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Bandys in 1870 US Census North Carolina to Ohio

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of birth Comment
18-1001NC Lincoln 194Alexander 46M NC Farmer.
18-1006NC Lincoln 194Susannah 45F NC
19-3478NC Lincoln 194William S. 8M NC
17-0802NC Catawba 515Christina 70F NC
18-1004NC Catawba 515Angeline 34F NC
xxx NC Catawba 5 6George 48M NC Farm laborer.
NC Catawba 5 6Susan 36F NC
NC Catawba 5 6Polly 4F NC
NC Catawba 5 6Lydia 2F NC
17-1077NC Cherokee 3 8Jonathan 49M NC Miller.
17-1078NC Cherokee 3 8Ruth 46F NC
18-1512NC Cherokee 3 8Manda 21F NC
18-1513NC Cherokee 3 8Charity 18F NC
18-2746NC Cherokee 3 8John 7M NC
19-1325NC Catawba 612Jacob 28M NC Farm laborer.
19-1331NC Catawba 612Ann 30F NC
20-1116NC Catawba 612Lucy 1F NC
18-0741NC Catawba 515Letta 48F NC
19-1109NC Catawba 515Mitchel 19M NC Clerk in store.
19-1107NC Catawba 515Daniel 17M NC Farm laborer.
19-1330NC Catawba 515Robert 14M NC
19-1338NC Catawba 5 3Marcus 22M NC Farmer
19-1340NC Catawba 5 3Martha 21F NC
20-1157NC Catawba 5 3Florence 2F NC
20-1160NC Catawba 5 3Luther 1M NC
18-1002NC Catawba 499Wesley 46M NC Farmer. Sarah Lim, age 75, lived with family.
18-1005NC Catawba 499Harriet 47F NC
18-0747NC Catawba 522William 46M NC Farmer.
18-0998NC Catawba 522Emilene 46F NC
19-1309NC Catawba 522Theodore 19M NC Farm laborer.
19-1310NC Catawba 522Adolphus 17M NC
19-1311NC Catawba 522Terry 15M NC
19-1312NC Catawba 522Dalziame 12F NC
19-1313NC Catawba 522Joseph 5M NC
19-1314NC Catawba 522Nancy 5F NC
17-1262NE Seward 392J.L. 36M GA Farmer. Electa Tracy lived with family.
NE Seward 392Julia A. 26F IN
NE Seward 392James 1M NY
xxx OH Cuyahoga 50Anton 25M BAVARIA Carpenter.
OH Cuyahoga 50Catharine 28F PRUSSIA
OH Cuyahoga 50Philip 0.1M OH
xxx OH Allen 521Elizabeth 19F OH Lived with Hostettio family.
xxx OH Allen 520Ellen 12F OH Lived with Baderstocker family.
OH Allen 520David 11M OH
18-1968OH Jackson 188Emiline 22F OH Servant. Lived with Buchanan family.
18-0704OH Lawrence 5 8George 54M VA Farming. Austin and Jane Brothers and Elizabeth Washington lived with family.
18-0706OH Lawrence 5 8Elizabeth 54F KY
19-1058OH Lawrence 5 8LaFayette 30M OH Farming.
xxx OH Fairfield 156Harvey 13M OH Attending boarding school.
xxx OH Greene 137Henry 28M OH Day Laborer.  Probably Lewis' son in 1860 census.
OH Greene 137Mary 20F OH
OH Greene 137William H. 2M OH
OH Greene 137No name 0.7F OH
18-1258OH Gallia 546Jackson 28M OH Works on farm.
18-2090OH Gallia 546Mary J. 23F OH
19-2789OH Gallia 546Rebeca 0.1F OH
xxx OH Montgomery 354James 28M TN Invalid. Lived with James Fox family.
xxx OH Montgomery 280James 49M OH Railroad conductor.
OH Montgomery 280Susan 46F OH
OH Montgomery 280Lotte 17F OH
OH Montgomery 280Ella 14F OH
OH Montgomery 280Charles 4M OH
xxx OH Gallia 351Jenny 5F OH Lived with Ray family.
18-1962OH Gallia 368John 34M OH Farmer.
18-1963OH Gallia 368Telitha 24F OH
19-2640OH Gallia 368George 8M OH
19-2641OH Gallia 368Mary E. 3F OH
19-2642OH Gallia 368Lucinda 1F OH
xxx OH Paulding 523John 24M OH Lived with Upp family.
OH Paulding 523Peter 22M OH
xxx OH Highland 275John W. 12M OH Hired help. Name may have been Bundy.
xxx OH Allen 509Mandy 15F OH Lived with Hochitetter family.
xxx OH Huron 489Mary 18F OH Domestic. Name may have been Bundy.
xxx OH Monroe 111Nicholas 48M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
OH Monroe 111Elizabeth 32F SWITZERLAND
OH Monroe 111Mary E. 7F OH
OH Monroe 111John N. 5M OH
OH Monroe 111Henry 3M OH
OH Monroe 111Charles 0.7M OH
18-2091OH Gallia 375Patterson 22N OH Hauls wood.
18-1971OH Gallia 375Candice 19F OH
OH Gallia 375Margaret 12F OH
xxx OH Allen 509Susan 10F OH Black. Lived with Geiger family.
OH Allen 509Barberry 7F OH Black.
18-1965OH Gallia 368Thomas 26M OH Farmer.
17-1169OH Gallia 368George 74M VA
17-1170OH Gallia 368Celia 64F TN
18-1966OH Gallia 368Amanda 24F OH
19-2654OH Gallia 368Charles 3M OH
18-1970OH Gallia 368Margaret 20F OH Helps mother.
19-2655OH Gallia 368Margaret 10F OH
19-2656OH Gallia 368George 1M OH