Descendants of George BANDY & Christina SLINKARD


38. James Marcus BANDY Twin CSA

James Marcus Bandy was born with a twin sister in the orginal homestead of John
and Rachel McElroy Lynn on Lynn Mountain now in Bandy Township, Catawba County,
NC. From these humble beginnings, he became an intellectual with exceptional

James Marcus Bandy married Martha "Mattie" J Leonard November 4, 1866. Marriage
bond was applied for on the same date and D A Haines was JP that married them.
Samuel S Gregory,Jr was bondsman along with Henry Rhodes.Note: Marriage is
listed in "Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, North Carolina".
Martha is referred to as Mattie with (Martha) in parentheses. Most likely she
was living in Northbrook Township, Lincoln County which is adjacent to Bandy
Township, Catawba County. Samuel S Gregory was the brother-in-law to James
Marcus Bandy, having married his twin sister Jane.

James Marcus Bandy enlisted May 21, 1864 in the 72nd Regiment, Company E,
North Carolina Volunteers. A Battlion of mostly 17 year old boys called
Junior Reserves was added to Company E. Marcus was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company
B, 8th Battalion, Junior Reserves, Company E of the NC 72nd Regiment. He became
acting Captain at the battle of Bentonville, NC, one of the last battles of the
Civil War.

1869 Bandy Township Tax Roll:
JM Bandy 60 acres(last year that the 60 acres appears for Mark is 1873)
JW Bandy 208 acres(last year that 208 acres appears for John Wesley is
1874) Original John Lynn land that was disputed in
Court by the second wife of John Wesley Bandy.

1870 Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC Census:
Marcus Bandy 22
Martha 21
Florence 2
Auther 1
John Rudisill 13

From the "Annals of Lincoln County" by William L Sherrill:

J M Bandy was granted a certificate to teach in public schools of Lincoln
County on July 12, 1873. Rev W.R. Wetmore, Rev R.Z. Johnston, and Dr J.M.
Lawing were the Board of Examiners.[ Obviously Mark had completed his
requirements at Rutherford College in Burke County by this date].He taught a
Free School in Lincoln County in 1873. In 1878 he taught at Black Rock Academy
(Belwood) in Cleveland County. In 1880-81 he was a teacher in Shelby High
School and filled the chair of mathematics in Kings Mountain Military
Academy until 1884. He applied for a Trinity College catalogue and determined
that he could at once stand for the four year examination. He went there, stood
for the examination on the full course and graduated with the class of 1884.

1880 Shelby, Cleveland County, NC Census: James M Bandy 33
Martha J 32
Florence J 13
Lulah H 9
Ralph Carlos 7
Claudius W (b. Feb) 3/12
Mark's profession is not shown but he was teaching school in Shelby High School.
Original Census could show this.

James Marcus Bandy may have studied at Trinity College in Randolph County, NC
sooner than 1884 since a son was born at Trinity in 1882. "Trinity College
1839-1832" by Nora C Chaffin, indicates that in addition to his studies at
Trinity, he attended Normal School at the University of North Carolina and then
became a Professor of Mathematics at Trinity College in 1885. This book is in
the North Carolina Archives and has pictures of the Faculty of Trinity which
include Mark. It has that Professor J.M. Bandy organized the Scientific Society
on October 29, 1889 and became the President. The purpose of the Society was to
encourage scientific research with the hope that eventually the College would
give instuction along industrial lines. It became the Trinity College
Scientific Society in 1891. While at Old Trinity in Randolph County, Mark
published the following book:

"An Analytical Arithmetic, in Six Parts" by J.M. Bandy, A.B.,A.M.
Professor of Mathematics and Engineering in Trinity College, N.C.
Copywright 1890

The last commencement in Randolph County for Trinity College was in 1891 and
the school was moved to Durham, North Carolina. Mark continued as a Professor
in Durham. While in Durham, he was employed by the Dukes to build the road from
Durham to Duke. He also was employed by the Page Brothers to build the railroad
from Ashboro to Aberdeen.

