Are you descended from the Emperor Charlemagne ?
If you are descended from John Bandy (c1752-c1818) and Lucy Christian then you may be entitled to wear the jewel below.
Terry Thompson, a Bandy descendent has contributed an illustrated genealogy of Lucy Christian (1762-1825) who, with her husband John Bandy, had at least 8 children in Botetourt Cty, VA.
This genealogy shows that her ancestors include Charlemagne as well as William the Conquerer and a significant number of English Kings and Aristocrats.
The jewel is the insignia of Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
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"BONDI. One of the few English [i.e. not Norman] notables who retained land and office for some time after 1066.  He was probably Sheriff of Bedfordshire before Ralph Tallboys"
footnote from the 1978 Phillimore edition of the Domesday Book

Perhaps the English Bandys came from Lombardy
from "Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London" 1375-1399
17 December 1382 London folio clvb
"Abrocarius Grossar
also on the 17th December 6 Richard II, Peter Bandy "Lumbard",
servant of Gerard Beck was admitted and sworn broker for the "Grossers""




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