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Geoffrey Ernest Bandy1

(12-Jul-1950 - )

Father Albert Edward Bandy1 (1917 - 19-Dec-1968)
Mother Edna Winifred Baber1 (1922 - 10-Dec-1974)
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Birth 12-Jul-1950  Melbourne, VIC, AUS 
Marriage 17-Mar-1973  Deepdene, WA, AUS, with=Carol Margaret Henry 

Family Carol Margaret Henry (4-Jun-1950 - 14-Dec-1990)

  1. [S2] Researcher Peter Bandy.

Ronald James Bandy

(Jan-1951 - 5-Dec-1951)

Birth Jan-1951   
Death 5-Dec-1951   

Geoffrey Martin Bandy1

(25-Apr-1951 - 19-Apr-1960)

Father William Bandy1 (30-Aug-1924 - )
Mother Patricia Margaret Austin1 (12-Apr-1925 - 22-Dec-2000)
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Birth 25-Apr-1951  NTH, ENG1 
Death 19-Apr-1960  North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton, MDX, ENG1 

  1. [S55] Researcher Graham W Bandy.

Michael Arthur Murphy1

(2-May-1954 - c 1990)

Father George John Murphy1 (30-Jul-1927 - c 1997)
Mother Gladys Cheesewright1 (16-Aug-1925 - )
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Birth 2-May-1954  USA1 
Marriage c 1975  with=Cindi (?)1 
Death c 1990  killed in road accident by drunk driver, MI, USA1 

Family Cindi (?)

  1. [S46] Researcher: Tim Goodworth. <e-mail address>

Michel David Meador

(24-May-1955 - 24-May-1955)

Father Prentice Meador
Mother Ida Jewel Bandy (24-Jun-1904 - 1-May-1986)
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Reference E21-4624

Death 24-May-1955  1 
Birth 24-May-1955  1 

  1. [S244] Source Ref:1845. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Richard Tomich.

Deborah Ann Bandy

(12-Jan-1958 - 11-Jan-1964)

Birth 12-Jan-1958  Perth, WA, AUS 
Death 11-Jan-1964  Perth, WA, AUS 

Karen E Bandy1

(Mar-1962 - Mar-1962)

Father Edward Stanley Bandy1 (1-Oct-1914 - 1985)
Mother (?) Summers1 (c 1914 - )
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Reference D1706-1962

Death Mar-1962  age 0, Northampton, NTH, ENG1,2 
Birth Mar-1962  This is possibly a child of a different "nee SUMMERS", Northampton, NTH, ENG1,3 

  1. [S10] Researcher: Ken Bandy. [e-mail address]
  2. [S26] Researcher: Peter G Jones [e-mail address] :PJ: GRO 3b 697(D:61a).
  3. [S26] Researcher: Peter G Jones [e-mail address] :PJ: GRO 3b 975(D:59).

Helen Bandy

(10-Dec-1969 - 14-Dec-1969)

Reference D1661-1969

Birth 10-Dec-1969  Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, SOM, ENG1 
Death 14-Dec-1969  Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, SOM, ENG 

  1. [S7] General Register Office Index Entry :4/4 1969 Taunton vol 7c page 1209.

Charles Ellis1

(c 1975 - )

Birth c 1975  1 

Child  1. Minne Ellis (1900 - )

  1. [S15] Certified Copy of Birth Marriage or Death Entry, General Register Office :M Cert 32 GRO 4a 791.

Wilford Rodenbaugh VanValkenberg

(10-Jan-1984 - 22-Dec-1947)

Father Wilfred Rodenbaugh VanValkenburg (10-May-1861 - 19-Mar-1905)
Mother Emily Bradley (1863 - 20-Nov-1938)
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Reference E19-5540

Death 22-Dec-1947  1 
Birth 10-Jan-1984  1 
Marriage   Assumed. Date unknown., with=Jeanne Pauline1 

Family Jeanne Pauline

  1. [S353] Source Ref:1925. GEDCOM File on John Bandy and Mary VanNuys: Richard Matthews.

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