1900 NC Census: Carr Street,
Greensboro, Morehead Twp, Guilford County
James L(error) Bandy 52 b. Jan 1847
Martha J 51 may 1848 13 children/9 living
Walter F 18 nov 1882
Bertha C 15 aug 1884
Bessie R 13 oct 1886
William B 11 oct 1888
Edgar L 9 Jul 1890
Loula B Carr 28 mar 1871 2 children/ one living
Wilfred C 7 aug 1893
James Marcus Bandy moved with his family to Greensboro before 1900 and became
a Civil Engineer for the city of Greensboro. He designed the water system and
an Alderman brought in a group of engineers from New York who were critical of
the large size of the water works. Mark related that he had designed it to
provide water for Greensboro for 50 years. Shortly afterwards, Mark had a
stroke and died. It was not until 1960 that Greensboro re-worked his design!

1910 NC Soundex: Greensboro, Guilford County:
James Bandy 60
Sallie 41
Lucille Joyner 16(Step daughter)
Wilbur Joyner 14(Step son)

Mark went to a girls school in Rock Hill, SC to make a speech. While at the
Faculty dinner table, he asked for the bowl of sugar in latin. Sallie M Joyner,
a widow with two children was the only one who responded. Mark married
Sallie whose maiden name was Murphy. She lived to be 96 and is buried
adjacent to Mark in the Bandy Plot in Green Hill Cemetery, Greensboro, NC.

James Marcus Bandy purchased a large circular cemetery plot in the Green Hill
Cemetery owned by the city of Greensboro. The plot is in Section 10, Lot 69.
Martha Jane was the first to be buried in the plot. Four stones for the infant
children of Mark and Martha are adjacent to Martha's grave. Martha is adjacent
to Mark and on the other side of Mark is his second wife, Sallie Murphy Joyner
Bandy. Following are the grave sites in the Bandy Plot:
Sallie Murphy Bandy, Second wife(Sep 21, 1868-Sep 30, 1964)
JAMES M BANDY(Jan 8, 1847-Aug 23, 1911)
Martha Jane Bandy, First wife(May 16, 1848-Jul 16, 1905)
Arthur A Bandy (Dec 14, 1869-Oct 31, 1870)Infant Son
Mary G Bandy (Apr 2, 1875-May 31, 1876)Infant Daughter
Charles R Bandy (Nov 27,1876-Oct 30, 1877)Infant Son
Emma P Bandy (Nov 13, 1878-Apr 7, 1879)Infant Daughter
Clyde Bandy Lewis (Aug 12, 1884-Jan 27, 1917)Daughter
William Bell Bandy, Jr, Ens US Navy, WW-II (Jan 8, 1917-Nov 8, 1981)
Wilbur M Joyner, WW-I(Mar 8, 1896-Jul 25, 1967) Son of Sallie Murphy Joyner
Lucile Joyner Taylor (Apr 14, 1894-Jul 10, 1969) Daughter of Sallie
Charles E Taylor, WW-I (Aug 18, 1889-Nov 20, 1963) Husband of Lucile
Charles E Taylor, Jr,WW-II (Oct 26,1921-May 8, 1996) S/O Lucile and Charles

A Large stone with Bandy and Taylor is in the middle of the Bandy Plot. The
large circular Bandy Plot has many unfilled grave sites. The infants were
probably buried in the Lynn/Bandy Cemetery on Lynn Mountain in Catawba
County initially. Supposedly Martha lived there in the 1870's
while Mark attended Rutherford College in Burke County. By 1880 they lived
in Shelby, Cleveland County, NC and any of these infants that could have
died in Shelby would most likely have been buried in the Lynn/Bandy
Cemetery. John Carr remembers Lulu Bandy Carr, his Grandmother, saying the
infants were moved from Catawba County to Green Hill Cemetery. The large
stone in the center of the Green Hill Plot has Taylor on one side and
Bandy on the other side.


