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Margaret V Bandy

(26-Mar-1880 - 4-Jun-1967)

Father William Henry Bandy (Mar-1850 - 1909)
Mother Sarah Lucinda Parks (May-1857 - )
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Reference E19-2352

Birth 26-Mar-1880  Stanton, MO, USA1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=John Ellis1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Clarence Stockhouse1 
Death 4-Jun-1967  1 

Family 1 John Ellis

Family 2 Clarence Stockhouse

  1. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.

Eula Bandy

(28-Mar-1880 - 20-Jun-1880)

Father Stephen Richard Bandy (17-Nov-1851 - 29-Dec-1929)
Mother Octavia Claycomb (c 1858 - )
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Reference E19-2463

Birth 28-Mar-1880  KY, USA1,2 
Death 20-Jun-1880  2 

  1. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.
  2. [S176] Source Ref:1918. 4/8/2000 E-mail to Burton Eubank: Dale Bandy.

Roy Clarence Coles

(Apr-1880 - )

Father Epperson Bandy Coles (20-Jun-1853 - 29-Aug-1932)
Mother Helena Caroline Crewdson (10-Jan-1853 - 17-Dec-1922)
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Reference E20-1768

Birth Apr-1880  Russellville, Logan Cty, KY, USA1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Winnie Kimple1 
Death   Date unknown. 
Note   No ch. 1 adopted son., with=Winnie Kimple1 

Family Winnie Kimple

  1. [S203] Source Ref:1122. Miscellaneous Correspondence: Robert C Coles.

Essie Bandy

(Apr-1880 - )

Father Richard Sachel Bandy (4-May-1846 - 28-Jun-1927)
Mother Mollie (Mary E) McCay (Mar-1850 - )
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Reference E19-5855

Birth Apr-1880  1 
Census 1900  Breckinridge Cty, KY, USA1 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

George Harper Pierce

(4-Apr-1880 - 14-Sep-1886)

Father Lyman Beecher Pierce
Mother Lea Ann Bandy (7-Jan-1838 - )
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Reference E18-2065

Birth 4-Apr-1880  1 
Death 14-Sep-1886  Winfield, IA, USA1 

  1. [S352] Source Ref:1412. Van Nuys Family History - Bandy Portion: Unknown.

Essie Ellen Hall

(5-Apr-1880 - 26-Jan-1964)

Reference E19-2441

Birth 5-Apr-1880  1 
Marriage 15-Nov-1899  with=George Bandy1 
Note   7 ch., with=George Bandy1 
Death 26-Jan-1964  1 

Family George Bandy (20-Oct-1870 - 14-Jul-1921)

  1. [S176] Source Ref:1918. 4/8/2000 E-mail to Burton Eubank: Dale Bandy.

John Thomas Bandey1,2

(c May-1880 - )

Father John Bandey1 (22-Nov-1847 - Sep-1895)
Mother Eliza Weston1 (c 1851 - )
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Reference D1248-1880

Birth c May-1880  Liverpool, LAN, ENG1 
Census 3-Apr-1881  10 Argos Rd, Kirkdale, LAN, ENG3 
Census 5-Apr-1891  son age 11, Kirkdale, LAN, ENG4 
Census 31-Mar-1901  son age 20, Joiner, 9 Juliet St Kirkdale, Liverpool, LAN, ENG2 

  1. [S6] 1881 Census CD.
  2. [S51] 1901 Census.
  3. [S6] 1881 Census CD :RG11/3679 f. 41.
  4. [S69] 1891 Census Index.

Alice Maud Bandy

(c May-1880 - )

Father Frederick Bandey1 (Jan-1854 - Sep-1915)
Mother Fred's Hannah (?) of Brackley1 (c 1859 - )
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Reference D1221-1880

Birth c May-1880  Brackley, NTH, ENG1 
Census 3-Apr-1881  daughter age 10 mths, Backway St Peter, Brackley, NTH, ENG2 
Census 31-Mar-1901  unmarried boarder age 20, Housemaid Domestic, Manor Rd, Brackley, NTH, ENG3 
Marriage Sep-1903  GRO 3b 17, Brackley, NTH, ENG, with=? (?)4 
Name Variation   Alice Maud Bandey, Original Spelling1 

Family ? (?) (c 1880 - )

  1. [S6] 1881 Census CD.
  2. [S6] 1881 Census CD :RG11/1531 f. 21.
  3. [S51] 1901 Census :RG13 1408 15 21 124.
  4. [S26] Researcher: Peter G Jones [e-mail address] :PJ: GRO 3b 17(D:11).

