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All genealogical pursuits are bound to end up with unanswered questions and this one is no exception.  There is always a generation at the fringe of the study about which complete information cannot be found. 


We have listed below a number of questions.  If any reader feels he/she has answers for them, we would appreciate being informed.  We hope that future researchers may be able to come to additional understanding on them.


1. Regarding 1795 Richard:

a. Was he the original immigrant ancestor?  There were persons in MD with last names of Bandy, Bondy, Bundy and Banning in very early 1700s[1]

b. Was he the Richard born in 1722 in Bedford, England?

c. If not, when and where was he born?

d. Did he really marry Jane Cummins? If so, when and where? When did Jane die?

e. Who was Richard's wife, Elizabeth? When and where did they marry?

f. If Richard married Jane before Elizabeth, which of his children were born of which wife?

g. Did he really have twins?  If so, who were they? Or was he a twin?

2. Regarding Avy Bandy:

a. Was the name Avy, Amy, Ary, or what?

b. Was Avy female or male?

c. Who was her/his spouse?

d. What was her/his relation to 1795 Richard?

e. What happened to Avy's son, Thomas?

3. Who was the Solomon Bandy reported in Warrenton, NC, records as having served in the Revolution[2]?  Was he a brother, or son, to 1795 Richard?

4. "Richard Bandy and Jane, his wife", were grantors of an 1801 Botetourt County, VA, deed [3].  Was this Jane the Jane Cummins of the legend?

5. Who was Edward Bandy (last name questionable), grandson, named in 1815 Richard's will?

6. Who was Lewis Bandy, the GA Revolutionary soldier who married Mary Barnes in 1785[4]?

7. Barbara Lee Bandy (Mrs. Luther E.) Jones[5] reports her ancestry back to a William Bandy who was born in 1780 in North Carolina, married a Judith and died in 1863 in Arkansas.  Kathryn (Mrs. J. Thomas) Roller reports her ancestry back to a William Bandy, born circa 1808 in North Carolina, who married Dicy Green and died in 1870 in KY.   Both report considerable data on descendents, but we cannot link these to other Bandys we have.  Could either be a son of the above Solomon or Lewis?

8. Judith Evans (Mrs. E. E.) Keeler reports that her great-grandfather was a William Bandy who married Sarah Frances Delk around 1875.  She believes he was also married (at the same time) to someone else and left Sarah Frances to return to the other wife.  We cannot link him with any other Bandys we have.  Who was he?



In the Family Group Records which follow, we have shown a possible answer for some of the above questions.  In these instances, there is little, if any, data to support, much less prove, what we show.  What we show in these cases is the result of our speculation, imagination and hunch.  In each case, the reference cited is {900} - the current section you are reading.


In giving these possible answers to these unanswered questions, we run the risk of starting new "family traditions" by being quoted out of context.  We take this risk so that we may, in an easy manner, include some "dangling information" which might be important to a later researcher.


The hunches we have included are:

1. We show 1795 Richard marrying Jane Cummins.

2. We show 1795 Richard as having a brother of unknown name who married Avy Bandy.

3. We show 1795 Richard having a possible son, Solomon, with a note that he may have been a twin to either Richard or Thomas and may be the Solomon who was the NC Revolutionary War soldier.



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[2] DAR, Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution

[3] Botetourt County, VA, Deed Book 7, p 465

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[5] 21 July 1986 letter to Dr. Allen Hill Bandy, Sr.