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Eva Lena Bandy

(26-May-1869 - )

Father Darwin Peter Bandy (17-Mar-1831 - 6-Apr-1910)
Mother Nancy Dooley (Jul-1842 - )
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Reference E18-2041

Birth 26-May-1869  Dooleyville, MN, USA1 
Marriage 1897  Atchison, KS, USA, Lived New York City., with=Frederick Collins1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Frederick Collins
Child  1. Virgil Dewey Collins (6-Jul-1898 - )

  1. [S352] Source Ref:1412. Van Nuys Family History - Bandy Portion: Unknown.

Emma Bandy

(27-May-1869 - )

Father James Allen Bandy (26-Oct-1831 - 14-Nov-1908)
Mother Melissa C Nabors (Aug-1837 - 31-Mar-1924)
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Reference E18-2832

Birth 27-May-1869  Not far from, Montevallo, Shelby Cty, AL, USA1,2 
Birth   AL, USA2 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S348] Source Ref:1984. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Judy Prosser-Armstrong.
  2. [S175] Source Ref:1586. Bandy Households in the 1870 US Census: Dale Bandy.

Charles Madison Bandy

(29-May-1869 - 27-Jan-1925)

Father Lewis Madison Bandy (17-Mar-1837 - 22-Apr-1910)
Mother Margaret Jane Blue (c 1835 - )
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Reference E19-1024

Birth 29-May-1867  IL, USA1 
Birth 29-May-1869  2,1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Julia Belle Bewley2 
Death 27-Jan-1925  2 

Family Julia Belle Bewley
Children  1. Lylah Bandy
  2. Roscoe Bandy
  3. Velma Bandy
  4. Vera Bandy
  5. Maynard Bandy

  1. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.
  2. [S180] Source Ref:1114. Misc papers sent Alvina E Bristow: Mrs Darrell Bandy.

William A. Bandey1

(Jun-1869 - Dec-1948)

Father John Francis Bandey1 (c 1844 - Dec-1882)
Mother John's Hannah (?) of Higham Ferrers1 (c 1844 - )
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Reference D0469-1870

Birth Jun-1869  Rushden, NTH, ENG1,2 
Census 3-Apr-1881  son age 11, High Street, Rushden, NTH, ENG3 
Marriage Dec-1894  Wellingborough, NTH, ENG, with=? (?)4,5 
Census 31-Mar-1901  Widowed head age 31, Shoe Maker, 54 Moor Rd, Rushden, NTH, ENG6 
Death Dec-1948  age 79, Northampton, NTH, ENG7 

Family ? (?) (c 1870 - b 1901)

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  2. [S26] Researcher: Peter G Jones [e-mail address] :PJ: GRO 3B 135(B:90A) Wellingborough.
  3. [S6] 1881 Census CD :RG11/1569 f. 5.
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  5. [S7] General Register Office Index Entry :GRO Ref: 3b 327.
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John Lewis Hobble

(4-Jun-1869 - 10-Mar-1909)

Father Andrew Jackson Hobble (13-Aug-1845 - 22-Jul-1924)
Mother Martha Lightbody (4-Feb-1850 - 25-Sep-1944)
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Reference E20-1556

Birth 4-Jun-1869  Pekin, Tazewell Cty, VA, USA1 
Marriage 11-Jul-1894  Beaverton, OR, USA, with=Hettie Belle McKay1 
Death 10-Mar-1909  Bolton, Clackames Cty, OR, USA1 

Family Hettie Belle McKay (1877 - 20-Jan-1901)
Child  1. Irena May Hobble (28-Jul-1898 - 23-Dec-1922)

  1. [S229] Source Ref:1081. Letters to Burton Eubank: Alvina E. Bristow.

Lelia Florence Bandy

(5-Jun-1869 - 4-Sep-1953)

Father Isaac T Bandy (Aug-1848 - 15-Jul-1907)
Mother Sarah Jane (Sallie) Hurt (Mar-1847 - )
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Reference E19-2319

Birth 5-Jun-1869  Roanoke, VA, USA1 
Marriage 1895  Nolan Cty, TX, USA, Line of Betty Shattuck., with=Edd Neblett1 
Death 4-Sep-1953  Sweetwater, Nolan Cty, TX, USA1 
Note   [Is this /1586/ Lolita b ~1868?]2 
Note   Living Sweetwater, TX, 1948.3 

Family Edd Neblett

  1. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.
  2. [S82] Source Ref:1661. Comments: Jane and Burton Eubank.
  3. [S336] Source Ref:1958. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: WIlliam Bandy Anderson.

Laura Emily Indiana Caldwell

(20-Jun-1869 - 5-Jul-1869)

Father Levi J. Caldwell (29-May-1842 - 16-Jun-1906)
Mother Mary Robinson Bisaner (18-Nov-1848 - 29-Jan-1920)
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Reference E20-3358

Birth 20-Jun-1869  Catawba Cty, NC, USA1 
Death 5-Jul-1869  1 

  1. [S166] Source Ref:1617. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Marshall L Styles.