" He fought a good fight. He proved his courage in the stormy days of the
Civil War when he won laurels which he treasured through life. But it took
greater courage to face the trials and overcome the obstacles after the bloody
struggle. He fought against ignorance and conquered and became a notable and
cultured man, a blessing to his fellows and an honor to his family and State. A
Lutheran in faith, he was steadfast to the end. He died in Greensboro, August
23, 1911, and a great company assembled in West Market Street church for the
funeral. He was intimately related to Lincoln County and deserves a place in
this record. This story should be an inspiration to every boy who feels unable
to conquer difficulty in order to make a man of himself". William L Sherrill,
1937. Note: An error was most likely made in listing his faith as Lutheran.
Mark was Methodist in Catawba County, at Trinity, and in Greensboro.

The Family Bible was sent by Lula Bandy Carr to Florence Bandy Adams who lived
in Four Oaks, Johnston County, North Carolina.

Martha Jane LEONARD

Letter by her husband, James Marcus Bandy, to Professor Pegram, July 28, 1905
expresses that she and Mrs Pegram were both gone and both loved "Old Trinity"
which became Duke University.

Martha Jane is buried in the Bandy Cemetery Plot, Green Hill Cemetery,
Greensboro, NC adjacent to James Marcus Bandy. Four of their children that died
as infants have stones adjacent to Martha. These four infants are most likely
buried in the Lynn/Bandy Cemetery on Lynn Mountain, Bandy Twonship, Catawba
County, NC.

Martha's father, Elkanah F Leonard, was most likely critically wounded in the
Civil War. He was in the 6th Calvery, Company B, North Carolina 65th
Regiment. His grave is in the Palm Tree Methodist Church Cemetery in
Henry, Northbrook Township, Lincoln County along with Emma Hunsucker, his wife.
William Sherrill, Author of Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina, indicated
in his book that Elkanah Leonard was killed in the Civil War. This was not in
his Civil War record but it is very possible that he died upon returning home
with severe wounds.

128. Arthur A BANDY

Arthur A Bandy has a marker in Green Hill Cemetery in the Bandy Cemetery Plot,
Section 10, Lot 69, Greensboro, NC. Most likely he is buried in the Lynn/Bandy
Cemetery on Lynn Mountain, Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC.

131. Mary G BANDY

Mary G Bandy has a marker in Green Hill Cemetery in the Bandy Cemetery Plot,
Section 10, Lot 69, Greensboro, NC. Most likely she is buried in the Lynn/Bandy
Cemetery on Lynn Mountain, Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC.

132. Charles R BANDY

Charles R Bandy has a marker in Green Hill Cemetery in the Bandy Cemetery Plot,
Section 10, Lot 69, Greensboro, NC. Most likely he is buried in the Lynn/Bandy
Cemetery on Lynn Mountain, Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC.

133. Emma P BANDY

Emma P Bandy has a marker in Green Hill Cemetery in the Bandy Cemetery Plot,
Section 10, Lot 69, Greensboro, NC. Most likely she is buried in the Lynn/Bandy
Cemetery on Lynn Mountain, Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC

39. Jane Elizabeth BANDY Twin

Reverend A Stamey married Jane E Bandy and Samuel Gregory April 21, 1866.
Parents were not listed. Samuel S Gregory, Jr was Bondsman for the marriage of
Jane's twin brother, James Marcus Bandy. These are the only records found
having Samuel Gregory in them. he was deceased before 1880.

The 1880 Catawba County, NC Census shows Jane Gregory, age 30, as an assistant
cook in the County Poor House in Clines Township. Only one daughter, Alice, age
2, is shown living there with her. Jane was a widow therefore Samuel was

Jane was a widow in the 1900 Catawba County Census and indicated she had five
children with two living. Jane died of breast cancer and Brights disease. Her
death was reported by Mrs. F.H. Sain of Charlotte(her daughter). Death
Certificate had date of birth as 9 June, 1847 which is different than her twin
brother James Marcus Bandy, 8 Jan, 1847). She was living alone in Howards Creek
Twp, Lincoln County, NC in the 1910 Census. Death Certificate indicates she is
buried at Corinth Baptist Church, Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC. There is
no marker at the cemetery. Daughter Margaret, age 29, was living with Jane in
1900 and was single. Discrepancy in Margaret's age with 1880 Census. Margaret
could have married before 1910 or was deceased.

