Evidence of the marriage

MARRIAGE: Published in THE GREER INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER Vol.1 #1 J an/Feb 1995 p.19. Published by Judia and Ralph Terry, Editors, 302 W est College Avenue P.O. Box 958, Coleman, TX 76834 Phone: 915-625-5317, 915-625-4 631. "Aquilla Greer Jr. b.1744 Baltimore Co.Maryland, s/o Aquilla Greer and Elizabeth Bandy Haynes Lowe, married about 1767 in Bedford Co. VA to Elizabeth Bandy d/o Richard Bandy and Jane Cummings. Elizabeth died after 1795."


CHILDREN: Bertie G. (Bea) O'Quin, 2555 Holiday Drive, New Orl eans, LA 70131, corr. with Ralph Terry, publ. in GREER NEWSLETTER, Vol.2 #2 p.254:
"I am doing research now on William and Delilah and Aquilla and Elizabeth Bandy. Have a copy of the BANDY WILL naming his DAUGHTER ELIZABETH, relic of AQUILLA GREER. I have been unable to find a marriage license." Vol. 2 #4: "Richard Bandy left his will dated July 21, 1795, in Botetourt Co. VA. He named his wife of short duration, "Eliza Greer, widow and relect of Equilla (sic) Greer." (Botetourt Co, VA Will Boo k A, page 405.)"

Evidence of early BANDY Families

Bandy, John of Pulloxhill. R for America landed Feb 1688. Bedfordshire( Assize Court-Norfolk Circuit)
[The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage" 1614-1775 p37-by Peter Wilson Coldham]


In the Maryland Archives, I find the family of Richard Bowdy (Boudy, Bowdie, Bowdey). He was married by 8 June 1709 to Elisabeth, who was the widow of John Cracknell of Cecil county Maryland. Richard died leaving a will dated 5 October 1705 and proved 17 October 1706. He named eldest son Richard to receive personal property; son Henry one shilling; son Solomon one shilling for disobedience; daughter Katherine, wife of Richard Unitt, all lands and half personal property; and daughter Rosamond the residue of his estate. Elizabeth Bowdy died leaving a will dated 10 December 1711. She named her eldest son John Cracknell and son Thomas Cracknell.

This makes me think that this Richard must have been married previously since Elizabeth doesn’t name any of the Bowdy children in her will. (Cheri Robinson)

Comment from Derek Bandy:  I've seen most spelling variants in my time - but they all have the "N" sound in them - so I would be doubtful about this one

Apr 1774 Bandy, Richard. Alias Adams , Transported 7 yrs Apr 1770, Ship "New Trial" Master Douglas McDougal to America. Ref T1/478.  Surrey (Assize Court- Home circuit)
[The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage" 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham p 37]