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[S3] 1861 Census.

[S4] 1851 Census.

[S5] 1871 Census.

[S6] 1881 Census CD.

[S9] 1891 Census.

[S14] 1841 Census.

[S16] Bucks Burial Index , Buck Family History Society.

[S17] Derek Bandy, "Conjecture."

[S18] Gravestone.

[S19] Ancestral File Download , Church of Latter Day Saints.

[S21] Will 1582 of Edward BANDY.

[S22] Parish register extracted by D S Fookes.

[S23] Cemetery records.

[S27] Researcher: Derek Bandy. [e-mail address]

[S28] Researcher: Paula Bandy. [e-mail address]

[S29] 1559 Will of Richard of Potsgrove.

[S30] Will 1625 John Bandye.

[S31] Will 1720 Richard of Mursley.

[S32] Will 1713 John of Beachampton.

[S33] Will 1781 Thomas of Thornborough BKM CRO Will DA/WE/115/40.

[S37] Researcher Peter Bandy (Aus).

[S38] Will 1821 John of Turweston.

[S39] Newspaper Cutting.

[S41] Will 1691 Robert Bedfordshire County Record Office 1692/51 Canterbury Will Index 1708 Folio 43.

[S42] Will 1708 John of Cranfield Bedfordshire CRO 1708/43.

[S43] Will 1712 Elizabeth Bandy Widow of Cranfield Canterbury Will Index 1712 Folio 59.

[S44] War Graves Commission.

[S45] 1881 Census Return.

[S49] Researcher Marion Stanton.

[S50] Researcher: Pat Perry.

[S53] Death record.

[S54] Somerset Record Office.

[S55] Researcher Graham W Bandy.

[S56] Will 1645 Joan.

[S57] Middlesex Marriage Index.

[S58] Canterbury Will Index.

[S59] Public Record Office Indexed Document.

[S60] Peter Wilson Coldham
, The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775."

[S61] Buckinghamshire Record Office.

[S62] Bob Mays .

[S63] Published Directory.

[S64] Researcher Rodney Marks. [e-mail address]

[S65] Researcher Geoffrey Bardy (alias Bandy).

[S67] Ellis Island records from 1892 to 1924.


[S70] Public Web Site.

[S71] Harmer Family Association: Harmer Family Association.

[S72] Document on file.

[S73] Researcher Gail Louise Kent (nee Dodman).

[S75] Guild of One-Name Studies Marriage Challenge researcher.

[S76] Published Index.

[S77] Will 1764 of Susannah of Stepney.

[S85] Source Ref:1244. International Genealogical Index,v2.15 & 3.02: LDS Family History Libr.

[S86] Source Ref:1245. British Bandy Family Structure from IGI: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S87] Source Ref:0229. Will Book A-C 1770-1824: Botetourt Cty VA.

[S88] Source Ref:0440. Deed Books 1749-1760: Cumberland Cty VA.

[S89] Source Ref:0201. Grantee Index A-D 1754-1930: Bedford Cty VA.

[S90] Source Ref:0222. General Index to Deeds 1770-1889: Botetourt Cty VA.

[S92] Source Ref:0137. Statutes of VA: Hening.

[S102] Source Ref:0363. Abstracts of Bedford Cty VA, 1788-1803: Whitten.

[S107] Source Ref:1138. Thomas Bandy Rev War Pension Record W5782: US.

[S108] Source Ref:1123. Only One Thomas: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S110] Source Ref:1098. Personal Property Tax Rolls, 1782-1807: Bedford Cty VA.

[S111] Source Ref:1094. Personal Property Tax Rolls, 1783-1810: VA Botetourt Cty.

[S113] Source Ref:1145. Conversations with Jane and Burton Eubank: Dr. Robert C., III Black.

[S120] Source Ref:1125. Which George is Which?: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S121] Source Ref:1246. Submission to LDS Ancestral File, ver 1307: Carol J Anderson.

[S127] Source Ref:0063. Tennessee Roster v1-2: DAR.

[S129] Source Ref:1124. Two Richards: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S130] Source Ref:0791. Will Book, 1814-1820: Wilson Cty TN.

[S131] Source Ref:0384. Entitled!: Dickenson.

[S132] Source Ref:0408. A Seed-bed of the Republic: Robert Douthat Stoner.

[S133] Source Ref:1109. Analysis of VA Personal Property Tax Rolls: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S134] Source Ref:0074. Wilson County Tax Lists 1803-1807: Thomas Partlow.

[S135] Source Ref:1762. History of Macon Cty TN: Harold G Blankenship.

[S137] Source Ref:0787. Analysis of Bandys in TN/VA 1820-60 Censuses: Jane and Burton Eubank.

[S142] Source Ref:0700. Minute Book 1853-1858: Sumner Cty TN.

[S144] Source Ref:0719. Deeds, v 18-19, 1846-1853: Sumner Cty TN.

[S158] Source Ref:1947. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Donna O'Neill.

[S160] Source Ref:0013. Order Books 1753-1761: Augusta Cty VA.

[S161] Source Ref:0116. Virginia Genealogist: John Frederick Dorman.

[S162] Source Ref:0348. Botetourt Cty VA Its Men: Charles T. Burton.

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[S170] Source Ref:0258. Marriage Bonds Bedford Cty VA 1755-1800: Earle S. Dennis.

[S171] Source Ref:0296. Botetourt Cty VA Children: Charles T. Burton.

[S172] Source Ref:1132. Census 1850 Greene County, IL: US.

[S177] Source Ref:0410. International Genealogy Index: LDS.

[S181] Source Ref:2003. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: e-mail address.

