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Elizabeth Fishburne

(c 1808 - 12-Oct-1890)

Father Frederick Fishburne
pedigree pop-up

Reference E17-0388

Birth c 1808  VA, USA1,2 
Marriage 23-Oct-1828  with=Thomas Bandy3 
Census 1830  Smith Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy4 
Census 1840  Smith Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy4 
Birth 22-Feb-1846  [M 1828!]2 
Birth   TN, USA5 
Census 1850  Macon Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy6 
Census 1860  Macon Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy5 
Census 1870  Macon Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy7 
Census 1880  Macon Cty, TN, USA, with=Thomas Bandy8 
Death 12-Oct-1890  2 

Family Thomas Bandy (11-Nov-1811 - 12-Oct-1888)
Marriage 23-Oct-1828  with=Thomas Bandy3 
Children  1. Jamison Bandy (c 1829 - )
  2. William Bandy (c 1831 - )
  3. Susanna K Bandy (21-May-1833 - )
  4. Nancy Bandy (26-Jan-1836 - )
  5. Frederick F Bandy (9-Apr-1836 - 16-Jun-1898)
  6. Ellender B Bandy (9-Nov-1838 - )
  7. Docia Eleanor Bandy (c 1839 - 1892)
  8. John T Bandy (2-Dec-1841 - 17-Mar-1929)
  9. Elizabeth Jane Bandy (22-Feb-1846 - )

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William Bandy

(c 1808 - b 1870)

Father David Bandy (c 1763 - )
Mother Morning (?) (c 1790 - )
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Reference E17-0931

Birth c 1808  NC, USA1,2 
Marriage 24-Oct-1836  Rutherford Cty, NC, USA, with=Dicie Green1 
Census 1840  Monroe Cty, TN, USA3 
Census 1860  Bledsoe Cty, TN, USA, with=Dicie Green4 
Death b 1870  TN, USA1 
Census 1870  Hamilton Cty, TN, USA, with=Dicie Green5 
Census 1880  Chattooga Cty, GA, USA, with=Dicie Green6 
Note   Possible son of this m. See reference for more discussion.2 

Family Dicie Green (c 1817 - 1870)
Marriage 24-Oct-1836  Rutherford Cty, NC, USA, with=Dicie Green1 
Children  1. Landrum Bandy (c 1837 - )
  2. Ansel Lee (Arnet) Bandy (23-Sep-1838 - 1-Oct-1906)
  3. John Bandy (c 1842 - )
  4. Elizabeth Bandy (c 1844 - )
  5. Sarah A Bandy (May-1848 - )
  6. Thomas Jefferson Bandy (31-May-1852 - 10-Sep-1941)
  7. George Bandy (Jan-1854 - )
  8. Lisa Clementine Bandy (17-Sep-1856 - 25-Mar-1936)
  9. Marion Isaac Bandy (c 1857 - )

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Greenbury Bandy

(c 1808 - )

Father David Bandy (c 1763 - )
Mother Morning (?) (c 1790 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference E17-1634

Birth c 1802  1 
Birth c 1808  SC, USA2,3 
Birth   NC, USA4 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Sarah (?)2 
Census 1840  Rutherford Cty, NC, USA, [Possibly], with=Sarah (?)5 
Census 1850  White Cty, TN, USA, with=Sarah (?)2 
Census 1870  White Cty, TN, USA, with=Sarah (?)4 
Census 1880  White Cty, TN, USA, with=Sarah (?)1 
Death   Date unknown. 
Note   Possible son of David and Mourning.3 

Family Sarah (?) (c 1812 - )
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Sarah (?)2 
Children  1. Thomas Edgar Bandy (11-Dec-1834 - 10-Nov-1895)
  2. John Bandy (c 1837 - 15-Apr-1862)
  3. Levi (Seri) Bandy (c 1839 - 20-Mar-1862)
  4. Isaac Bandy (c 1843 - )
  5. Sarah Elizabeth Bandy (c 1845 - )
  6. Mary Catherine Bandy (c 1849 - )
  7. William 'Bud' Bandy (Aug-1852 - )
  8. James Franklin Bandy (24-Feb-1855 - 27-May-1922)
  9. Frances Jane Bandy (11-Jul-1860 - 24-Mar-1938)

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John Griffin

(c 1808 - )

Father Pleasant Griffin ( - 1826)
Mother Nancy Ann Phillips ( - 1826)
pedigree pop-up

Reference E16-1211

Birth c 1808  1 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S353] Source Ref:1925. GEDCOM File on John Bandy and Mary VanNuys: Richard Matthews.

