1625 the will of JOHN BANDY of Wavendon Bucks


1625 the 20th daye of October  In the name of God, Amen.

I, John Bandye, of Wandon, laborer, doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament, beinge in p[er]fett memorie, thanks be to almightie God, in manner and forme followinge.

First I doe bequethe my soule into the handes of almightie God, and unto Jesus Christ my onlie savior and redemer, by whome and in whome I hope to have pardon and forgevenese for all my sinse.

Fyrst I geve and bequethe unto Alse Bandie my lovinge wife, duringe her naturall lif, my house and picle [pightel, small enclosure] wiche I bought of William Kylpyne,

And after my wifes decease I geve ["it" inserted unnecessarily] unto William Bandie my sune the same house and picle, to paye such sum[m]e of money out of it as I shall desspose to the rest of my children.

Item I geve unto Richard Bandie my sune 5 of good and lawfull money of Ingland, within two yeres after my wifes decease, out of the lande.

Item I geve unto Thomas Bandye and John Bandie my ["my" repeated] suns 5 a peece out of my land within on yere and a half after my wife decease, to be payed to them by my sun William Bandie.

Item I geve unto Ann Bandie my doughter, out of my land, to be payd by my sun William Bandye, within on yere after my wifes decease, twelve pounds of lawfull money of England,

Provided allwayes that yf the said William Bandie my sun doe depart this lif before his mother, or doe refuse to enter into bonde to paye these legases geven to the rest of my children within on q[uar]ter of a yere after my wifes decease to paye the mony, then I geve it to Richard Bandie my sun to pay these sums of money to his brothers and sister,

Which yf my suns doe refuse to paye the moneys to the rest of there brother and sister, then I geve my said house and pycle to Ales Bandie my wif to sell to paye my childrens there legases and to p[er]forme this my will.

All the rest of my goods and chatles I geve unto Alis my wif, which I doe make my soule exsecutor, to p[er]forme this my will and testament.

John Bandie his marke

Witnesses  Robert Grene  George Wells  John Parrat his marke

translation provided by Brooke Westcott  westcott@ukonline.co.uk