Descendants of George BANDY & Christina SLINKARD


127. Florence A BANDY

Florence Bandy lived in Four Oaks, Johnston County, NC. Her Husband, Blake
Adams, owned and operated a Cotton Gin in Four Oaks.

1900 NC Census, Johnston County, Ingram Twp:

Blake B Adams 37 Oct 1862(born)
Florence 32 May 1868(Bandy)
Jesse B 12 May 1888
Hugh B 10 Jul 1889
Ruth W 6 Apr 1896
Annie M 4 Jun 1896
William M 1 Jun 1898
Claude Bandy 29 Feb 1880(Brother to Florence)

Their daughter, Anne, married Benjamin F Royal of Carteret County, NC and
had a son, Benjamin F Royal, Jr. Benjamin F Royal, Jr was inadvertently killed
in World War II by a marine medic that thought he was a Jap. Ben was highly
regarded by the enlisted men in his company.

The second home of Florence and Blake is located in Four Oaks, Johnston County,
NC. It is a Queen Anne style house with balconies and large columns and
porches. Their first home was a 21 room mansion which was burned by a
disgruntled house servant.

129. Lulu Alvaretta BANDY

Given the names Lulu Alvaretta by her parents, she late changed Alvaretta to
Alva. Kept a bible with family records.

Lulu Bandy Carr is buried in Green Hill Cemetery in the Carr Family Plot. This
plot is in Section 4, Lot 81. Green Hill Cemetery is a Greensboro, NC City
Cemetery. Lulu is adjacent to her husband, William Cheatham Carr, and a
daughter, Clarice Bandy Carr, is buried with them. Other relatives of William
Cheatham Carr are buried in the plot.

298. Clarice Bandy CARR

Clarice Bandy Carr is buried in the Carr Family Cemetery Plot, Section 4, Lot
81, Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina with her Mother and

130. Ralph Carlos "Carl" BANDY

1920 North Carolina Soundex:
Earl Bandy 36 Living on S Elm St, Greensboro, NC
Matilda 33 Born in Virginia
Robert 5/12
Greensboro Births show Robert Carl Bandy, born 7-20-1919.
Suspect that Ralph Carlos used Carl as his given name and the above showing
Earl is an error. First son would have been named for his father. Most likley
there was another child, Ruth Clarice Bandy, born to them in Greensboro on

Carl was a construction engineer for the Norfolk and Western Railway. He fell
from a trestle and broke his back which paralyzed him.

134. Claudius Wilton "Claude" BANDY

1920 NC Soundex: Four Oaks, Johnston County:

C W Bandy 39
Maud J 38
Wilton E 17
Josephine M 15
James M 13
Martha L 11
Blake S 9
John Glenn 7
Florence 3
Claude worked for Blake Adams, his brother-in-law, as a bookkeeper in the
"Cotton Gin" in Four Oaks, NC. In 1936 Claude operated a general mercantile
business before becoming Town Clerk for Four Oaks. He retired in 1963 and was
with Blake Adams in Fayetteville when he died January 7, 1965.

135. Walter Flavius BANDY

Walter died of acute alcohol posioning and death certificate at the Guilford
County Courthouse indicated that he was a chronic alcoholic. Reported by Lulu
Carr, a sister(Lula Alva). Wife's first name was not decipherable.
He was buried at Macedonia Church, Randolph County, NC.

Walter was listed as a Bookkeeper on his death certificate.

1920 North Carolina Soundex:
F Walter Bandy 35 Stanley County
Vina 32
Clarice 2 6/12
His age as 35 does not agree with his age on his death certificate.

136. Bertha Clyde BANDY

Cemetery marker in the Bandy Plot, Green Hill Cemetery, Greensboro, NC has
Clyde Bandy Lewis. Since there was not a death certificate in Guilford County,
NC, for Bertha Clyde Bandy Lewis most likely she died in Virginia and was
buried in Greensboro.

137. Bessie Rona BANDY

Bessie Rona Bandy married Joseph Nathaniel Halifax at the home of her sister,
Lulu Bandy Carr, on Gaston Street in Greensboro, North Carolina June 28, 1906.
This information was in a notarized note from Lulu: Bessie Rona Bandy was born
10/15/1886 at Old Trinity College. Aunt Lulu states she was born 3/7/1871 in
Catawba County. She said her father, James Marcus Bandy, was born 1/8/1848 in
Catawba County, NC and mother, Martha Jane Leonard, was born 5/16/1849 in
Lincoln County, NC. They were married soon after the war between the States and
their marriage is recorded in the Court House at Lincolnton, NC. All of this
information was recorded in the Family Bible which was in her Mother and
Father's home until their deaths when it was sent to Mrs. Florence Bandy Adams
in Four Oaks, NC.
NOTE: Old Trinity College was in Trinity, Randolph County, North Carolina.
The above information from John Halifax, Grandson.

Bessie and "Hal" separated in the 1930's. Hal worked for a gentleman's club and
lived there. Their son John married Millie and had a son Jack. John and Millie
divorced and John entered the Navy during World War II. He was impacted
mentally and hospitalized after the war. A nurse, Eunice, assisted him in his
recovery and they were married. John died in Venice, Florida.(From
John Carr).

Bessie Rona Bandy Halifax was confirmed at St John Episcopal Church, Thursday
June 14, 1952 in Savannah, Georgia.

Bess worked for some years for Oglethorpe Marble & Granite Company. She was an
artist. She had a Celtic Cross put on her grave site with the words in a circle
around the cross "I am the resurrection and the light". This is in Bonaventure
Cemetery near Thunderbolt, Savannah, Ga. From John Halifax, Grandson.

138. William Bell BANDY

1920 North Carolina Soundex:

Emma S Bandy 24 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC
William B Bandy, Jr 3 3/12
Note: No evidence of a second son, Benton Bandy.
Possibly born after 1920 and Emma may have been livng at parents at
time of the 1920 Census.
Information from John Carr:
William Bell Bandy, Sr was a successful Civil Engineer. He and his family lived
in Wilson, NC.

Both William and Emma are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh North Carolina.

William Bell Bandy, Jr and Isabell lived in Irving Park, Greensboro, NC

There is a death certificate in Greensboro, NC that shows William Bell Bandy,
Jr died 11-8-1981. He is buried in the Bandy Cemetery Plot, Green Hill
Cemetery, Greensboro, NC.

317. Benton Tatum BANDY WW II

Benton enlisted in the Army November, 1942. Commissioned in 1943. Wounded in
the invasion of France and received Purple Heart. Assigned to 519th Infantry in
80th Division, a part of Lt General George S Patton's Third Army. He is buried
in the American Cemetery, Hamm, Luxembourg.