George Hobble

(c 1808 - )

Father George Hobble (c 1780 - 1827)
Mother Sophia Arbaugh
pedigree pop-up

Reference E18-4060

Birth c 1808  Greenbrier, VA, USA1 
Marriage   OH, USA, with=Jane Bolen1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Jane Bolen
Child  1. P R Hobble (c 1838 - )

  1. [S351] Source Ref:1930. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Harriet Shore.

Thomas Bandy1

(1808 - 1896)

Father Thomas Bull (labourer)1 (c 1766 - )
Mother Martha Bandy1 (4-Feb-1781 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0493-1808

Note 1808  Thomas was not particularly interested in farm life generally, but he had a particular flair for leatherwork. and after a while, became expert in the making of footwear.
As he grew older, his grandfather determined that Thomas should have the best education he could procure. John discovered that a young man in Turweston was giving private lessons and he enroled the boy for instruction. In an age when education for the poorer classes was not deemed necessary, it was most fortunate that Thomas was able to have these lessons.1 
Bequest 3-Jun-1821  £10, deceased=John Bandy2 
Milit-Beg 27-Jun-1825  originally a shoemaker, at the age of 16 he was attested for the 98th Regiment of Foot at Aylesbury.
Regiment - 98th Foot Rank - Private 25 June 1825 to 18 December 1838 (11 years 177 days)
When classed as medically fit for service he travelled to Chatham to undergo his training in the famous regiment the 98th Foot. After 12 months of arduous training, he unfortunately never received an overseas posting but remained at Headquarters where he was to use his talents making army boots and repairing saddlery. Often soldiers were called out to various towns or cities when riots broke out among the unemployed. On one of these postings he met Sarah Parks, daughter of Thomas and Jane Parks of Tanfield Durham and in early 1838, he married her.
In January 1844 their second son William was born and Thomas celebrated the occasion in the NCO's Mess. Unfortunately an argument developed and a nasty brawl took place. He and his companions were charged and found guilty of riotous behaviour and destruction of army property. Thomas was confined to barracks for 8 days and was reduced to the rank of Private.
Jane was born in 1845 and Elizabeth in 1847 and by this time, Thomas was heartily fed up with army life. A few months before his unit had been summoned urgently to London where riots had broken out among the unemployed. Factories were burnt, machinery destroyed and mobs roamed the city streets rioting and pillaging. During the skirmishes that followed, Thomas received a brutal kick to the groin from one of the rioters which necessitated a term in hospital. This experience left him with severe pain from a hernia of the left side. He also suffered from rheumatism. He appeared before a medical board and was fully discharged on 9 May 1848.
19 December 1838 - 3 January 1844 Promoted to rank of Corporal (5 years 177 days) "for devotion to duty and a high degree of excellence in his craft".
Tried by a Battalion Court Martial at Chatham for being drunk and riotous in barracks and sentenced to be reduced in rank. Reduced 13 January 1844 to
April 8 1848 - 4 years 56 days. (In confinement 4 January to 12 January 1844)
In possession of a good conduct badge without pay since 13 October 1847
This is to certify that Private Thomas Bandy, 98th Regiment of Foot, labours under acute hernia of the left side caused by a kick when on duty, and Chronic Rheumaticism caused by climate and military duty, and not the result of indulgence in the use of intoxicating liquor or other vices as far as is known here, in consequence of which he is rendered incapable of further military service.
April 6th, 1848
On his discharge from service (Chatham - 9 May 1848) Private Thomas Bandy (age 39 years) was described as being 5 ft 51/2 ins tall, fair hair, eyes grey and a sallow complexion. Trade: shoemaker. Marks Scars etc: none
In the will of his grandfather John Bandy of Turweston, Yeoman (proved on 6 September 1826 by John's son Thomas Bandy and son-in-law Thomas Bull carpenter) Thomas is left 10 pounds at the age of 21.
Upon his discharge Thomas decided to return to Buckinhamshire in an attempt to gain employment with his uncle (Thomas), but he was disappointed and came back to Chatham where he started business as a shoemaker. He managed to eke out a reasonable living for quality work. One day whilst talking with an ex-army friend, he learned that an agreemnet had been reached between the British Government and the settlers of the Swan River Colony for convicts to be sent to this area of Australia. However strict guidelines were laid down.
a) Those sent were to be young and able bodied
b) No person who had committed a crime of violence was to be sent
c) No women convicts were to be deported
In 1849 Maria, his youngest daughter was born and Thomas re-enlisted as a Pensioner Guard.
In the Convict Transport Records for 1849-50 appeared the names of 100 male convicts destined for the Swan River Colony aboard the "Hashemy", a hired convict ship. The Admiralty Series of Medical Journals showed that a Surgeon had taked it upon himself to keep a Journal of his own from which was extracted the following information:
