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Descendants of Thomas Oakley

Fifth Generation

25. Leonard Bundy (James Bundy , Mary Oakley , George , Thomas ) was born 5 Nov 1887 in Cardington (RSD, Bedford County) England. He died 23 Aug 1970 in Vancouver, BC, Canada and was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Vancouver BC. Leonard resided BET. 1919 - 1920 in Sheep Creek BC. He 1923 813 Hornby(r), Vancouver, BC. He 1926 Beaver Point (Culcheon Cove), BC. He 1928 978 Nicola, Vancouver, BC. He 1929 1012 Denman, Vancouver, BC. He immigrated 31 Mar 1906 to St John, new Brunswick, Canada. He 2 Jun 1906 Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Birth registered on December 17, 1887 in the Registration District ofBedford, birth registered in the sub-district of Bedford and Cardingtonin the County of Bedford.. This was entry number 312 in the Register Bookof Births number 40. Copy of birth certificate made on January 26, 1932.
Had maiden sister/aunt(?) named Harriet ? and aunt Elizabeth Bundy. Oneof them paid for Leonard's piano lessons. Very interested in him. Alsohelped him take boxing lessons in St Neots.
Arrived at Detroit, Michigan in 1906, after leaving St. Neots England andvia Kettering, Northants. Worked in a steel mill in Detroit. Lefttraveling west, did farm worked, got very ill when he and others on thefarm found an old keg, drank from it, opened it, found it full of muck.Almost died as a result. Went to BC, then went back across the border,paid $3 head tax to cross, worked as a cook's helper at the HotelDavenport in Spokane, Washington 1908?, where he learned all the cookingskills under great chefs there that he used for the rest of his workinglife. Went back to BC, where he met Catherine at Nelson.
Returned to St. Neots in 195?, when he came back, on a visit to his sonLeonard P, in Evadale Texas, where he and his family lived, gave a 5pound note to grandsons Jim, Ralph, and Dave.
Worked in a factory at Kettering, Northants after leaving school, around16 years old, on the railroad line from St Neots. Shortly afterwards,took a ship to America,said that encountered heavy weather at sea,toilets shot contents up into the air when a wave struck, he wastraveling 3rd class, all below decks. Traveled via the SS Montrose to StJohn, New Brunswick, arrived on March 31, 1906. On June 2, 1906, arrivedin Detroit, Michigan, carrying $60. Occupation listed as Showmaker(shoemaker?).

Leonard married Catherine Purcell, daughter of William Edward Purcell and Elizabeth Nichols, on 5 Feb 1912 in Nelson, BC, Canada. Catherine was born 6 Nov 1890 in New York City, NY, USA. She died 20 May 1945 in Vancouver BC, Canada and was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Vancouver BC.

Dad has picture (May 1909, at which time Catherine/Kitty lived at 8Chapel Street in Chorley, Lancaster) of friend that Catherine made whileshe was being raised in the convent in England (Bury?). The girlfriend,Annie Goedhart, married a Belgian man, they had 2 daughters, Angele andMusuette, she and Catherine corresponded in later years. Have picture ofMother Superior.
Catherine entered the convent at around age 4 with her older sister. Theolder sister later died in the convent of TB. Had a brother also, was inthe Royal Navy during Dardanelles campaign. Catherine learned severalstyles of lace making while in the convent.
After leaving the convent, Catherine returned to New York, stayed withrelatives, who had other young persons of her age. She got to see stageshows. Received a card from her friend from the convent talking aboutother girlfriends. Got job with well-to-do couple, to help the wife,traveled with them to BC, where she met Leonard.
After they were married in Nelson, they moved to Sheep Creek (mines),very friendly with neighbors named Hansen. The Hansen couple had ateenage son named Christopher. Catherine corresponded with them for along time.

Leonard and Catherine had the following children:

+ 32 M i Leonard Purcell Bundy was born Private.

26. James Leonard Bundy (Leonard Bundy , Mary Oakley , George , Thomas ) was born 1869 and was christened 30 Oct 1870 in Eaton Socon, Bedford, England.

James married Fanny.

They had the following children:

  33 F i Jenny Bundy was born Private.
  34 M ii Jesse Bundy was born Private.

29. Mary Ann Bundy (Leonard Bundy , Mary Oakley , George , Thomas ) was born 1874. She died 1949.

Mary married Frederick Markham, son of John Markham and Sarah Smith. Frederick was born 1873. He died 1948.

They had the following children:

  35 M i Ernest Frederick Markham was born 1894. He died 1918.
+ 36 F ii Ethel Maud Markham was born 1899 and died 1973.
+ 37 F iii Florence May Markham was born 1901 and died 1939.
  38 F iv Jenny Fanny Markham was born Private.

30. Jesse Bundy (Leonard Bundy , Mary Oakley , George , Thomas ).

Jesse married Beatrice Ball, daughter of unknown Ball.

They had the following children:

+ 39 F i Ethel Minnie Bundy was born Private.

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