The Project objectives

I suggest that we form a Jane Cummings task force with its mission being to locate or disprove that she existed. Each member of the task force could focus on a specific area of research and report his/her findings to the group. The findings could then be published on your site.

The way I see it we have three areas of research that might be pursued:
1. Jane Cummings in colonial Virginia/Maryland or possibly Delaware
2. Jane Cummings in the 1740s in England, Scotland, or Ireland
3. The Jane that Richard, son of 1795 Richard, married

Here is a preliminary list of areas of research that a member might choose to pursue:

Inquiry to David Dobson, author of "The Original Scots Colonists of Early America (1612-                             1783)"--I've actually already sent a letter to him
Indentured servant records for Maryland and Virginia
Port records for Maryland and Virginia
Church records of early Maryland and Virginia
Marriage records of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania
Huguenot records of colonial America
Land records in Maryland and Virginia
Chancery Court cases
Tennessee marriage records
Tennessee land records
Colonial newspapers of United States
Jacobite settlements in the United States
Parish records in England, Scotland, and Ireland
Liverpool port records
Historical societies in Virginia and Maryland
Quit rent rolls of colonial America
DAR records in America
Related families (Greer, Cardwell, Epperson, Perrin, etc.)

I will be glad to serve as the US coordinator of the findings.
Please email me ( with the US area you want to research along with your contact information. If you are interested in taking part in the English area of research, please email Derek ( with your particulars.

Derek and I will compile the findings. Any and all researchers are welcome to participate.

We may not find Jane, but we will gather quite the comprehensive list of items that have been researched. Who knows? We may find her, or we may find other interesting Bandy data in the process.