Sailed from Deptford, 10th July 1850, and on 12th July embarked the Military Guard at Tilbury Fort, consisting of 32 invalided Pensioner Guards in charge of Captain Bruce of the 16th Regt of Foot and their respective families; 73 women and children, and 36 persons under head of free settlers, being 4 warders and the remainder being women and children. The "Hashemy" sailed on 19 July and made a run out in 95 days, arriving at Fremantle, Swan River on 25 October. During the journey the following children were ill:
Thomas Bandy (10), Maria Bandy (1), William Bandy (8), Elizabeth Bandy (3), Guard's children.
A Pensioner Guard was not necessarily a victim of old age, but a veteran soldier who had completed his years of service in the British Army and had re-enlisted for Guard Duty on the convict ships sailing to the colony on the Swan River. The contract originally covered only the long sialing ship voyage. Wives and children came with them free of charge. At the journey's end they were rewarded with a grant of 10 acres and were free to take service or to come and go as they pleased.
The cottages for the Guardsmen's families were built near the banks of the Swan River ar Freshwater Bay. Thomas managed to improve his financial position as his skill as a shoemaker was well known. In his spare time he earned money through plying his trade. In 1854 he was granted a block of 10 acres of land in an area bounded by Roe, William and James Streets. Here he had 3 cottages built. When completed he moved into one and rented out the other two. He then established an orchard and garden and, during his later years, these were to stand him in good stead as a source of income.
Meanwhile in 1852, just prior to the birth of his son George, he found himself in serious trouble with the Army authorities. During the course of his duties (making and repairing Army boots) he used some scraps of leather to make sandals for his 2 sons Thomas and William. When completed he put them in his case and prepared to leave for home. However, on that particular day an inspection was made of all cases taken out of the Barracks. The sandals were found and Thomas was charged and, after a Court Martial, was sentenced to "--seven years transportation and loss of Pension rights for the theft of 4 pairs of Army Boots". His pension rights were restored when he retired in 1872, but the sentence was harsh. It also barred him from ever returning to England, but he was otherwise not restricted in his day to day life.
During the period 1858-1862 he had permission to employ 3 Ticket of Leave men to build 2 of his 3 cottages facing William Street.
No. 3861 Jabez Lloyd in 1858
No. 4405 John Bell in 1859
No. 5325 John Smith in 1862
Shortly after their son George was born (1852) the couple moved their cottage to William Street after selling their home in Freshwater Bay. Joseph was born in 1855. Two more children were born (1856 & 1858) but both only lived a few weeks after birth. Sarah with daughters Elizabeth and Maria left for Singapore in 1861.
Thomas was fortunate because a Mrs Holder, who rented one of the cottages from him and who had lost her husband when a bale of wool feel on him at Shenton's Wool Stores in St George's Tce, offered to mind the 2 youngsters whilst he worked. Both the older boys (Thomas and William) were working and Jane married Thomas Drage in 1862. When old enough, George and Joseph were sent to the James St School for their education. After the last shipload of convicts arrived in the Colony in 1868, the need for Pensioner Guards eased and Thomas was discharged on 27 August 1872. His pension rights were restored to him so he was able to manage quite comfortably on the rent from his cottages and his pension. In addition he did repairs to footwear so he had few worries.
Being an active man, he maintained quite a large vegetable garden and also planted a number of fruit trees. Therefore he was able not only to keep his home supplied, but also to supply assistance to the ticket-of-leave men whom he visited regularly.
In January 1882, Thomas decided to go to Singapore presumably to receive a settlement from the will of Sarah who had died the year before in 1881. On the return voyage in July 1882 he brought with him a number of Chinese Coolies to work on various gardens.
By 1885, the old man was so crippled with rheumatism that George's wife Elizabeth (Betty) insisted he move to Cowles Street, West Perth so that she could look after him. A small room was added to the new brick home George and Betty had built and here he remained during his declining years. As he sat quietly smoking his pipe, his grandchildren would sit around him listening to stoies about his past. On the morning of his death Albert (George's 2nd son) wheeled him onto the verandah in his wheelchair and wrapped a blanket around his legs before lighting his pipe for him. Albert then went into the kitchen to have his breakfast. After this he wandered outside only to find the old man slumped forward in the chair and his pipe on the floor.
Thomas was buried in the old East Perth Cemetery on 19 February 1896, but no headstone remains to mark the spot. The iron plating which bore his name has long since rusted and been covered by the top dressing applied to the lawns over the years. Only his memory remains.1 
Marriage 1838  with=Sarah Parks1 
Note 19-Dec-1838  Promoted to the rank of Corporal 
Milit-End 9-May-1848  98th Regiment of Foot - discharged from service at Chatham. Age 39 years. He gave his place of birth as Turweston.1,3 
Occupation 1849  Re-enlisted as a Pensioner Guard1 
Death 1896  Perth, WA, AUS1 