Ida Olive (Mae) Bandy

(6-Jul-1869 - 3-Apr-1886)

Father John Kennedy (Canady Bandy (6-Feb-1841 - 30-Nov-1885)
Mother Martha Ann Cusick (27-Mar-1843 - 16-Jan-1917)
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Reference E19-1149

Birth 6-Jul-1869  Edgar Cty, IL, USA1 
Death 3-Apr-1886  Edgar Cty, IL, USA1 

  1. [S104] Source Ref:0789. Private Genealogical Papers: Mabel R Bandy Anheuser.

Nancy Ellen Drum

(6-Jul-1869 - 3-Apr-1924)

Reference E20-0484

Birth 6-Jul-1869  1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Rufus A Bandy1 
Death 3-Apr-1924  1 

Family Rufus A Bandy (28-Apr-1874 - 18-Aug-1951)
Child  1. Rose Esther Bandy (9-Oct-1899 - 17-Jun-1977)

  1. [S126] Source Ref:0790. The History of the Bandy Clan: Dr. Allen Hill Bandy, Sr.

George William Bandy

(11-Jul-1869 - )

Father Richard Hasten Bandy (3-Mar-1830 - 9-Feb-1916)
Mother Mary Elizabeth Williams (Jun-1833 - )
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Reference E19-2339

Birth 11-Jul-1869  IA, USA1,2 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Estes2 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Estes

  1. [S175] Source Ref:1586. Bandy Households in the 1870 US Census: Dale Bandy.
  2. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.

Sarah Ella Bandy

(15-Jul-1869 - 18-Nov-1949)

Father John Jefferson Bandy (22-Dec-1845 - 20-Oct-1909)
Mother Parthana Alice Myrick (11-Dec-1851 - 25-Mar-1942)
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Reference E19-1044

Birth 15-Jul-1869  TX, USA1,2 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Charles E Schmidtke2 
Death 18-Nov-1948  3 
Death 18-Nov-1949  Bandera, TX, USA2 
Burial   Vanderpool, Bandera Cty, TX, USA3 

Family Charles E Schmidtke (27-Apr-1869 - 15-Jun-1935)

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  2. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.
  3. [S248] Source Ref:1946. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Charlene White.

Fulton W Altizer

(27-Jul-1869 - 30-Dec-1936)

Father Riley Altizer (7-Oct-1846 - 25-May-1912)
Mother Mary Brown (11-Sep-1849 - 10-Dec-1920)
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Reference E19-2863

Birth 27-Jul-1869  1 
Death 30-Dec-1936  1 

  1. [S249] Source Ref:1314. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Betty J Bradley.

Annie L (?)

(Aug-1869 - )

Reference E18-4144

Birth Aug-1869  GA, USA1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Harry Louis Bandy1 
Census 1900  Ouachita Psh, LA, USA, with=Harry Louis Bandy1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Harry Louis Bandy (Jul-1861 - )
Children  1. Harry H Bandy (Jan-1891 - )
  2. Sarah B Bandy (Nov-1894 - )

  1. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

Arminna (Arminnie) Boyer

(5-Aug-1869 - 31-Dec-1955)

Father Christopher Columbus Boyer (18-Oct-1837 - Oct-1910)
Mother Louisa Ann Kibler (8-Dec-1839 - 29-Nov-1936)
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Reference E19-1156

Birth 5-Aug-1869  Edgar Cty, IL, USA1 
Marriage 25-Nov-1886  with=John Rufus McLin Bandy1 
Census 1900  Crawford Cty, IL, USA, with=John Rufus McLin Bandy2 
Death 31-Dec-1955  St Louis, MO, USA1 
Burial   Memorial Park Cem, Columbus, MO, USA1 

Family John Rufus McLin Bandy (20-Jul-1865 - 25-Mar-1943)
Children  1. Carl Armour Bandy (10-Jun-1889 - 13-Jul-1890)
  2. Russell McLin Bandy (29-May-1891 - 25-Feb-1967)
  3. Vera Mae Bandy (19-Nov-1893 - 14-Apr-1937)
  4. Arminna Pauline Bandy (4-Nov-1898 - )
  5. Mabel Ruth Bandy (19-Oct-1903 - 12-Oct-2000)

  1. [S104] Source Ref:0789. Private Genealogical Papers: Mabel R Bandy Anheuser.
  2. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

Florence Elizabeth Pettit

(14-Aug-1869 - 22-Sep-1944)

Father John Pettit
Mother Jane Jewell (1833 - 12-May-1922)
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Birth 14-Aug-1869  25 Little Canterbury Place, Lambeth, SRY, ENG 
Marriage 25-Dec-1902  All Saints Church, Newington, SRY, ENG, with=Alfred Edward Downes 
Death 22-Sep-1944  9 Fare Street, Chudleigh, DEV, ENG 
Note   MARRIAGE Residence at the time of marriage: 2 Jesmond Street, Newington In the presence of Ada Louise Davies and Jonah French DEATH i Mitral Stenosis. ii Bronchitis Informant A E Downes, Widower, of 2 Jesmond Street, Walworth SE17. 