Robert Lee Bandy

(May-1880 - )

Father Robert Bandy (Apr-1832 - )
Mother Nancy Ann (?) (Nov-1845 - )
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Reference E19-5685

Birth May-1880  MO, USA1,2 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S139] Source Ref:1933. Bandy Households in the 1880 US census: Dale Bandy.
  2. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

Julia D Bandy

(May-1880 - )

Father Lewis Riley (Doc) Bandy (9-Jan-1834 - 15-Jun-1917)
Mother Mary Elizabeth Blankenship (19-Jul-1843 - 18-Nov-1924)
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Reference E19-5925

Birth May-1880  TN, USA1 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

Edith May Drage

(1-May-1880 - 2-Mar-1893)

Father Thomas Drage (1837 - 2-Jun-1893)
Mother Jane Bandy (12-May-1845 - 31-May-1901)
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Birth 1-May-1880  Northampton, WA, AUS 
Death 2-Mar-1893  Northampton, WA, AUS 
Note   Edith Drage was only 13 years of age when she died in 1893 

Lillie May Bandy

(1-May-1880 - 16-Dec-1951)

Father Henry Bandy (18-May-1857 - 25-Dec-1931)
Mother Mary F Garrison (27-Apr-1861 - 19-Dec-1943)
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Reference E19-1132

Birth 1-May-1880  Harrison Cty, MO, USA1 
Marriage 10-Nov-1899  Blythedale, MO, USA, with=Richard Turner2 
Death 16-Dec-1951  1 

Family Richard Turner

  1. [S83] Source Ref:0792. Private Papers: Arlene (Mrs. Wayne) Cook.
  2. [S84] Source Ref:0796. Correspondence With Bandys, 1910 & Subsequent: John McDowell Ballard.

William Silas Bandy

(3-May-1880 - 1929)

Father David Washington Bandy (5-Sep-1857 - 9-Feb-1932)
Mother Mary Louise Bransom (22-Aug-1860 - 9-Aug-1930)
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Reference E20-1658

Birth 3-May-1880  TX, USA1 
Marriage 25-Nov-1904  with=China McPherson2 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Amanda Earle McPherson2 
Death 1929  1 
Death 13-Oct-1961  2 

Family 1 China McPherson
Child  1. Otis Earle Bandy (13-Oct-1905 - Oct-1963)

Family 2 Amanda Earle McPherson
Children  1. David McPherson Bandy (25-Apr-1918 - )
  2. Glenna Mae Bandy (25-Apr-1918 - )

  1. [S237] Source Ref:1115. Letters to Burton Eubank: Linda Betts Essary.
  2. [S286] Source Ref:0004. Private Papers, Correspondence with Eubanks: Robert D Bandy.

Anna Bourke

(3-May-1880 - 21-Mar-1960)

Father Thomas Bourke (c 1836 - c 1886)
Mother Cathryn Murphy (c 1842 - 8-Oct-1903)
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Reference E20-2738

Birth 3-May-1880  Ballyhaunis, Cty Mayo, IRL1 
Marriage 16-May-1906  Chicago, Cook Cty, IL, USA, with=Michael Martin Donelon1 
Death 21-Mar-1960  Coronado, San Diego Cty, CA, USA1 

Family Michael Martin Donelon (29-Nov-1882 - 3-Aug-1956)
Child  1. Gertrude Catherine Donlon (2-Feb-1914 - 31-Oct-1993)

  1. [S178] Source Ref:1538. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Helen N Battleson.

