B A N D Y   G A L L I M A U F R Y


Compiled by: Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank


2000 Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank


Original Printing: April 9, 1990

First Revision: September 28, 1990

Second Revision: November 15, 1992

Third Revision: September 15, 1994

Internet Publication (using the same text as the third revision) : February 2000



This book is published for the purpose of providing information relating to the Bandy family. 
All commercial rights are reserved.  Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank have asserted their moral right to be identified as the authors of this work.  Contents may be reproduced for private, noncommercial use.  


No guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of the content. The authors would appreciate any information regarding corrections and additions.


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Guide to Bandy Gallimaufry and The Bandy Family in Early America
John McDowell Ballard
Family Traditions
Two Richards
1795 Richard
1815 Richard
Only One Thomas
Which George is which ?
Early British Bandys
Questions and Hunches
Detailed Genealogical Data - introduction

Genealogical Data

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