
xxx NY Schenectady 156Frederick 43M MECKLENBURG Laborer.
NY Schenectady 156Sophia 39F MECKLENBURG
NY Schenectady 156Sophia 11F MECKLENBURG
NY Schenectady 156John 8M MECKLENBURG
NY Schenectady 156Mary 5F NY
NY Schenectady 156William 0.2M NY
18-2727OH Columbiana 33Abram 30M SWITZERLAND Master mason.
18-2728OH Columbiana 33Eliza 25F OH
19-3466OH Columbiana 33Sarah 2F OH
17-0623OH Lawrence 135Andrew J. 76M VA Farmer.
17-0624OH Lawrence 135Rebecca 57F OH
18-0705OH Lawrence 135C. Wm. H. 20M OH
18-2724OH Columbiana 19Frederic 33M SWITZERLAND Master mason.
18-2729OH Columbiana 19Isabella 25F OH
19-3467OH Columbiana 19Leuella 5F OH
19-3468OH Columbiana 19Alice 3F OH
19-3469OH Columbiana 19Franklin 0.7M OH
17-1169OH Gallia 273George 64M VA Farmer. Virginia Gatewood, domestic, lived with the family.
17-1170OH Gallia 273Celia 50F TN Maiden name Sanders.
18-1965OH Gallia 273Thomas Corwin 20M OH Farmer.
18-1968OH Gallia 273Emaline 15F OH
18-2091OH Gallia 273Paterson 14M OH
18-1970OH Gallia 273Margaret 10F OH
18-1962OH Gallia 289John 20M OH Farmer.
18-2722OH Columbiana 19Lewis 38M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
17-1658OH Columbiana 19Abraham 65M SWITZERLAND
18-2723OH Columbiana 19Elizabeth 34F OH
19-3465OH Columbiana 19Henry 12M OH
19-3470OH Columbiana 19John 9M OH
19-3471OH Columbiana 19Rosanna 6F OH
19-3472OH Columbiana 19Mary E. 0.1F OH
18-1788OH Lawrence 135William 25M OH Farmer.
18-1789OH Lawrence 135Melivna 23F OH
19-2657OH Lawrence 135Marcus 3M OH
19-2419OH Lawrence 135Morris 1M OH
xxx OR Jackson 186J.A. 28M TN Wagon maker.  Lived in Union Hotel.
xxx SC Marion 61Jas 28M SC Overseer.
SC Marion 61Lucy 28F SC
SC Marion 61Alex 13M SC
SC Marion 61Charley 11M SC
SC Marion 61Martha 9F SC
SC Marion 61Dech 7M SC
SC Marion 61Julia 2M SC
SC Marion 61None 0.5F SC
17-1075TN McMinn 284Absolem 65M NC
17-1076TN McMinn 284Sarah 52F NC
TN McMinn 284Polly 40F NC
18-1507TN McMinn 284Martin 26M NC
18--1508TN McMinn 284Narcissa 22F NC
18-1509TN McMinn 284Farncis M. 18M NC
18-1510TN McMinn 284Cyntha 12F NC
18-0600TN Wilson 283E.A. 22M TN
18-0606TN Wilson 283Mary A. 18F TN
19-1116TN Wilson 283Alice 1F TN
17-0002TN Wilson 277Epperson 66M VA Zac, Harriet, Edward, and Richard Davies lived with the family.
18-0597TN Wilson 277Jonathan 31M TN
18-0577TN Macon 39F.F. 23M TN
19-1394TN Macon 39C.F. 0.3M TN
18-2649TN Rhea 517Francis M. 25M TN Farmer.
18-2693TN Rhea 517Nancy J. 26F TN
19-3455TN Rhea 517John R. 4M TN
19-3456TN Rhea 517Sara J. 2F TN
19-3457TN Rhea 517William M. 1M TN
18-0610TN Fayette 50Geo. 31M
18-0898TN Fayette 50D.S.M. 30F
19-1363TN Fayette 50Letitia 13F
19-1126TN Fayette 50Rich. W. 8M
19-1127TN Fayette 50W.A. 4M
19-1128TN Fayette 50G.O. 1M
18-0625TN Macon 42G.M. 36M TN G. Whittemore lived with the family.
18-0626TN Macon 42Elizabeth 39F TN
19-2234TN Macon 42A.J. 9F TN
19-1689TN Macon 42S.A. 6F TN
19-1690TN Macon 42Martha 4F TN
19-1120TN Robertson 302G.W. 16M TN Lived with A. F. Cole.
17-1641TN Rhea 514Hester 45F SC Farmer.
18-2652TN Rhea 514John P. 21M MISSING
18-2653TN Rhea 514Sarah J. 18F MISSING
18-2694TN Rhea 514Martha E. 7F MISSING
18-2695TN Rhea 514James K. 1M MISSING
xxx TN Knox 213James 35M TN
18-1010TN Perry 312James J. 32M TN
18-1019TN Perry 312Matilda 24F TN
17-0628TN Perry 332Jemison 70M VA M.D.
