John Bandi 1831- 1907, a Swiss immigrant
supplied by Michelle Bellinger
John Bandi was born Johanne Bandi August 1831 In Ober Wil, Bren , Switzerland. He was the 
son of John Bandi and Margaretha Groessel also of Switzerland.  John came to the USA sometime 
between 1849 to 1850.  He filed Declaration of Intent in 1850 in Butler County, PA and his Naturalization 
in 1855 shows him living in Allegheny County, PA.  He fought in the civil war, joining the army in 186.  
He was injured in the second Battle of Bull run on 30 Aug 1862 and discharged from service in 1863.
He married (date unknown) Tuetoina Von Ehereuchrist. She died 18 May 1864 in Allegheny City, 
Allegheny county, PA.  John remarried  Salome (also known as Sally and Sarah) Drebert on 11 Mar 1866. 
According to the 1900 census, This couple had 18 children, of which only survived.
#1. Wilhelm F. Bandi ... Dec. 1866
	Married: Emma?, 2 children: Ella Bandi and Kathrine Bandi
#2. John E. Bandi ...March 1869
 	Married Jennie Ifft, 3 children: John Edward Bandi, Norbert Bandi and Edna Bandi
#3. Elizabeth Bandi ... Nov. 1870
	Married Robert Harter, No children
#4. Emma C. Bandi ... May 1873
           	Married Louis Haag, 4 children, Fern Haag, Earl Haag, Esther Haag and Marie Haag
#5. Herman Bandi ... Feb. 1875
         	Married Ella Steele, 1 child, Sarah Bandi
#6. Charles Bandi ... Sept. 1877
  	Never married
#7. Albert Bandi ... March 1880
 	Never  married
#8. Elmer Bandi ... Feb. 1883	
	Married Becky?, 2 children, Pearl Bandi and Elizabeth Bandi
#9. Robert Bandi... May 1885
                Married Jessie Robb 6 children, Robert Bandi, Dorthy Bandi, 
                Jessie Bandi, Margaret Bandi, Winfield Bandi and Infant Bandi 
                (no name died)
#10. Walter Bandi ... Dec. 1887
                Married Mabel ? No children.
Declaration of Intent: 
Listed as John Binde, no signature. Butler County Court house,Butler County, PA 1850
Naturalization Papers  
Listed John Bande, his signature: John Bandi Sept. 24th, 1855. Western District Court, PA
Civil War papers (from NARA) 
Served 38th Regiment Co. B,9th Penna Reserves. Enlistment date: 7.28.1861 
Name shown John Bandi Age: 30, Blue eyes, Dark hair, 5'5", Complexion: Dark, 
Wounded in the second Battle of Bull Run. 
Civil War pension papers (from NARA) 
John Bandi, surgeons Certificate of Disability, Discharge date: 5.16.1863 
Carroll Hill Barracks, Wash. DC. 
Census 1870 
PA Community: Allegheny City, Allegheny County, PA Ward 3
John Bandy: age: 38, Male, White, Laborer, $0.00 real estate, $500.00 Personal estate, 
Place of Birth Switzerland, Both parents foreign born.
Sarah Bandy: age 23, Female, White, born in PA, both parents are not foreign born
William Bandy: age: 3, Male White Born in PA
John Bandy: age: 1, Male, White Born in PA
Census 1900 
PA Allegheny City 8th precinct
John Bandy: Born 4.1831, Age 69 Born Germany, Parents Born: Germany, Carpenter
Sarah : Born: 6.1847 Born PA
Willie: Born 8.1877, Born PA
Herman: Born: 4.1880, Born PA, Porter Hotel
Charles: Born: 3.1883, Born PA, Cigar maker
Albert: Born 10.1885, Born PA, Barber
Elmer: Born: 11.1887, Born PA, School
Robert: Born: 11.1891, Born PA, School
Walter: Born: 1.1895, Born PA, School
Death Certificate 
(was included in Pension Papers for widow from NARA) 
Shown as John Bandi, White , Male, age 75 years 5 mo. 17days, married, 
Carpenter, Date of Death: Jan. 30, 1907, Cause of death : Bronchial Asthma Apoplexy, 
Name of Mother: Margretha Groessel, 
Name of  Father: John Bandi, Birthplace Switzerland, 
Late residence 817 Perry St  Allegheny City, PA

Gazette , Pittsburgh, PA Feb. 1907

John Bandy, aged 71, died Wednesday night at his residence 817 Perry St, Allegheny. He was born in 
Switzerland and came to this country when 18 years old. He was engaged in the contracting 
business retiring a few years ago. He serverd in Company B, Ninth Regiment, Pennsylvannia 
Volunteers, through out the civil war and was wounded at the first Battle of Bull Run. Mr. Bandy 
was a member of the I.O.O.F. Robert Blum lodge. Services will be held at his house tomorrow 
afternoon at 2 o'clock. He is survived by his Widow, two daughters and eight sons.