Family Sarah Parks (c 1808 - 1881)
Marriage 1838  with=Sarah Parks1 
Children  1. Thomas Amos Bandy (7-Jun-1840 - 11-Jul-1921)
  2. William Henry Bandy (Jan-1844 - 3-Sep-1909)
  3. Jane Bandy (12-May-1845 - 31-May-1901)
  4. Elizabeth Bandy (15-Apr-1847 - 2-Jun-1927)
  5. Maria Bandy (20-Apr-1849 - 8-Aug-1915)
  6. George Bandy (24-Oct-1851 - 1924)
  7. Joseph Bandy (1855 - 1938)

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Thomas Bandey1

(1808 - Dec-1878)

Father Thomas Bandy (12-Apr-1761 - )
Mother Ann Goodman (c 1786 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0353-1808

Birth 1808  Ravensden, BDF, ENG1 
Baptism 17-Apr-1808  Ravensden, BDF, ENG2 
Marriage b 1829  with=Ann Allen1 
Note 2-May-1839  Ravensden Chard Warden's accounts read : 8) Thos. Bandey, parish clerk, for £5 0s. 6d., including 15s. for "cleaning the Church after repairs", 2 May 18393 
Census 30-Mar-1851  age 43, folio 6, Ravensden, NTH, ENG4 
Note 1854  Post Office Directory of Berks, Northants etc 1854, shows Thomas as tailor & parish Clerk. The Directory of Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire, 1862 shows the same.5 
Note 1859  Freeholder in Poll Book, Ravensden, BDF, ENG6 
Occupation 1869  Tailor & Parish Clerk, Ravensden, NTH, ENG7 
Census 2-Apr-1871  head age 63, Ravensden, BDF, ENG8 
Note 1876  Harrod & Co.'s Directory of Beds, Bucks etc shows him as Tailor and Rate Collector.9 
Death Dec-1878  age 70, GRO Ref: 3b 223, Bedford, BDF, ENG10 