17-0629TN Perry 332Nancy 48F TN
TN Perry 332Mary 27F TN
18-1933TN Perry 332William 13M TN
18-1674TN Perry 332Amanda 10F TN
18-0899TN Perry 332Josephus 8M TN
17-1077TN McMinn 338J.F. 37M NC Day laborer.
17-1648TN McMinn 338Ester 50F NC
17-1078TN McMinn 338Ruth A. 36F NC
18-1511TN McMinn 338Thomas J. 15M NC
18-1512TN McMinn 338Amanda 12F NC
18-1513TN McMinn 338Charity Jane 8F NC
18-1514TN McMinn 338Dugger F. 3M TN
18-0168TN Weakly 431J.H. 25M TN Farmer. Lived with Catherine Klutts.
18-0167TN Weakly 431Margaret C. 19F TN
19-1121TN Sumner 316John 16M MISSING Lived with Henry Lovell.
19-0761TN Sumner 316James 7M MISSING
xxx TN Knox 237John 25M TN Farmer.
xxx TN Jackson 321Joseph 8M NOT  LISTED. Mulatto.
18-0001TN Weakly 432J.W. 28M TN Physician.
17-0458TN Macon 39Lewis 62M VA Mechanic.
17-0484TN Macon 39Martha 58F NC
18-0631TN Macon 39L.R. 25M TN Farmer.
18-0636TN Macon 39Yancy 18M TN
18-0637TN Macon 39B.D. 16M TN
xxx TN Jackson 320Mary 40F NC
TN Jackson 320Sarah 16F TN
TN Jackson 320Philip 8M TN
18-0765TN Davidson 465R.C. 42M TN Merchant.
18-0767TN Davidson 465Ann E. 36F TN
19-1123TN Davidson 465James 2M TN
17-0694TN Meigs 154Reuban 44M TN Farmer. Thomas and Nancy Pierce lived with the family.
17-0753TN Meigs 154Mary 40F TN Housekeeper.
18-1934TN Meigs 154Nancy 17F TN
18-1149TN Meigs 154John 15M TN Farm hand.
18-1149TN Meigs 154William 15M TN
18-1935TN Meigs 154David 12M TN
18-1207TN Meigs 154Alex 10M TN
18-2697TN Meigs 154Martha 8F TN
18-2698TN Meigs 154Bryant S. 4M TN
18-2699TN Meigs 154Sarah 0.3F TN
19-1122TN Robertson 302R.T. 12M TN Lived with J. J. Fenton.
18-2644TN Wayne 296Sanford A. 22M TN Laboer.
18-2700TN Wayne 296Martha O. 22F TN
18-1303TN Tipton 389S.M. 32M TN Overseer. Nancy Dicky lived with the family.
18-1668TN Tipton 389C. 28F TN
19-3459TN Tipton 389Susan A. 6F TN
19-3460TN Tipton 389T.S. 3M TN
19-3461TN Tipton 389John L. 1M TN
17-0218TN Macon 41Thomas 52M TN Blacksmith.
18-0388TN Macon 41Elizabeth 52F TN
18-0578TN Macon 41John 18M TN Farmer.
18-0582TN Macon 41Elizabeth 15F TN
17-0608TN Weakly 431W. 50M TN Farmer.
17-0343TN Weakly 431Catharine 60F TN
18-0618TN Weakly 431Mary E. 16M TN
18-0168TN Weakly 431Howard 15M TN
18-0624TN Tipton 352Washington 29M TN Farmer. Mary Turner lived with family.
18-1066TN Tipton 352Mary 20F TN
19-3497TN Tipton 352James 3M TN
19-3498TN Tipton 352Elizabeth 2F TN
17-0931TN Bledsoe 70William 52M NC Farm labor.
17-0932TN Bledsoe 70Dicy 43F NC Maiden name Green.
18-1223TN Bledsoe 70Ancel Lee 21M NC Farm labor.
18-1224TN Bledsoe 70John 18M TN
18-1225TN Bledsoe 70Elizabeth 16F NC
18-1226TN Bledsoe 70Sarah 15F NC
18-1227TN Bledsoe 70Thomas 10M TN
18-1228TN Bledsoe 70George 7M TN
18-1229TN Bledsoe 70Clemintine 5F TN
18-1230TN Bledsoe 70Marion Isaac 3M TN
18-0633TN Macon 42W. 23M TN Miller.
18-0782TN Sumner 324Wm. 13M TN Lived with Jane and James Briley.
18-0777TN Macon 42Margarett 20F TN
18-0594TN Wilson 273Wm. P. 37M TN Farmer.
18-0231TN Wilson 273Martha J. 32F TN
TN Wilson 273Henry H. 10M TN
19-0968TN Wilson 273Katharine 8F TN
TN Wilson 273William Y. 8M TN
19-0969TN Wilson 273Harriet A. 3F TN
19-1117TN Sumner 318W.W. 26M TN Farmer.
19-5340TN Sumner 318Mary J. 24F TN
19-0953TN Sumner 318Thos. 8M TN
20-5431TN Sumner 318Manda 1F TN