Early references to Bandys in the US
supplied by Bonnie Cernosek
"The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage" 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham

p37-Bandy, John of Pulloxhill. R for America landed Feb 1688. Bedfordshire( Assize Court-Norfolk Circuit)

p37-Bandy als Bailey als Richards, Mary. Sentenced stealing a mare & R 7 yrs Lent TB (transportation bond)to VA landed Apr 1774. Le. Apr 1774 Thornton-Master John Kidd. Ref. Middlesex Bond. (Old BAiley)

p37-Bandy Richard (1770). See Adams. Surrey(Assize Court- Home circuit) Apr 1770, Ship "New Trial" Master Douglas McDougal to America. Ref T1/478. Adams, als Bandy, Richard. Transported landed apr 1770 New Trial. Surrey

Multimedia Digitized Survey Report Available S. R. Number SR 07825 Reel Number 868 Repository Leicestershire Record Office Class Q.S. 13/2. Title Quarter Session Records. Transportation Bonds Dates 1721-1783

Name Bandy, Mary -- lawbreaker -- 1774, SR 07825, p. 6. ========== Maryland Bandy's

From "Colonial Soldiers of the South- 1732-1774 Clark

p37-A roll of the Militia under the command of Capt. Tho: Parker, Talbot Co, Maryland, 1748. #41, pvt Edward Bandy.

p38-A roll of Militia-Command of Capt. Tho: Parke, Talbot Co., Maryland, 1748,#44 Charles Bandy.

p169-His Majesty's Ship Ludlow Castle muster book: Supernumeraries belonging to Colonel Gooch's Regiment, borne for victuals, per order of Admiral Vernon, Nov 1740-1743 Port Antonio, #17 pvt. Jno Bandy, d 22 jun 1741, Norway Mercht.

"Known Military Dead During the Rev. War"

Bandy, John, Pvt. 2 Maryland, died 1778

From: Larry & Kaye Wallace <lrwallac@inet-direct.com>



List of convicts ordered to be transported at the Lent Assizes in the

Tenth year of the Reign of George the 3rd, 1770. Also at the several

Quarter Sessions hereunder mentioned.)

From Herfordshire

* Transported for Life:

Thomas Day

John Day

* For 21 years:

Thomas Horner

* For 14 years:

Silvia Hicks

Rebecca Hicks

* For 7 years:

John Abbey

From Essex:

* Transported for 14 years:

Alley Solomon

* Transported for Life

John Inch

John Hasham

* Transported for 14 years:

William Attridge

George Wood

Prettyman Quanbril

John Hampil

* Transported for 7 years

Henry May

Peter Paine

Jonathan Harvey

Susannah Shelly

Eliz. Middleton

Ann Inch als. Lee

Henry Evins

James Biass

James Thompson

Shadrake Pride

From Sussex:

* Transported for 7 years

Richard Peadle als. Read

From Michaelmas Qtr Session:

Transported for 7 years

Henry Kenrick

From Surry:

* Transported for 14 years:

William Simmonds

John Brown

Thomas McGennis

William Hownsome

John Eldrige

Acteon Greenwell (this entry has been crossed


Transported for Life:

Edward Bennett

Benjamin Day

Transported for 7 years:

Catherine Kelly

Anthony Jackson

John Baker

John Tresler

James Steward

Richard Adams als. Bandy

John Pissey

Christian Anderson

Transported for 3 years:

John Bryan

From Kent:

* Transported for Life

John Dixon

Richard Trott

* Transported for 7 years:

Francis Thornally

John Honey, Junr.

William Marlow

William Waller

William Calvert

Christmas Qtr Sessions:

* Transported for 7 years

William Donald

These are to certify that the above list contains the names of the

convicts from Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex, Surry and Kent which have

been shipped on board the Thornton of which ship I am Master in

order to their being immediately and effectively transported to some of

His Majesty's Colonies or Plantations in America.

London 23rd April 1770

Dougal McDougal