Family Ann Allen (1811 - )
Marriage b 1829  with=Ann Allen1 
Children  1. Ann Bandey (12-Nov-1829 - )
  2. Salley Bandey (14-Nov-1831 - )
  3. Eliza Bandey (28-Jun-1835 - )
  4. Coraline Bandey (21-May-1837 - )
  5. Luisa Bandey (Jun-1839 - )
  6. George Henry Bandy (c 1842 - Mar-1924)
  7. John Francis Bandey (c 1844 - Dec-1882)
  8. Sophia Bandy (May-1846 - )
  9. Thomas Bandey (Jun-1850 - Sep-1932)
  10. Josiah Francis Bandey (1-Jul-1853 - Jun-1921)

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Henry Dunbar

(1808 - c Jul-1878)

Father William 'Old Hatter' Dunbar (c 1782 - c 1855)
Mother Sarah Prather (c 1792 - c 1859)
pedigree pop-up

Reference E17-1093

Birth 1808  Breckinridge Cty, KY, USA1 
Marriage 28-Aug-1833  Tazewell Cty, IL, USA, Moved to Scott Twp, Linn Cty KS., with=Nancy Bandy1 
Death c Jul-1878  Cadmus, Scott Twp, Linn Cty, KS, USA1 
Burial   Cadmus Cem, Linn Cty, KS, USA, Lot 9, no marker.1 

Family Nancy Bandy (19-Apr-1811 - 1880)
Children  1. James R Dunbar (1834 - )
  2. Rosanna Dunbar (16-Mar-1837 - 3-Feb-1873)
  3. Jane Dunbar (15-Apr-1839 - 6-Mar-1840)
  4. Mary Dunbar (1841 - b 1858)
  5. Sibbell Dunbar (c 1842 - 6-Mar-1887)
  6. Ann Dunbar (30-Jul-1843 - 1-Aug-1843)
  7. Sarah Dunbar (25-Jan-1844 - 27-Sep-1845)
  8. Eliza Dunbar (2-Apr-1849 - 2-Aug-1851)
  9. Charles Wesley Dunbar (1851 - b 1878)
  10. Joseph Dunbar (1852 - 15-Aug-1886)
  11. Mary Dunbar (c 1857 - )

  1. [S118] Source Ref:1560. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Ronald McComb.

Horatio Burke

(1808 - )

Reference E16-0694

Birth 1808  MA, USA1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown.1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Child  1. Elvira Lydia Burke (Aug-1847 - )

  1. [S157] Source Ref:1554. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Joyce Roberts Morris.

Joel Tuttle

(1808 - )

Reference E17-1521

Birth 1808  1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Rebecca J (?)1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Rebecca J (?)
Child  1. Adam Tuttle (1832 - 1902)

  1. [S224] Source Ref:1561. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: George E. Tuttle.

John Stone

(1808 - )

Reference E18-2825

Birth 1808  KY, USA, Or TN.1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Mary A Tinning1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Mary A Tinning (1809 - )
Child  1. John Thomas Stone (Dec-1843 - )

  1. [S365] Source Ref:1613. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Essie Milligan.

Nancy Jane Bandy

(1808 - )

Father Jesse Bandy (c 1765 - )
Mother Charity Ann Boone
pedigree pop-up

Reference E17-1736

Birth 1808  1,2 
Marriage Jul-1828  Rhea Cty, TN, USA, with=Joseph Marion(David) Casteel3 
Death   Date unknown. 
Note   G-g-grandparents of this source., with=Joseph Marion(David) Casteel1 

Family Joseph Marion(David) Casteel

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Leah Bandy1

(6-Mar-1808 - )

Father William Bandy1 (29-Aug-1778 - May-1817)
Mother Hannah Green1 (1781 - 2-Feb-1854)
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0352-1808

Baptism 6-Mar-1808  Wing, BKM, ENG2 
Marriage 27-Mar-1836  Wing, BKM, ENG, with=Richard Dimmock1 

Family 1
Child  1. George Bandy (4-Dec-1831 - 2-Jun-1891)

Family 2 Richard Dimmock
Child  1. Zilpah Dimmock (1847 - 1898)

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Thomas Bandy1

(18-Mar-1808 - Mar-1886)

Father John Bandy2 (c 1786 - )
Mother Sarah Smith2 (c 1786 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0351-1808

