More early references to Bandys in the US
supplied by Virginia Jackson

In the 1980s Eilene Utsey wrote a very long letter to Mrs. Freda Bandy, who lives in Litchfield, Illinois, and Mrs. Bandy gave me a copy of the letter about eight years ago when I visited her.  In the letter Eilene had  encapsulated most of the following facts (which I embellished with a few facts of my own).
1753 Bandy, Elizabeth was a witness to the will of William Moss; Cumberland Co., Virginia, Southam Parish, Horse Pen Branch.
1755 Circuit Court of Cumberland Co., Virginia “church wardens of Southam Parrish ordered to bind out Thomas and George Bandy sons of Avy Bandy (their mother) according to law.”
1755 Bandy, Richard from Samuel Phelps 200 acres in Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Virginia.
1760 Bandy, Richard received by patent 48 acres of land in Southam Parish on Horse Pen Branch Cumberland Co., Virginia from King George II of England.
1761 Bandy, Richard sold 48 acres of “patent land” to James Aiken. wife Elizabeth.
1766 Bandy, Richard sold to John Caldwell the 200 acres he had purchased of Samuel Phelps in 1755. Wife Elizabeth.
1767 Bandy, Richard purchased 168 acres of land on Staunton River at mouth of Lick Run, Bedford Co., Virginia.
1769 Bandy, Richard to John Bradshaw, a deed, Bk. 3, p. 362, 168a on Staunton River at mouth of Lick Run
1779 Burns, James  to Thos Farley. a deed Bk. 6, p. 214, 185a on BS Black Water River
1773 Bandy, Richard to William Hayth, a deed, Bk. 5, p. 63, 92a on Sexton's Br. & Staunton River
1774 Bandy, Richard, Jr., paid by circuit court of Bedford Co., Virginia as witness in case of Mills vs Bandy.
1780 Bandy, Richard tried for treason in Bedford Co. Court for having pledged alliance to King George III of England after Declaration of Independence.  Richard Bandy pleaded “Guilty as charged” and was returned to the gaol by sheriff.  later he was pardoned by Governor of Commonwealth of  Virginia after changing his allegiance to Virginia.
1782 Bandy, Richard Tax list Bedford Co., Virginia owns Slaves Chloe, Hannah, Esther, Milly, Rachel, and Jane.  Free white males over 21: 1; horses: 3; net cattle: 8; black tithes over 6: 1.
1782 Bandy, George, Tax list Bedford Co., Virginia white tithes over 16: 2; free white males over 21: 1; horses: 2; net cattle: 3.
1783 Bandy, Richard, Bedford Co., Virginia. Deed: Gave to his son George Bandy 175 acres of land in Bedford Co., Virginia on Lick Branch adjoining Mead, Callaway & etc.
1783 Grant of Revolutionary War pay to Solomon Bandy.
1783 Bandy, George to Isham Talbot, a deed, Bk. 7, p. 181, Tract on W Br Beaver Dam Cr. adj. William Vaughan
1785 Bandy, Richard, Enumeration, Botetourt Co., Virginia, 9 white persons in his household, one dwelling and two other buildings.
1785 Bandy, George to John Farmer, a deed, Bk. 7, p. 440, 100a on Jumping Run
1786 Bandy, Richard Bandy, Sr. purchased 100 acres of land in Botetourt Co., Virginia from John Mills and John McEntire.  Land lying on waters of Wolf Creek.
1786 Bandy, George and Christina, his wife, sold 174 acres of land in Bedford Co., Virginia which his father Richard Bandy had given him.
1787 Bandy, Richard and Thomas Bandy received grant of 250 acres of land in Botetourt Co., Virginia.
1787 Bandy, George to Richard Bandy, a deed, Bk. 8, p. 35, 175a on Lick Br. Adj. Wead Callaway, etc.
1788 Bandy, Richard, Sr. purchased 254 acres of land in Botetourt Co., Virginia from Rowland Madison.
1793 Bandy, George to Jesse Hex, etc., a deed, Bk. 9, p. 250, 156a adj Ellis Atkinson, William Board, etc.
1793 Bandy, William purchased land in Davidson Co., Tennessee 1794    Bandy, Richard, Sr. married Lucy Justice
1795 Bandy, Richard, Sr. will Botetourt Co., Virginia, named sons Richard Bandy and Thomas Bandy as executors.
1795 Bandy, Richard, Sr. deceased Inventory and appraisement of personal estate.
1800 Bandy, William purchased land in Davidson Co., Tenn.
1800 Bandy, Wilshire purchased land in Davidson Co., Tennessee on Stones Creek
1801 Bandy, William and Paron Bandy witnesses to will of John Whitworth, Smith Co., Tennessee
1800 Bandy, George U.S. Census, Lincoln Co., North Carolina age: 45 years and over (In 1820 had he lived to that date, would have been 75 years and over possibly 80 years and over.)
