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Bandys in 1870 US Census Pennsylvania to Tennessee

Gen-Num State County Page Name Age Sex Place of birth Comment
xxx PA Allegheney 794David 42M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
PA Allegheney 794Elizabeth 42F SWITZERLAND
PA Allegheney 794David 19M PA Works on farm.
PA Allegheney 794Mary 15F PA
PA Allegheney 794John 13M PA
PA Allegheney 794Elizabeth 11F PA
PA Allegheney 794Jacob 8M PA
PA Allegheney 794William 3M PA
xxx PA Allegheney 794Jacob 58M SWITZERLAND Farmer.
PA Allegheney 794Rebeca 55F SWITZERLAND
PA Allegheney 794Anna 23F SWITZERLAND Domestic servant.
xxx PA Luzerne 484Jerimiah 26M IRELAND Miner
xxx PA Allegheney 254John 64M SWITZERLAND Laborer.
PA Allegheney 254Mary 44F SWITZERLAND
PA Allegheney 254Mary 12F PA
PA Allegheney 254Henry 9M PA
xxx PA Allegheney 273John 38M SWITZERLAND Laborer
PA Allegheney 273Sarah 23F PA
PA Allegheney 273William 3M PA
PA Allegheney 273John 1M PA
xxx RI Washington 4Lydia S. 39F RI Domestic Servant. Lived with Horation Gerry family.
18-0735TN Hawkins 178Alfred 50M NC Farmer.
18-0742TN Hawkins 178Adaline 45F NC
19-1178TN Hawkins 178Omea 20F NC
19-1244TN Hawkins 178John T. 18M NC
18-1207TN Meigs 38Alx. 20M TN Farmer.
18-1209TN Meigs 38Nancy 21F TN
19-3479TN Meigs 38Sarah 2F TN
17-0932TN Hamilton 651Dicie 53F NC
18-1226TN Hamilton 651Sarah A. 23F NC
18-1228TN Hamilton 651George 18M TN Farm hand.
18-1229TN Hamilton 651Clemintine 15F TN
18-1230TN Hamilton 651Marion 12M TN Farm hand.
18-0600TN Wilson 398Edward 33M TN Farmer.
18-0606TN Wilson 398M. A. 29F TN
19-2230TN Wilson 398Nora 10F TN
19-2231TN Wilson 398R. E. 9M TN
19-2232TN Wilson 398Mary E. 5F TN
19-2233TN Wilson 398L. M. 3F TN
18-0577TN Macon 16Frederick F. 34M TN Farmer.
18-1075TN Macon 16Mary E. 21F TN
19-2374TN Macon 16Lovenia E. 7F TN
19-2375TN Macon 16Laura F. 4F TN
19-2376TN Macon 16Nancy A. 1F TN
18-2649TN Hamilton 606F.W. 35M TN Farmer.
18-2693TN Hamilton 606Nancy J. 35F VA
19-3456TN Hamilton 606Sarah J. 12F TN
19-3480TN Hamilton 606Mary E. 8F TN
19-3481TN Hamilton 606Bud 7M TN
19-3482TN Hamilton 606Charles 5M TN
19-3483TN Hamilton 606Salima 2F TN
xxx TN Wilson 393George 6M TN Black. Day laborer.
TN Wilson 393James 95M VA Black.
TN Wilson 393Dina 25F TN Black.
TN Wilson 393Nancy 21F TN Black.
TN Wilson 393Emily 5F TN Black.
TN Wilson 393Caleb 1M TN Black.
TN Wilson 393Henry 1M TN Black.
18-0632TN Macon 5George M. 35M TN Farmer.
18-1065TN Macon 5Lucinda S. 33F TN
19-1831TN Macon 5William Y. 10M TN
19-1832TN Macon 5Marinda 8F TN
19-1834TN Macon 5Willie S. 6F TN
19-1836TN Macon 5Walter J. 4M TN
19-1838TN Macon 5Martha J. 1M TN
xxx TN Wilson 384Gran 24M TN Black.
TN Wilson 384Kitty 22F TN Black.
TN Wilson 384Henry 6M TN Black.
TN Wilson 384Sam 4M TN Black.
xxx TN White 4 3Green 67M NC Farmer.
TN White 4 3Sarah A. 59F NC
TN White 4 3Mary 21F TN
TN White 4 3Wm. 18M TN Works on farm.
TN White 4 3James 15M TN Works on farm.
TN White 4 3Jane 1F TN
18-0625TN Macon 46Green H 44M TN Farmer.
18-0626TN Macon 46Elizabeth 39F TN
19-1689TN Macon 46Sarah A. M. 16F TN
19-1690TN Macon 46Martha F. 14F TN
19-1691TN Macon 46Jeffy D. 7M TN
19-1692TN Macon 46Mary E. 5F TN
19-1693TN Macon 46Sidney A. G. 1M TN
18-0738TN Hawkins 187H. B. 40M NC Farmer.
18-0743TN Hawkins 187Elizabeth 43F NC
19-1259TN Hawkins 187James M. 15M NC Working on farm.
