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Bandys in 1860 US Census Texas to West Virginia

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of Birth Comment
17-1657TX Young 398Elizabeth 58F NC
18-2721TX Young 398Ann 36F TN
18-2716TX Young 398Calvin 28M TN
18-2719TX Young 398Francis 24M TN
18-2720TX Young 398Elvina 21F TN
19-1208TX Collin 28Joseph 24M KY Lived with David  and C. F. Stiff.
17-1663TX Dallas 377Richard F. 34M TN Farmer.
17-1664TX Dallas 377Amelia A. 30F IA
18-2753TX Dallas 377Jas. A. 10M TX
18-2754TX Dallas 377Wm. F. 7M TX
18-2755TX Dallas 377Hubbard 5M TX
18-2756TX Dallas 377Mary A. 4F TX
18-2757TX Dallas 377Francis A. 1M TX
18-0751TX Cass 369T. L. 30M NC
18-1147TX Cass 369A. J. 28F GA
19-1533TX Cass 369M. A. 3F TX
19-1590TX Cass 369E. 0.6M TX
17-0509TX Medina 17Thomas 43M IL Stockraiser.
TX Medina 17Mary 30F IL
18-0691TX Medina 17James 19M IL Laborer.
18-0693TX Medina 17John 16M IL Laborer.
TX Medina 17Dowe 13M IL
18-0695TX Medina 17Nancy 12F IL
18-0696TX Medina 17Rosh 7M IL
18-0697TX Medina 17Mary 5F IL
18-0698TX Medina 17Malvina 4F TX
18-0692TX Medina 17Thomas 0.5M TX
18-1712VA Bedford 477Bechard H. 30M VA Farmer.
18-1713VA Bedford 477E. 24F VA
19-2331VA Bedford 477M.J. 7F VA
19-2332VA Bedford 477N.A. 5F VA
19-2333VA Bedford 477C.A.G. 3M VA
19-2329VA Bedford 477T.E. 1F VA
17-0610VA Bedford 475Cornelias 45M VA Farmer.
17-0611VA Bedford 476S. 41F VA
18-1675VA Bedford 476Sallie 20F VA
18-1677VA Bedford 476George 19F VA
18-1678VA Bedford 476M. 19M VA
18-1680VA Bedford 476S.P. 17F VA
18-1681VA Bedford 476P.V. 15F VA
18-1683VA Bedford 476M. 12F VA
18-1686VA Bedford 476Tho. 9M VA
18-1688VA Bedford 476F.D. 7M VA
18-1691VA Bedford 476K. 5M VA
18-1693VA Bedford 476L. 4M VA
18-1695VA Bedford 476J.B. 2M VA
18-1696VA Bedford 476M. 0.1M VA
18-1782VA Roanoke 754Crocket 31M VA Farmer.
18-1783VA Roanoke 754Sarah 34F VA
19-3499VA Roanoke 754Joseph 15N VA
19-3500VA Roanoke 754James 9N VA
19-1068VA Tazewell 876James 23M VA Farm laborer.
18-1716VA Bedford 476James M. 27M VA Farmer.
18-2834VA Bedford 476C. 22F VA
19-3585VA Bedford 476N.S. 2F VA
19-3586VA Bedford 476Infant 0.1M VA
18-0708VA Tazewell 892John 49M VA Farmer.
18-0707VA Tazewell 892Elizabeth 40F VA
19-1063VA Tazewell 892George 19M VA
19-2409VA Tazewell 892Ellen 11F VA
19-1065VA Tazewell 892John 8M VA
19-1066VA Tazewell 892Mary 6F VA
17-0617VA Ronoke 754John 60M VA Farmer. George Mays lived with family.
17-0618VA Ronoke 754Barbara 60F VA
VA Ronoke 754Abe 40M VA
18-1945VA Ronoke 754George 23M VA
19-1069VA Tazewell 876Nancy 21F VA Domestic. Lived with Mary Christian.
17-0626VA Roanoke 754Richard 80M VA
17-1168VA Roanoke 754Margaret 70F VA
18-1781VA Roanoke 754Joseph 35M VA
17-1160VA Bedford 476Samuel 60M VA Farmer.
17-1161VA Bedford 476N. 50F VA
18-1717VA Bedford 476Thomas 24M VA
18-1718VA Bedford 476S.G. 22M VA
18-1719VA Bedford 476George 20M VA
18-1721VA Bedford 476M. 17F VA
18-1724VA Bedford 476Polk 15M VA
18-1722VA Bedford 476A. 13F VA
17-0957VA Bedford 476Samuel N. 39M VA Farmer.
17-0958VA Bedford 476E. 30F VA
18-1011VA Bedford 476Wm. 12M VA
18-2827VA Bedford 476Jacob 10M VA
VA Bedford 476None 8VA
VA Bedford 476None 6VA
VA Bedford 476None 4VA
17-0627VA Tazewell 845Thomas 87M VA Farmer. John and Lucy Beavers lived with family.
17-0360VA Tazewell 845Sarah 66F VA
18-0713VA Tazewell 845Thomas 20M VA
18-0715VA Tazewell 845Betsy 16F VA
18-0716VA Tazewell 845Patsy 14F VA
19-1067VA Tazewell 879Thomas 25M VA
19-1069VA Tazewell 879Nancy 23F VA
19-1078VA Tazewell 879Lilly 20F VA
20-0812VA Tazewell 879Ann 4F VA
VA Tazewell 879Elizabeth 4F VA
VA Tazewell 879Rebecca 2F VA
20-0811VA Tazewell 879William 2M VA
20-0816VA Tazewell 879Unnamed 0.1VA
18-0709VA Tazewell 886William W. 45M VA Farmer.
18-0712VA Tazewell 896Ellen 48F VA
19-1071VA Tazewell 896Rebecca 19F VA
19-1072VA Tazewell 896Thressa 18F VA
19-1073VA Tazewell 896Hanah 16F VA
19-1074VA Tazewell 896John 14M VA
19-1075VA Tazewell 896William 12M VA
19-1076VA Tazewell 896Joseph 6M VA
18-1949WI Grant 651Green 47M TN Farmer.
WI Grant 651Margaret 21F WI
19-2635WI Grant 651Sylvester 20M IL Teamster.
19-2637WI Grant 651Horace D. 14M WI
19-3501WI Grant 651Hannah 0.11F WI
19-2636WI Grant 672Mary 16F WI Lived with her sister June and her husband William Patterson.
xxx WV Wetzel 149Nicholas 26M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
WV Wetzel 149Elizabeth 25F SWITZERLAND
WV Wetzel 149Louis 1M VA