Birth 18-Mar-1808  son of John & Sarah, Heath, Leighton Buzzard, BDF, ENG, 1851 census has birth at Houghton Regis1,2 
Marriage 12-Oct-1847  age 35, son of John, she aged 22, Hulcote, BDF, ENG, with=Elizabeth Wilson3 
Census 30-Mar-1851  age 42, folio 1 & 2, Apsley Guise, BDF, ENG4 
Census 2-Apr-1871  head age 63, Apsley Guise, BDF, ENG5 
Census 3-Apr-1881  head age 73, Farm servant, Newport Fen Farm, Wavendon, BKM, ENG6 
Death Mar-1886  age 78, GRO 3B 297, Woburn, BDF, ENG, Witness=Elizabeth Wilson7 

Family Elizabeth Wilson (c 1825 - Sep-1893)
Children  1. James Bandy (Oct-1848 - )
  2. Caroline Bandy (2-Mar-1851 - 17-Mar-1852)
  3. Elizabeth Bandy (Mar-1853 - 26-Sep-1855)
  4. George Bandy (Sep-1855 - )
  5. Sarah Bandy (May-1858 - )
  6. Mary Ann Bandy (25-Apr-1860 - 30-Dec-1860)
  7. Thomas Bandy (Jul-1862 - )

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Mary Bandy

(18-May-1808 - )

Father Lewis Bandy (c 1750 - a 11-Feb-1827)
Mother Mary Barnes (c 1767 - a 11-Feb-1827)
pedigree pop-up

Reference E16-0464

Birth 18-May-1808  1 
Marriage 9-Jan-1834  Morgan Cty, GA, USA, with=Greenberry Jenkins2 
Death   Date unknown. 
Note   Named in father's will.2 

Family Greenberry Jenkins
Children  1. William Jenkins (c 1836 - )
  2. James Jenkins (c 1840 - )
  3. Green Jenkins (c 1840 - )

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Thomas Williams

(1-Jun-1808 - )

Reference E18-2858

Birth 1-Jun-1808  1 
Marriage 20-Oct-1834  Lincoln Cty, NC, USA, with=Michael Caldwell1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Michael Caldwell (30-Jun-1817 - )
Child  1. Sidney Austin Williams (1846 - 1922)

  1. [S166] Source Ref:1617. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Marshall L Styles.

William Bandy1

(7-Aug-1808 - )

Father John Bandy1 (10-Jul-1774 - )
Mother Sarah Hardin1 (c 1775 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0355-1808

Baptism 7-Aug-1808  Caddington, BDF, ENG1 
Burial 30-Jun-1825  aged 17, Brick Kilns, Caddington, BDF, ENG1 

  1. [S11] Parish Register extracted by Derek Bandy.

John Bandy1

(21-Aug-1808 - Sep-1808)

Father Joseph Bandy1 (6-Mar-1774 - )
Mother Mary King1 (c 1775 - )
pedigree pop-up

Reference D0354-1808

Baptism 21-Aug-1808  Houghton Regis, BDF, ENG1 
Death Sep-1808   
Burial 10-Sep-1808  Houghton Regis, BDF, ENG2 

  1. [S11] Parish Register extracted by Derek Bandy.
  2. [S11] Parish Register extracted by Derek Bandy :PR BE/Reg/92770 Houghton Regis (fiche at SOG).

Augustus French

(24-Aug-1808 - )

Father Charles French
pedigree pop-up

Christening 24-Aug-1808  Spitlefields, Christchurch, Stepney, LND, ENG 
Occupation   Coachmaker 

Child  1. Sarah Ann French (1836 - )

Caroline Bandy1

(2-Sep-1808 - )

Father Thomas Bandy1 (c May-1767 - )
Mother Mary Dollimore1 (c 1770 - )
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Reference D0356-1808

Birth 2-Sep-1808  Biddenham, BDF, ENG1 
Baptism 6-Nov-1808  Biddenham, BDF, ENG1 
Marriage 31-Dec-1834  St Paul, Bedford, BDF, ENG, with=William Whitworth2 

Family William Whitworth (c 1808 - )

  1. [S11] Parish Register extracted by Derek Bandy.
  2. [S12] International Genealogical Index (IGI).

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