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Bandys in 1870 US Census Indiana to Louisiana

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of birth Comment
17-0551IN Putnam 35Francis M. 32M IN Farmer.
17-0631IN Putnam 35Eliza A. 32F IN
18-2743IN Putnam 35Alice G. 8F IN
17-0554IN Putnam 35James F. 29M IN Farmer.
17-0561IN Putnam 35Lydia C. 25F IN
18-2805IN Putnam 35Haskell 7M IN
18-2806IN Putnam 35Marion D. 4M IN
18-2807IN Putnam 35Lutilia 1F IN
18-2808IN Putnam 35George 0.2M IN
17-0575IN Vigo 15W. F. 44M KY Farmer
19-0388IN Vigo 15William 79M VA
17-0584IN Vigo 15Jerusha 44F IL
18-0832IN Vigo 15Foster E. 19M IL Works on farm.
18-0833IN Vigo 15Alice 17F IL
18-0834IN Vigo 15Alexander 15M IL Works on farm.
18-0835IN Vigo 15Trella 13F IL
18-0836IN Vigo 15Elizabeth 7F IL
18-0837IN Vigo 15Elisya 5F IL
18-0838IN Vigo 15Sarah 2F IN
xxx KS Howard 239James 29M IN Farmer.
KS Howard 239Sarah 28F OH
KS Howard 239Frances 8F IL
KS Howard 239James 6M IL
KS Howard 239Elizabeth 2F MO
KS Howard 239Wn. Lewis 1M IL
xxx KS Howard 239J.J. 19M IL Farmer.
16-0602KY Clinton 255Betsy 62F VA
17-0428KY Breckenridge 24Byron 44M KY Farmer
17-0635KY Breckenridge 24Caroline 41F KY
18-1271KY Breckenridge 24Silas 18M KY Works on farm.
18-1272KY Breckenridge 24Wn. 16M KY Works on farm.
18-1273KY Breckenridge 24John 14M KY Works on farm.
18-1274KY Breckenridge 24B. F. 12M KY Works on farm.
18-1275KY Breckenridge 24L. J. 7F KY
18-1106KY Breckenridge 24James 4M KY
18-1223KY Marion 21Arnet 27M TN Works on farm.  M. White, S and W. Smith lived with family.
18-1231KY Marion 21Mary 26F TN
19-1729KY Marion 21Marion 4M TN
19-1730KY Marion 21Dicey 3F TN
19-1731KY Marion 21George W. 1M TN
xxx KY Clinton 249Emaline 23F KY Housework. Lived with John and Elma A. Stockton.
KY Clinton 249Cassaela B. 6F KY
KY Clinton 249James M. 5M KY
xxx KY Powell 135Gary 27M VA Mulatto. Farm laborer.
KY Powell 135Rudy 22F KY Mulatto.
KY Powell 135Vilata 1F KY Mulatto.
17-0593KY Meade 3 8George 50M KY Farmer. C. Winter and J. Straphenson lived with family.
17-0603KY Meade 3 8Martha 28F KY
18-1830KY Meade 3 8Thomas 21M KY
18-1831KY Meade 3 8Houston 15M KY
18-1832KY Meade 3 8John 14M KY
18-1833KY Meade 3 8Elizabeth E. 7F KY
18-2176KY Meade 3 8George 6M KY
18-1834KY Meade 3 8Fannie 4F KY
18-1835KY Meade 3 8Carrie 2F KY
xxx KY McLean 199George 14M KY Lived with William and Eliz. Howell.
KY McLean 199Robert 9M KY
KY McLean 199Anderson 8M KY
KY McLean 199Eutopa 7F KY
KY McLean 199John 4M KY
KY McLean 199Caroline 1F KY
19-0395KY Allen 2 1James 23M KY Farm laborer. Lived with Ralph and Fannie Williams.
18-0633KY Barren 724Louis W. 32M TN
18-1067KY Barren 724Margret A. 32F TN
19-1953KY Barren 724Fannie 7F TN
19-1954KY Barren 724Robert 6M TN
19-1955KY Barren 724Martha 2F TN
18-1269KY Breckenridge 31Richard 23M KY Works on farm.
18-1838KY Breckenridge 31M.E. 20F KY
19-2440KY Breckenridge 31George 0.9M KY
17-0818KY Allen 26Richard 73M KY Farmer. H. Foster, 3 children, M. Richard, E. Borders, and J. Cole lived with family.
KY Allen 26Mary A. 53F TN
17-0429KY Breckenridge 15Richard 39M KY Farmer.
17-0434KY Breckenridge 15P.T. 27F KY
18-0585KY Breckenridge 15Wn. N. 20M KY Works on farm.
18-0587KY Breckenridge 15Letitia E. 16F KY
18-0588KY Breckenridge 15Willis G. 13M KY Works on farm.
18-0589KY Breckenridge 15George F. 11M KY Works on farm.
18-0590KY Breckenridge 15Sarah E. 9F KY
18-0591KY Breckenridge 15Mary A. 7F KY
18-0592KY Breckenridge 15Charles R. 4M KY
18-0593KY Breckenridge 15Alice A. 2F KY
18-0142KY Simpson 81Silas E. 44M TN
18-0173KY Simpson 81Eliza A. 32F KY
19-0396KY Simpson 81William  R. 20M KY Works on farm.
19-0666KY Simpson 81Thomas H. 17M KY Works on farm.
19-0667KY Simpson 81David W. 12M KY Works on farm.
19-1000KY Simpson 81Joseph B. 9M KY Works on farm.
19-0669KY Simpson 81Robert A. 7M KY
19-1034KY Simpson 81Mary E. 6F KY
19-1110KY Simpson 81Lucinda J. 4F KY
19-2107KY Allen 249Silas P. 21M KY Farmer.
19-2115KY Allen 249Mary A. 18F KY
17-0430KY Breckenridge 24T.R. 44M KY Farmer
16-0316KY Breckenridge 24Elizabeth 72F KY
17-0634KY Breckenridge 24Nancy 37F KY
18-1830KY Breckenridge 24Thomas Sam. 21M KY
18-0875KY Breckenridge 24Stephen 18M KY Works on farm.
18-0876KY Breckenridge 24Edminia 16F KY Works on farm.
18-0877KY Breckenridge 24James 14M KY
18-0878KY Breckenridge 24Mary 11F KY
18-0879KY Breckenridge 24A. F. 7F KY
18-0880KY Breckenridge 24Thomas 3M KY
18-0881KY Breckenridge 24Nancy 0.3F KY
17-0942KY Breckenridge 152Warden H. 44M KY Farmer
18-1490KY Breckenridge 152Emma V. 14F KY
18-1492KY Breckenridge 152Minerva 12F KY
KY Breckenridge 152James H. 11M KY
18-1494KY Breckenridge 152Marinda A. 10F KY
18-1497KY Breckenridge 152Minnie L. 4F KY
18-2744KY Breckenridge 152Warden D. 1M KY
18-0705KY Elliott 45William H. 26M OH Farmer.
18-1260KY Elliott 45Sarah 27F KY
19-3474KY Elliott 45Mary A. 6F OH
19-3475KY Elliott 45James A. 4M OH
19-3476KY Elliott 45Darinda 2F OH
19-3477KY Elliott 45George H. 0.11M KY
xxx KY Powell 135William 2M VA Farm laborer.
xxx LA Orleans 221James 29M IRELAND Drayman. Name maybe Brady.