1801 Bandy, Richard and Jane his wife sold 198 acres of land in Botetourt Co., Virginia
1801 Bandy, Richard, July 14 no wife uniting, sold 187 acres (being part of 350 acres granted to Richard Bandy 4 Oct 1799 including part of Bandy Sr.,'s survey of 100 acres lying on waters of Wolf Creek in Botetourt County.
1801 Sept 8, Bandy, Richard, executor of estate of Richard Bandy Sr., deceased, conveyed to Thomas Bandy 254 acres “which land was conveyed to Richard Bandy Sr., deceased, by Rowland Madison.
1802 4 Aug Bandy, Thomas and Daniel James deeded 2 acres for $9 to Trustees of Blue Ridge Meeting House for church and cemetery site. Botetourt County, Bedford Co., Virginia line.  A new church was built there in 1970. The cemetery is reported to be well kept. No bodies buried there in the past 50 or so years.
1803 Bandy, Thomas, executor of estate of Richard Bandy Sr., deceased, paid as share of personal estate of Richard Bandy: Thomas Bandy, Richard Bandy, George Bandy, John Bandy, Thomas Lewis (husband of Mary Bandy), Elizabeth Greer, Sarah Jordan and Lucy Bandy, her dower as widow of Richard Bandy, Sr., deceased. (no mention of Nancy Ann Bandy, son Henry Bandy nor James Nabors (Neighbors).
1803 Bandy, George to Phillip Hix, a deed, Bk. 11, p. 737, 18a adj John Thomason Etc.
1803 Bandy, George to William Meadow, a deed, Bk. 11, p. 738, 200a adj Thomason, Waggoner, etc.
1803 Bandy, George to Joseph Adams & Attys, a deed, Bk. 11, p. 741, 286a on SS Beaver Dam Cr. & on Buck Br.
1804 Bandy, Richard on tax list of Wilson Co., Tennessee
1804 Bqndy, Wilshire, on tax list of Wilson Co., Tennessee
1804 Bandy, Perrin/Parron on tax list of Wilson Co., Tennessee
1804 Bandy, Solomon on tax list Wilson Co., Tennessee
1808 Bandy, Thomas, executor of estate of Richard Bandy, Sr., ?Botetourt Co., Virginia paid legatees again.
1807 Bandy, George to Joseph Preast &ux, a deed, Bk. 12, p. 189. 303a on Beaver Dam Cr.
1810 Bandy, Richard to Charles Caffrey, a deed, Bk. 13, p. 519, 36a on Falling Cr at Br. of Staunton River
1811 11 Mar. Bandy, Thomas, the only acting executor of Richard Bandy, Sr., deceased, conveyed to William McDaniel 238 acres of land, Botetourt Co., Virginia, 90 acres thereof is a part of 254 acres conveyed to Richard Bandy, Sr., by Rowland Madison; and the residue is 148 acres, part of a tract of 250 acres granted to Richard and Thomas Bandy & Christian Wynard.
1811 11 Sept. Bandy, Thomas and Nancy, his wife, conveyed to Jacob Gish, Jr. 186 acres; 164 acres part of 254 acre tract which Rowland  Madison conveyed to Richard Bandy, Sr., and residue of 22 acres is part of 250 acres patented to Richard and Thomas Bandy and Christian Wynard.
1811 11 Mar Thomas Bandy and Nancy his wife conveyed to Sarah Jordan 10 acres on the north waters of Roanoke River, a part of a tract of 250 acres granted to Richard and Thomas Bandy and Christian Wynert, now deceased.
1815 Bandy, Richard, Jr. died Wilson Co., Tennessee
1815 Bandy, Thomas and Samuel Vaughan witnesses to the 3 Nov 1815 will of Richard Bandy.  Children mentioned in that will in the following sequence: Willchair (Wilshire b. 1773 - his will dated 12 Dec 1850); Parron (Perrin); Joseph b. 1770; Solomon; Martha Cornelius; Elizabeth James; Sally Brown; Jimmison (born 1788); Richard; and Epperson Bandy (born 1794.) No wife mentioned.
1816 20 Jan. Sale of property of Richard Bandy, deceased, Wilson Co., Tenn.