Olive May Bandy

(6-May-1880 - 8-Mar-1966)

Father Thomas Edgar Bandy (11-Dec-1834 - 10-Nov-1895)
Mother Margaret Olive Milican (10-Sep-1840 - 19-May-1915)
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Reference E19-5470

Birth 6-May-1880  1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=William H Jackson1 
Death 8-Mar-1966  1 
Note   Her second m. No ch., with=William H Jackson1 

Family William H Jackson (3-Apr-1852 - 15-Sep-1939)

  1. [S176] Source Ref:1918. 4/8/2000 E-mail to Burton Eubank: Dale Bandy.

Mary Virginia Lanius

(30-May-1880 - 21-Dec-1933)

Father George Washington Lanius (23-Nov-1854 - 18-Mar-1942)
Mother Mary Catherine(Kate) Bandy (17-Apr-1854 - 4-Nov-1934)
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Reference E20-0757

Birth 30-May-1880  LaGuardo, Wilson Cty, TN, USA1 
Marriage 12-Jun-1898  with=Edgar Gustavous Graves1 
Death 21-Dec-1933  Madison, Davidson Cty, TN, USA1 

Family Edgar Gustavous Graves (1-Dec-1878 - )
Child  1. Catherine Graves (31-Jul-1901 - )

  1. [S106] Source Ref:0394. Private Papers - Bandy Folder: Edythe Rucker Whitley.

Anna M Bandy

(Jun-1880 - )

Father William Jimmerson Bandy (Aug-1845 - )
Mother Malinda E (?) (Dec-1859 - )
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Reference E19-5931

Birth Jun-1880  TN, USA1 
Death   Date unknown. 

  1. [S201] Source Ref:1935. Bandy Households in the 1900 US census: Dale Bandy.

Minnie Cotham

(4-Jun-1880 - 4-Jun-1880)

Father William James Cotham (25-Nov-1847 - 21-Sep-1927)
Mother Delia P Bates (29-Sep-1860 - 6-May-1938)
pedigree pop-up

Reference E20-1816

Death 4-Jun-1880  1 
Birth 4-Jun-1880  1 

  1. [S294] Source Ref:1137. A Cotham Book: Verby Lee Cotham Balinas.

Bennie Bolen

(16-Jun-1880 - 1-Jun-1958)

Father Uriah Benjamin Bolen
Mother Delilah Ann Murphy
pedigree pop-up

Reference E19-2603

Birth 16-Jun-1880  Ellis Cty, TX, USA, Named after her father.1 
Marriage 29-Nov-1896  Ellis Cty, TX, USA, with=William Mack Westbrook1 
Death 1-Jun-1958  Houston, TX, USA1 
Burial   Forest Park Cem, Houston, TX, USA1 

Family William Mack Westbrook (10-Mar-1872 - 11-May-1953)
Children  1. Berthold Westbrook (9-Oct-1897 - 25-Nov-1981)
  2. Claude Westbrook (29-Nov-1899 - 24-Jan-1900)
  3. Maude Westbrook (23-Apr-1901 - 10-May-1902)
  4. Willie Mae Westbrook (14-Sep-1903 - 1989)
  5. Oscar Vernon Westbrook (22-Jan-1905 - 5-Jun-1967)
  6. Christy Bolen Westbrook (24-Dec-1907 - )
  7. Ferris Westbrook (28-Oct-1909 - )
  8. Joe Marion Westbrook (8-Sep-1914 - Nov-1975)
  9. Ann (Annie) Delilah Westbrook (23-Jan-1915 - )
  10. Julia Bell Westbrook (10-Mar-1917 - )
  11. Ben Coble Westbrook (13-Jul-1920 - )

  1. [S138] Source Ref:1402. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Virginia Jackson.

Selena Mary Haigh

(30-Jun-1880 - 4-Dec-1949)

Birth 30-Jun-1880  Guildford, WA, AUS 
Marriage 4-Jan-1901  Gwalla, WA, AUS, with=William John Drage 
Death 4-Dec-1949  Northampton, WA, AUS 

Family William John Drage (4-Apr-1866 - 31-Jul-1937)

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