Margaret Gregory, age 11, is listed in the 1880 Howards Creek Township, Lincoln
County, NC Census living with the Emma Leonard Family. Emma Leonard was
the Mother-in-law of Mark Bandy. Florence Gregory, age 13, is living with
Jacob and Mollie Houser Sain in the same census. She is most likley the Mrs F.
H. Sain above that reported the death of her Mother. Suspect Florence had a
given name of Florence Harriet with the Harriet named for her Grandmother
Harriet Lynn.

143. Margaret GREGORY

Margaret Gregory lived with Enon Leonard in Howards Creek Township, LC in the
1880 census. Her sister Florence lived with Jacob and Mollie Sain. Both are
listed as help.

40. Luther Henderson BANDY

Luther was living with Elizabeth Matilda Propst at the home of Daniel Able
Propst and Sarah Lynn(daughter of Henry and Temperance Lynn) in the Catawba
County, NC, Census of 1870. While there, he and "Til" had a child. This could
have been a "Common Law" marriage. Cora, the child, was reared with
her surname of Propst and "Til" retained her maiden name. Supposedly Luther
and Matilda Propst also had a son Ched. If so, the son must have died as an

Luther later was taken to court for fathering a baby with Elmina Canipe, born
about 1858. In the 1880 Catawba County Census she appears with a child, Jane,
born in 1876. The court records show that Luther was placed in jail.
Unfortunately it appears that Luther used land to obtain money to be
released from jail. John Wesley Bandy apparently had conveyed land to Luther,
Mark, and Jane. Mary Weaver Bandy and infant daughter Gertrude sued them
maintaing that Gertrude was also a legal heir of the land.

This indenture made the 4th day of March 1876 between Luther Bandy and J F Hoke
and M E Lowrance and Daniel Hudson of the second part witnesseth that said
Luther Bandy for and in consideration of one hundred dollars to him paid hath
this day ? and sold in the main parties of the contract their heirs and assigns
all his rights ? and interest in his fathers land adjoining lands of Lynns
and Chatmans & others, to have and to hold the same with all the ? and
appertenances thereunto belonging ? the said Luther Bandy has hereto affixed
his hand and mark. Signed L H Bandy
Catawba County Probate Court(cannot read disposition by the court)
Tax records reflect that Luther lived in Bandy Township, Catawba County, NC
in 1875 and owned 88 acres of land. He did not own this land in 1876.

The 1900 North Carolina Census: South Main St, Ashville, Buncombe County:
Luth Bandy 49 b. nov 1850 Married 20 years.
Miss Bandy 35 Jan 1865 Unfortunately missing given name, Had 1 child
Hattie 14 nov 1885
Note: Luther married Nancy Aiken 7 February, 1887 and the above may not be
Luther Henderson Bandy. They were married by Reverend W P Martin.
The 1910 North Carolina Soundex file shows Luther Bandy, 58, enumerated with
Robert Hudson, Living in Anson County, NC. The 1920 North Carolina Soundex file
shows Luther Bandy enumerated with daughter Molly F. Christenberry living in
Gaston County. He is listed as being 69.

An elderly Aunt told me that Luther Bandy used to visit with her family,
George Henry and Samantha Lynn, when she was a little girl. Since the Aunt was
born in 1911, the above may confirm this. Possibly Luther died in Gaston County
rather than in Knoxville, Tenn? Check DC's in Gaston County!

Elizabeth Matilda PROPST

Matilda indicated in the 1900 Catawba County, NC Census, Bandy Township, that
she had one child. Cora,born June 1876, was living with Matilda and her
Grandmother Sally Lynn Propst. The Father of Cora was Luther Henderson Bandy
who is shown living with the Family in the 1870 Bandy Twonship Census.