Status Report 20-May-2003

All the information (nearly all from Cheri) is published in full in the other sections of the report (menu above).


According to "The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage" 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham at least two BANDYs were transported to North America.  The earliest in 1688 was a John BANDY of Pulloxhill in Bedfordshire. R for America landed Feb 1688. Bedfordshire (Assize Court-Norfolk Circuit).  A Richard BANDY (alias ADAMS) was transported for 7 years in April 1770 on Ship "New Trial" Master Douglas McDougal to America. Ref T1/478. Surrey (Assize Court- Home circuit).  This latter might be "1815" Richard.  We haven't tracked either of them in England with any real confidence.

We don't have any information about any early voluntary immigrants.

We can see that the CUMMINS family was certainly present in the right areas from at least 1687, but it looks as if there was a JANE CUMMINS transported as a Jacobite Rebel from from Liverpool, to Virginia on board the "Johnson" in 1747.  A JOHN BRANDY was on the same ship

There may also have been BANDYs in the right area at earlier times as well, but there is a reference to a RICHARD BANDY/JANE CUMMINS marriage in the work of GREER family genealogists.  Cheri is tracking this down