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Descendants of Richard Bandy by Viginia Jackson

Fourth Generation


146. Epperson A. (Edward) Bandy (Eperson (Epperson) , Richard , Richard ) was born 20 Aug 1837. He died Jan 1915.

Epperson married Mary A. Coles on 10 Jun 1858.

They had the following children:

  346 F i Nora Bandy was born calculated 1850.
  347 F ii Alice S. (or L.) Bandy was born 1859.
  348 M iii R.E. Bandy was born calculated 1861.
  349 F iv Mary E. Bandy was born calculated 1865.
  350 M v L.M. Bandy was born calculated 1867.

147. Richard Bandy (William M. , George , Richard ) was born 1815. He died 1871.

Richard married Sarah Kennady. Sarah was born 1816. She died 1887.

They had the following children:

+ 351 F i Margaret Jane Bandy was born 1843 and died 1902.

157. Thomas R. Bandy (Richard B. (Sr.) , George , Richard ) was born 1826. He died 1904.

Thomas married Nancy Moredock.

They had the following children:

  352 M i Stephen R. Bandy.
        Stephen married (1) Octavia Claycomb.
        Stephen also married (2) Sarah Nichols.
  353 F ii Edmona Bandy.
        Edmona married Charles Fisher.
  354 M iii James Bandy.
        James married Eliza Dowell.
  355 F iv Mary E. Bandy.
        Mary married John Musselman.
  356 F v Alma "Allie" Bandy.
        Alma married William H. Robbins.
  357 M vi Thomas R. (Jr.) Bandy.
        Thomas married Lucy Dowell.
  358 F vii Estelle "Essie" Kate Bandy.
        Estelle married Samuel P. McCoy.
  359 F viii Cora Bandy died YOUNG.
+ 360 M ix Virginius "Ginger" Bandy.

169. George Bandy (Andrew , John , Richard ) was born 25/26 Dec 1818 in Botetourt Co., Va..

George married (1) Elizabeth Caulley on 18 Sep 1838 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.

They had the following children:

  361 F i Mary J. Bandy was born 18 Nov 1839 in Symmes Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio. She died 4 Apr 1892 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.
        Mary married Samuel Minear Goff on 25 Jan 1855.
  362 M ii Laffayett Bandy was born 28 Aug 1840 in Lawrence Co., Ohio. He died 6 May 1871 in Lawrence Co..
        Laffayett married Adelphia J. Miller.
  363 F iii Julia A. Bandy was born 5 Nov 1841 in Lawrence Co., OH.
        Julia married Joseph Worthington on 2 Dec 1866/1867 in Lawrence Co., OH..
  364 F iv Malinda A. Bandy was born 20 Sep 1842 in Lawrence Co., OH..

George also married (2) Emma Stein on 16 Nov 1867 in Lawrence Co., OH..

172. William W. Bandy (Thomas C. , John , Richard ) was born 1816 in Tazewell, Tazewell Co., Virginia. He died 1890.

William married (1) Ella Nellie Harrison.

They had the following children:

+ 365 M i Thomas H. Bandy was born 1835.
+ 366 M ii James Bandy was born 1850 and died 1903.
  367 F iii Nancy Bandy.
        Nancy married George Dos Christian.
  368 M iv Guy Bandy.
  369 F v Rebecca Bandy.
        Rebecca married Andrew Vandyke.
  370 F vi Clara Bandy.
        Clara married Robert Vandyke.
+ 371 M vii William Bandy.
+ 372 M viii Joseph Bandy was born 1865.
  373 F ix Roda Bandy.
        Roda married David Beavers.
  374 F x Rachel Bandy.
        Rachel married Green Patrick.

William also married (2) Malenda Ousley\Woosley on 9 Feb 1865. Malenda was born 1847.

They had the following children:

  375 M xi Albert Bandy.
        Albert married Lou Altizer.
  376 M xii Whitt Bandy.
        Whitt married Sis Patterson.
  377 M xiii George Bandy.
  378 F xiv Mollie Bandy.
        Mollie married Dave Clifford.
  379 F xv Susie Bandy.
        Susie married John H. Harmon.
  380 F xvi Vicie Bandy.
        Vicie married Jim Vance.
  381 F xvii Dora Bandy.
        Dora married Charles Buskell.
  382 F xviii Ruth Bandy.
        Ruth married Frank Crockett.
+ 383 F xix Laura Rose "Rosie" Bandy was born 1876.

173. John C. Bandy (Thomas C. , John , Richard ).

John married Elizabeth H. Peery on 1 Nov 1839 in Tazewell Co., Va..

They had the following children:

  384 M i George W. Bandy was born Mar 1841.
        George married Harriet Peery on 16 Dec 1861.
  385 M ii John Bandy.
  386 F iii Nancy Bandy was born 1843.
  387 F iv Eleanor Bandy was born 1849. She died 1901 in Tazewell Co., Va..
  388 F v Mary E. Bandy was born Jun 1854.
        Mary married Andrew Jackson Cress.
  389 M vi Thomas Bandy.

175. Thomas Richard Bandy (Thomas C. , John , Richard ) was born Jun 1840. He died 20 Jun 1915.

Thomas married Eliza Jane Sayers on 18 Feb 1864 in Tazewell Co., Va..

They had the following children:

  390 F i John Bandy.
  391 F ii Orlena Bandy was born 1865 in Tazewell, Va..
  392 F iii Mary Belle Bandy was born 6 Jul 1873. She died 17 Apr 1967.
        Mary married George Hankins on 17 Nov 1891.
  393 M iv James R. Bandy was born Jan 1876.
        James married Tansy Ward.
  394 M v Greever Bandy.
  395 M vi George Bandy was born Jun 1878.
        George married Nancy Hankins.
  396 F vii Sarah Bandy.
  397 M viii Thomas Bandy.
  398 M ix Leroy F. "Lee" Bandy was born Jul 1880.
        Leroy married Mary Witt.
  399 M x Graft M. Bandy was born Nov 1883 in Twin to Greever.

179. Thomas Richard Bandy (Thomas C. , John , Richard ).

Thomas married Eliza Sayers.

They had the following children:

  400 M i John Bandy.
  401 M ii George Bandy.
  402 M iii Lee Bandy.
  403 M iv James Bandy.
  404 M v Greever Bandy was born Nov 1883 in Twin to Graft Bandy.

180. Lucy Bandy (Thomas C. , John , Richard ) was born 1842 in Tazewell, Va..

Lucy married John W. Beavers on 8 Feb 1860 in Tazewell Co., Va.. John was born 1837 in Tazewell, Va..

They had the following children:

  405 F i Sarah Beavers.
  406 F ii Lydia Beavers.
  407 M iii James Beavers.
        James married Amanda Whitt.
  408 M iv Mathias Beavers.
        Mathias married Sallie Graham.
  409 F v Harriet Beavers.
  410 F vi Bettie Beavers.
        Bettie married Harvey Lockhart.
  411 M vii Alex Beavers.
        Alex married Cora Altizer.

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