19-1260TN Hawkins 187William S. 13M NC
19-1261TN Hawkins 187Lucinda A. 10F NC
19-1262TN Hawkins 187Flora E. 7F NC
19-1263TN Hawkins 187Magaline 5F NC
19-1264TN Hawkins 187Jackson A. 2M TN
17-0628TN Perry 444J. 81M VA Retired physician. Mary Denison lived with family.
17-0629TN Perry 444Nancy 55F TN
18-1933TN Perry 444J.W. 24M TN Farmer.
18-0899TN Perry 444Josephus 18M TN Farmer.
xxx TN Jackson 286Jasper 18M TN Mulatto. Lived with T.W. King.
xxx TN Cheatham 1 8J.C. 27M TN Cooper.
TN Cheatham 1 8Sarah M. 23F TN
18-1010TN Perry 442J. J. 44M IN Farmer
18-1019TN Perry 442Matilda 30F IN
19-1346TN Perry 442John 14M IN Works on farm.
18-0597TN Wilson 384Johnathan 25M TN Farmer. Henry and Susan Savine lived with the family.
18-0604TN Wilson 384Mary S. 26F TN
19-0594TN Wilson 384Carry 2M TN
18-0578TN Macon 46John 28M TN Farmer
18-1073TN Macon 46Angeline 24F TN
19-1385TN Macon 46Amanda 4F TN
xxx TN Gibson 5 8J.W. 27M TN Farmer.
TN Gibson 5 8Amanda 29F TN
TN Gibson 5 8Bini 3F TN
18-0001TN Weakly 189J. W. 28M TN Farmer.
18-0000TN Weakly 189Lucy J. 27F TN
19-0005TN Weakly 189Robert W. 9M TN
19-0109TN Weakly 189Martha F. 0.4F TN
18-0617TN Weakly 179Larkin 21M TN Domestic servant.
18-0782TN Weakly 179William J. 23M TN Domestic servant.
18-0226TN Weakly 179Mary A. 19F TN Domestic servant.
TN Weakly 179William J. 0.4M TN
17-0458TN Macon 3Lewis 72M VA Miller.
TN Macon 3Martha W. 25F TN
18-0631TN Macon 42Lewis R. 35M TN Farmer.
18-1069TN Macon 42Mary E. 26F TN
19-2245TN Macon 42Juda F. 3F KY
19-2246TN Macon 42Amanda F. 1F TN
17-1643TN Jackson 286Mary 45F TN
18-2656TN Jackson 286Sarah 21F TN
18-2696TN Jackson 286Philip 18M TN
17-0694TN Meigs 38Reubin 55M TN Farmer.
18-1935TN Meigs 38David 23M TN
18-2697TN Meigs 38Martha 18F TN
TN Meigs 38Wm. 16M TN
18-2698TN Meigs 38Sam'l 14M TN
TN Meigs 38Mary 5F TN
18-2699TN Meigs 38Sarah J. 1F TN
18-2644TN Gibson 5 8S. 35M TN Farmer.
18-2750TN Gibson 5 8Sophia 22F TN
19-3484TN Gibson 5 8Jinnia 9F TN
19-3485TN Gibson 5 8Louisa 6F TN
19-3486TN Gibson 5 8George 4M TN
19-3487TN Gibson 5 8John 1M TN
17-1179TN Smith 7Simeon 26M KY Farm laborer.
17-1181TN Smith 7Hester 26F KY
TN Smith 7James E. 9M KY
18-1827TN Smith 7John F. 3M KY
18-1828TN Smith 7Amias D. 2F TN
xxx TN Tipton 18James 14M AR Lived with Wn. Bull family.
TN Tipton 18Elizabeth 12F TN
18-2632TN White 4 1T. E. 35M NC Works in shop.
18-1946TN White 4 1Margett 24F TN
19-3504TN White 4 1Frances 10F TN
19-3505TN White 4 1Julia A. 9F TN
19-3506TN White 4 1T. E. 7M TN
19-3507TN White 4 1Alonzo T. 5M TN
19-3508TN White 4 1Eliza. J. 3F TN
19-3509TN White 4 1F. 1F TN
18-1227TN Hamilton 651Thomas 19M TN Works on farm.
18-3350TN Hamilton 651Tennessee 19F TN
17-0218TN Macon 11Thomas 63M TN Farmer.
17-0388TN Macon 11Elizabeth 62F VA
19-1394TN Macon 11Charles F. 9M TN Farm laborer.
18-0634TN Macon 6Wiley J. 30M TN Farmer.
18-0637TN Macon 6Bishop L. 26M TN Farm hand.
18-1070TN Macon 6Flora A. 24F TN
19-1851TN Macon 6James A. 3M TN
19-1854TN Macon 6Sarah A. 0.4F TN
17-0608TN Weakly 178Woodford 60M TN Farmer. Page Huley lived with family.
17-0393TN Weakly 178Catherine 75F NC
TN Weakly 178Mahala L. 23F TN
18-0594TN Wilson 393W. P. 47M TN Farmer. Lived with Z. W. Davis family.
19-0968TN Wilson 393Kate 16F TN
19-0969TN Wilson 393Harriet 7F TN