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Bandys in 1870 US Census Minnesota to Mississippi

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of birth Comment
17-1235MN Scott 513Darwin 39M IN Farmer
17-1236MN Scott 513Nancy S. 37F IN
18-1979MN Scott 513Miner 22M MN Farm laborer.
18-2039MN Scott 513William H. 8M MN
18-2040MN Scott 513Squire P. 3M MN
18-2041MN Scott 513Eveline 1F MN
17-1224MN Meeker 499Isaac 50M MI Farmer.
17-1225MN Meeker 499Lucy 39F IN
18-1984MN Meeker 499Hiram 17M IN
18-1986MN Meeker 499Owen 14M IA
18-1989MN Meeker 499Ida L. 12F IA
18-1987MN Meeker 499Horace E. 12M MN
18-1991MN Meeker 499Alva H. 9M MN
18-1992MN Meeker 499Eva L. 6F MN
18-1994MN Meeker 499Ella L. 5F MN
18-1996MN Meeker 499Frank W. 3M MN
18-1998MN Meeker 499Fred A. 0.3M MN
xxx MN Scott 439John 5M SCOTLAND Farming.
MN Scott 439Otha 45F SWEDEN
MN Scott 439William 8M MN
MN Scott 439Mary 6F MN
MN Scott 439Charles 1M MN
MN Scott 439Emma 1F MN
17-1230MN Scott 513John 42M IN Farmer.
17-1231MN Scott 513Gulielnia 32F OH
18-2025MN Scott 513Charles H. 8M IA
18-2027MN Scott 513Robert S. 6M IA
18-2030MN Scott 513Paul S. 0.6M MN
18-1982MN Meeker 497John O. 21M IN Farmer laborer
18-1983MN Meeker 497Judith 18F IN
17-1228MN Scott 512Thomas 44M IN Farmer.
17-1229MN Scott 512Elizabeth 36F OH
18-2003MN Scott 512John 14M MN
18-2006MN Scott 512Matthias 12M MN
18-2008MN Scott 512Walter 11M MN
18-2010MN Scott 512Martha 10F MN
18-2012MN Scott 512Katy 8F MN
18-2014MN Scott 512Addison 4M IA
18-2017MN Scott 512Elijah 2M MN
18-2019MN Scott 512Albert 0.2M MN
17-1223MN Scott 513William 48M IN Farmer.  Matilda Calson, age 12, domestic lived with William.
17-1075MO Phelps 638Absolem 72M NC Farmer.
17-1076MO Phelps 638Sarah 62F NC
19-1712MO Franklin 51Alex. 8M MO Lived with J. P. and Mary Farner.
17-0497MO Cass 683Bartholmue 24M TN Works out.
17-1662MO Cass 683Melvina 20F IN
18-2745MO Cass 683James 1M MO
17-0913MO Vernon 64C. G. 39M VA Farmer. Abram Overstreet lived with family.
17-1154MO Vernon 64Susan 33F VA
18-1706MO Vernon 64Chas. W. 14M VA
18-1707MO Vernon 64Viola 9F MO
18-1708MO Vernon 64Geo. W. 4M MO
18-1709MO Vernon 64Emily F. 1F MO
17-0913MO Vernon 549Clinton 32M VA Farmer. Ellen Correthers and Mary Tronton lived with family.
17-1154MO Vernon 549Susan E. 30F VA
18-1706MO Vernon 549Charles B. 14M VA
18-1707MO Vernon 549Viola C. 11F MO
18-1708MO Vernon 549Geo. W. 4M MO
18-1709MO Vernon 549Emily I. 1F MO
18-1742MO Franklin 18Edward 12M MO Lived with Nathan and Mary Lyons.
18-1509MO Phelps 638Francis 25M NC Farmer.
18-2809MO Phelps 638Catherine 21F NC
19-3520MO Phelps 638Ellen 1F TN
18-0638MO Miller 3George M. 35M TN Farmer.