1816 Bandy, Thomas on tax list Sumner Co., Tennessee.
1818 Bandy, George to George Wright, a deed, Bk. 15, p. 403, 110a on Waters of Falling Cr & on Howell's & Pates' Roads
1818 Bandy, Samuel to Rob't Hardy &ux a deed, Bk. 15, p. 433, 1/2a in Hardysville on Staunton River
1818 Bandy, Samuel to Robert Hardy &ux., a deed, Bk. 15, p. 570, Land in Hardysville on Staunton River
1819 Bandy, Thomas to Robert Hardy &ux, a deed, Bk. 15, p 574, 2 Lots in Hardysville on Staunton River
1820 Bandy, Thomas to Dickerson & Pate, a deed, Bk. 16, p. 170 190a adj. Greenwood etc.
1822 Bandy, George will - Lincoln Co., North Carolina, son of Richard Bandy, Sr., Names wife, Christina and children: William, George, John, and Thomas as well as eight daughters.  He was probably the father of George Bandy who married Druscilla Meador, daughter of Ambrose and Franky Meador, Bedford, Co., Virginia.
1830 Bandy, George, U.S. Census Breckenridge Co., Ky. age: 60-70 years wife Druscilla Meador age 60-70.
1830 -1840 Bandy, Thomas and Nellie Akers, U.S. Census, Smith County, Tennessee
1830 -1840 Bandy, Thomas and Elizabeth Fishbourne, U.S. Census, Smith Co., Tennessee
1830 -40 Bandy, Richard and Aggie Blankenship, U.S. Census, Smith Co., Tennessee
1835 Bandy, William will Smith Co., Tennessee admitted to probate court Smith County 1841 - will mentions daughters Sarah Thomas, Rebecca Bandy and Elizabeth Jones, wife Penebrook and Pembrook. No sons mentioned. Thomas Bandy named an executor in will, however did not participate in administration of estate.  Appears to be Thomas Bandy, Sr. who died Oct. 1835.  William died 1840. (1850 Census Smith Co., Tennessee names Thomas Bandy, wife Rebecca, Daughter: Pembrook age 19. Thomas & Rebecca born in N.C.
1835 Bandy, Thomas to Samuel Mead & ux, a Deed. Bl/ 25 p. 170, 360a on Staunton River
1835 Bandy, Thomas died, buried in Bandy graveyard west off road from Laguardo to Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tennessee.

In the early  1970s, before I found out that Horatio Bandy was Nancy Bandy's father, I thought Elihu Bandy was Nancy's father, so I wrote a query to Mrs. Paul Bales, County Clerk of Greene County, Illinois, asking her if she could connect Elihu Bandy to Nancy Bandy.  I received a response from her saying that she had searched the Greene County Historical Society files for me and could find nothing to connect Nancy with Elihu.  She said that obituaries in Illinois newspapers at that time were very sketchy; however, she did find the following items of interest which she sent to me.

1861 On 17 August 1861 it was reported that Elizabeth Bandy, wife of Elihu Bandy, had died 11 Aug at the age of 71.  She was born 17 May 1791 and had resided in Illinois from a very early date.  Then from an 1872 Atlas she found that Elihu Bandy, Sec. 31, T. 10-12, farmer, native of Virginia, came to Greene County, Illinois in 1841.
1874 In The Roodhouse Headlight on 14 Feb 1874 it was written that the “3 oldest men in Woodville neighborhood are Mr. Elihu (or Hugh) Bandy, Mr. James C. Carter and Mr. Willaspie Laforce.  Mr. Bandy is 86, a native of Tennessee has been a widower for 15 years, now resides with his daughter-in-law a mile north of the village.
1901 Then in The Patriot on 18 January 1901, it was found that “Elihu Bandy died 20 years ago near Woodwill age 93.  He had lived in Greene Co. for 60 years.
1921 Twenty years later in The Patriot, on 20 January 1921, it was written that “40 years ago Elihu Bandy died at his home near Woodville aged 93 years.  He had lived in Greene County 60 years.”
1879 Concerning a son of Elihu, Mrs. Bales also wrote that in an 1879 history that Horatio Bandy was born in Greene County on 9 January 1831, the son of Elihu and Elizabeth “who came to Greene County in an early day, and entered the land where Roodhouse now stands, living there for several years till 1833, sold the land and entered southwest of Carrollton, where he still resides; was in the War of 1812.  Horatio was educated at the old style log school house; was married 25 March 1858 to Miss Malinda Ray, who was born 7 March 1836 in Missouri. 
1881 On 3 September 1881 it was written in the Gazette that Hugh Bandy, old settler, died between 1880 and 1881.