[S186] Source Ref:0822. National Number 466989 Application: DAR.

[S188] Source Ref:0509. Court Minutes 1803-1807,1812-1829: Wilson Cty TN.

[S189] Source Ref:0498. Wilson Cty TN Miscellaneous Records: Thomas E. Partlow.

[S190] Source Ref:0519. The History of Wilson Cty TN: Wilson Cty History Assoc.

[S191] Source Ref:0124. Census 1830 TN: Sistler.

[S192] Source Ref:0076. Miscellaneous Records Williamson County: Lynch.

[S196] Source Ref:0780. Virginia Frontiers 1740-1783: Kegley.

[S198] Source Ref:0083. Weakley County Cemetery Records, v 1-2: Buckley.

[S200] Source Ref:1937. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Sue Barnes.

[S202] Source Ref:0053. History of ...Wilson, Bedford...Counties, TN: Goodspeed.

[S205] Source Ref:0157. Family Group Records, Bamp->: LDS.

[S207] Source Ref:0897. Birth and Death Registers, 1853-1892: Washington Cty VA.

[S209] Source Ref:0121. Census 1820 TN Index: Ronald Vern Jackson.

[S212] Source Ref:1128. Family Bible of Lewis and Martha Short Bandy: Lewis and Martha Bandy.

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[S243] Source Ref:0030. The Higginbotham Family: William Sweeney.

[S245] Source Ref:2019. Nationwide Veteran Gravesite Locator: National Cemetery Association.

[S248] Source Ref:1946. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Charlene White.

[S250] Source Ref:1962. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Harold Bandy.

[S252] Source Ref:1694. Correspndence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Betty Lee Twite.

[S257] Source Ref:1611. Bandy Heads of Households in 1790-1870 US Cen0.000: Dale Bandy.

[S258] Source Ref:0071. Old City (Nashville) Cemetery Inscriptions: Jill H Garrett.

[S259] Source Ref:0781. Marriages of Davidson Cty TN 1789-1847: Sarah Tucker Blair.

[S260] Source Ref:0068. Marriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers.

[S262] Source Ref:1088. Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from: Jack and Marion Kaminkow.

[S263] Source Ref:0795. Letter (12/28/88) to Burton Eubank: Emory University.

[S266] Source Ref:0499. Census 1860 TN Wilson Cty: Thomas E. Partlow.

[S267] Source Ref:0082. Sumner County TN Cemetery Records: Margaret Cummings Snider.

[S270] Source Ref:1971. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Aaron David Bandy.

[S271] Source Ref:2010. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Dorothy Skelton . Vanginault.

[S274] Source Ref:1996. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Sandy Halifax.

[S275] Source Ref:1989. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Shanna Davis.

[S276] Source Ref:1959. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Rob Bandy.

[S277] Source Ref:1227. Social Security Death Index (SSDI): Social Security.

[S280] Source Ref:0817. Notes to Jane Bandy Eubank: Virginia Hodge Jeter.

[S281] Source Ref:0034. Allied Families of Read, Corbin, etc: Armistead Prichard.

[S282] Source Ref:1608. Early History of Holiday Island, 4Apr1996: Holiday Island [AR] News.

[S288] Source Ref:0767. Marriages, 1840-1849, A-F: Sumner Cty TN.

[S291] Source Ref:1987. e-Mail to Derek Bandy: Teena Murray.

[S292] Source Ref:1964. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: John Bandy.

[S295] Source Ref:1951. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: Joe Brown.

[S297] Source Ref:1409. Letter, 18 Jan 1982, to Freda Bandy: Eileen Utsey.

[S299] Source Ref:1938. Summary of Dale Bandy's Census Data: Burton Eubank.

[S301] Source Ref:1973. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Emily Davis.

[S303] Source Ref:0195. Records of Colonial Gloucester Cty VA v 1-2: Mason.

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[S308] Source Ref:0110. Census 1790 NC: US.

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[S340] Source Ref:0782. Will Books 2-3, 1752-1798: Albemarle Cty VA.

[S341] Source Ref:2016. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Debbi Robinson.

[S343] Source Ref:1914. Posting to Derek Bandy's website: Lorana L Gibbs.

[S344] Source Ref:1979. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Bill Smothers.

[S346] Source Ref:1949. Correspondence with Jane and Burton Eubank: e-mail address.

[S347] Source Ref:1456. Will Books 1-3, -1791: Lunenberg Cty VA.

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[S363] Source Ref:1956. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Darlene Brooks.

[S368] Source Ref:1881. E-mail to Jackie Pace: Sharon Clark.

[S369] Source Ref:1999. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Carole Williams Smith.

[S370] Source Ref:1819. Boyle County KY Cemetery Records, 1792-1992: Boyle County Gen Assoc.

[S373] Source Ref:2008. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Gail Bandy Bense.

[S374] Source Ref:1972. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Debbie Jacoby.

[S375] Source Ref:1953. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Gloria Lange Rodas.

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[S377] Source Ref:1922. The Bandy Family in Early America: Dale Bandy.

[S378] Source Ref:1969. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: e-mail address.

[S380] Source Ref:2020. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Sharyn Hay.

[S381] Source Ref:2021. e-mails to Derek Bandy and Jane and Burton Eubank: Gordon Todd Gates.

[S382] Source Ref:1994. e-mail to Derek Bandy: Karen Eckelbecker.

[S387] Source Ref:0242. Some VA Marriages v1-10: McDonald.

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[S406] Source Ref:1923. Gentleman Born.

[S407] Source Ref:1980. e-mail to Jane and Burton Eubank: Pam Robinson.

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