18-0639MO Miller 3Eveline 29F IL
19-3818MO Miller 3William E. 9M IL
18-3819MO Miller 3Milly E. 3F MO
17-0501MO Barton 795James 46M TN Farmer.
17-0512MO Barton 795Ellen 38F IN
18-1773MO Barton 795Sylvester 18M IL
18-1774MO Barton 795Mary J. 14F TX
18-1112MO Barton 795Stacy A. 11M IL
18-1775MO Barton 795Emma 8F IL
18-1114MO Barton 795Lansa 5F IL
18-1113MO Barton 795Cyntha 5F IL
MO Barton 795Alphia 2F IL
18-1115MO Barton 795James 0.7M IL
xxx MO Pettis 483John E. 19M KY Farmer.
MO Pettis 483Mary 44F KY
MO Pettis 483Sarah 17F KY
18-1507MO Phelps 638Martin 40M NC Farm labor.
18-2810MO Phelps 638Lithe 39F TN
19-3521MO Phelps 638Francis 4M TN
19-3522MO Phelps 638John 1M TN
17-0849MO Morgan 181Marion O. 43M TN Farmer.
17-0851MO Morgan 181Eliza J. 32F IL
18-1189MO Morgan 181Leyline J. 15F IL
18-1190MO Morgan 181William 13M IL
18-1193MO Morgan 181Mary 12F IL
18-1192MO Morgan 181Genors 4F IL
19-2361MO Franklin 244Martha 11F MO Lived with Terell and Nancy Speck.
17-0562MO Harrison 1 2Paschal 47M IN Farmer.
17-0568MO Harrison 1 2Lovica 46F IL
18-0787MO Harrison 1 2Eliza 17F IL
18-0788MO Harrison 1 2Lucinda 15F IL
18-0789MO Harrison 1 2Henry 13M IL
18-0790MO Harrison 1 2George 6M MO
xxx MO New Madrid 281Robert 34M TN Lived with Charles Scott.
MO New Madrid 281Ann 24F TN
MO New Madrid 281Ellen 9F MO
MO New Madrid 281Ann 7F MO
MO New Madrid 281Sarah 5F MO
MO New Madrid 281Lanna 2F MO
MO New Madrid 281Monroe 0.2M MO
17-0506MO Johnson 6Wm. M. 36M IL Working on farm.
18-1776MO Johnson 6Nora A. 7F IL
MO Johnson 6Alice 6F IL
18-0687MO Johnson 6Thomas H. 4M IL
xxx MS Grenada 133Agnes 85F VA Black. Lived with Thompson and Louisa Whip.
xxx MS Monroe 261Emily 15F MS
xxx MS Clarke 71Green C. 39M MO Farmer. Lived with Susie Merrill family.
MS Clarke 71Vicy A. 3F MS
xxx MS Lee 491Jessie A. 55M NC Farmer.
MS Lee 491Artheleen 39F AL
MS Lee 491Jno. W. 15M MS
MS Lee 491Frank W. 13M MS
MS Lee 491Minatte H. 11M MS
MS Lee 491Albert S. G. 7M MS
MS Lee 491Margaret a. 5F MS
MS Lee 491Marietta 1F MS
xxx MS Pontotoc 3 7Lee 17F MS Black. Farm laborer.
xxx MS Monroe 268Martha 45F AL
MS Monroe 268Sarah 23F MS
MS Monroe 268Samuel 22M MS Farm labor.
MS Monroe 268William 19M MS Farm labor.
MS Monroe 268Lou 16F MS
MS Monroe 268Lucy 2F MS
xxx MS Jefferson 71Mary 56F VA Black. Farm laborer.
MS Jefferson 71William W. 24M UNKNOWN Black. Farm laborer.
xxx MS Clarke 716Sallie 4F MS Lived with Prisha Woodward and Berry McCarty.