Family Alfred Edward Downes (1-Nov-1877 - 11-Feb-1951)
Child  1. Doris Alice Downes (1910 - 1987)

Capitala Fowler

(19-Aug-1869 - c 1950)

Father Nathan Fowler
Mother Sarah Davis
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Reference E18-3866

Birth 19-Aug-1869  Casey, IL, USA1 
Marriage 11-Feb-1891  Moultrie Cty, IL, USA, with=Albert Bandy1 
Census 1900  St Charles Cty, MO, USA, with=Albert Bandy2 
Death c 1950  1 

Family Albert Bandy (31-May-1862 - 16-Sep-1930)
Children  1. Ruth Bandy
  2. Gladys Bandy
  3. Leland Bandy
  4. Harry Bandy
  5. Beulah Bandy
  6. Mable Bandy (Feb-1892 - )
  7. Grace Bandy (Apr-1894 - )
  8. Marion Bandy (Jul-1896 - )

  1. [S179] Source Ref:1913. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Sharon Leezer.
  2. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

R Houston Dudley

(24-Aug-1869 - )

Father Christopher Marion Dudley (27-Aug-1838 - 31-Jan-1918)
Mother Letitia Kezia Bandy (c 1847 - 18-Jul-1878)
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Reference E20-1242

Birth 24-Aug-1869  Swifton, AR, USA1 
Marriage 8-Dec-1892  Nashville, TN, USA, with=Claudia Martin1 
Death   Date unknown. 

Family Claudia Martin
Child  1. Francis Marion Dudley (4-Sep-1899 - )

  1. [S84] Source Ref:0796. Correspondence With Bandys, 1910 & Subsequent: John McDowell Ballard.

William Troyer

(25-Aug-1869 - 2-Jun-1925)

Father Emanuel Troyer
Mother Mary Ann Harvey
pedigree pop-up

Reference E20-0793

Birth 25-Aug-1869  1 
Marriage 23-Sep-1916  Evansville, Vanderburgh Cty, IN, USA, Both spouses have other m., with=Beulah Rosaline Bandy1 
Death 2-Jun-1925  Evansville, Vanderburgh Cty, IN, USA1 
Note   Line of Mrs. Doris Troyer, Akron, OH, 1984., with=Beulah Rosaline Bandy2 

Family Beulah Rosaline Bandy (3-Sep-1898 - 1-Feb-1981)
Child  1. Harold Bedford Troyer (29-Oct-1917 - 17-Jun-1989)

  1. [S268] Source Ref:1413. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Doris B Troyer.
  2. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.

James Bandy1

(Sep-1869 - Mar-1872)

Father George Bandy1 (21-May-1847 - )
Mother Fanny Sear1 (c 1850 - Dec-1880)
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Reference D1513-1869

Birth Sep-1869  GRO 3A 537(Buckingham), Padbury, BKM, ENG2,3 
Baptism 26-Sep-1869  Padbury, BKM, ENG4 
Census 2-Apr-1871  age 1, 84 Main St, Padbury, BKM, ENG2 
Death Mar-1872  age 2 GRO Ref: 3a 386/freeBMD, Buckingham, BKM, ENG5 

  1. [S6] 1881 Census CD.
  2. [S5] 1871 Census.
  3. [S26] Researcher: Peter G Jones [e-mail address] :PJ: GRO 3A 537(B:90a).
  4. [S12] International Genealogical Index (IGI).
  5. [S7] General Register Office Index Entry.

William Joseph Bandy1

(Sep-1869 - 1952)

Father Joseph Bandy1 (May-1841 - 6-May-1900)
Mother Sarah Jane Munns1 (c 1845 - Mar-1874)
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Reference D1514-1869

Birth Sep-1869  Bedford, BDF, ENG1,2 
Census 2-Apr-1871  son age 1, St Mary, Bedford, BDF, ENG3 
Census 3-Apr-1881  son age 12, 14 Edward Rd, St Mary, Bedford, BDF, ENG4 
Marriage 1895  Bedford, BDF, ENG, with=Ada (?)5,6 
Census 31-Mar-1901  head age 31, Stone Mason, 14 Edward Rd St Mary, Bedford, BDF, ENG, I presume this is correct because the address is the same, he is a stone mason like his father and his widowed mother appears to be living next door.7 
Death 1952  Croydon, SRY, ENG6 

Family Ada (?) (1873 - )
Children  1. Bessie Ada Bandy (5-Oct-1896 - Mar-1974)
  2. Hilda M Bandy (1899 - )

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  7. [S51] 1901 Census :RG13 1492 110 34 213.

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