1602 the will of  JOHN BANDY of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire

As yet we don't know where this John Bandy (alias Harsfelde, whatever that means!) and Abraham Abraha, his strangely named wife, fit.  We have no other record of any Bandys in this county this early.

In the name of God, Amen, the xxiiii [24] day of J[?anuary] in the year of our Lord God one thowsande sixe hund[red] and two,  I, John Bande allias Harsfelde of Ha[r]dwick in the dioces of Glocester, by the visitacion of God, sicke in bodye but of goode and p[er]fete memorye, tha[nks] be geven to God, doe make my laste will and Test[ament] in manner and forme Following:

Firste I geve unto Elizabeth Faille one flockebed, one bouster and on Cover, to be delivered after my wifes deses.  Item I geave [unto] Elizabeth Faille two sheppe and one possnate [posnet, small cooking pot].  All the Reste of my goodes unbeQuived [unbequeathed], I geve unto my wife, whom I make my whole Excutrixe to p[er]forme and discharge this my will and Testamente according to the lawe.

The wetnesces to this will is John Shalford and John Watkins

Probate of Will of John Bandy [?]1601/2

Probatum vj. Marcii. 1601. Coram m[agist]ro Joh[an]ne Seman legum doctore Cancellario etc

Com[m]issaq[ue] fuit admi[ni]stratio etc Abraham Abrahe rel[i]c[t]e et exec[utrici] etc vigore Com[m]iss[ioni]s m[agist]ro Johan[ni] Ashby Cl[er]ico rectori de Hardwick Jurand[a]

Ex[hibi]t[um] xxiijli xviijs iiijd

Proved 6 March 1601 before master John Seman, Doctor of Laws, Chancellor etc,

And administration etc was committed to Abraham Abraha, the relicte and executrix etc, by force of a Commission to master John Ashby, Clerk, Rector of Hardwick, to take her oath.

[Inventory] exhibited 23 18s 4d

translation provided by Brooke Westcott  westcott@ukonline.co.uk