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Site listed as SurnameWeb Surname Resource Centre for Bandy and Variants
Bandys in the Civil War from Illinois added to raw data
Link to Price website for Turner connections added
Contact added
04-Dec-1999 Contacts Added
Information on Rose Evelina-Condley Bandy wanted UPDATED
03-Dec-1999 Early references to Bandys in the US added to raw data page
Typos corrected
28-Nov-1999 Descendants of William Bandy (c1780-c1860 )  on Genealogy page
Contacts Added
GIBBARD Link  added
15-Nov-1999 Peter Bandy's Western Australian Data Base added
Other families changed to web links with Bandy connections on Links page
12-Nov-1999 The Library of Virginia link added (thanks Bonnie)
Contacts added
06-Nov-1999 Micheal Roam Genealogy added
web links updated   image of 1st Lt. Jacob F. Bandy
Information on Rose Evelina-Condley Bandy wanted UPDATED
Contacts added
800 x 600 modifiactions started
30-Oct-1999 New Edition of Bandy News
"Have we found Jane Cumming" Letter added
Information on Rose Evelina-Condley Bandy wanted
"More US spelling variants" Letter added
Contacts added and modified
01-Oct-1999 Second Edition of "The Bandy Family in Early America" by Dale Bandy added
29-Sep-1999 trailer for Dale Bandy 2nd Edition added
25-Sep-1999 Genealogy attribution corrected
Contacts Added
18-Sep-1999 Descendants of James A. Bandy (1813- ) added to genealogy pages
12-Sep-1999 Bucks Burials added to Raw Data page
02-Sep-1999 BUNDY lines added to genealogy pages
27-Aug-1999 US Mini Genealogies added to Genealogies page
BUNDY Debt of Honour Register added to Raw Data pages
24-Aug-1999 Letters added to letters page
Contacts Added


21-Aug-1999 Contacts Added
Some contact information modified
Letters added to letters page
15-Aug-1999 Wants lists updated
Letters added to letters page
09-Aug-1999 Letters added to letters page
06-Aug-1999 Letters added to letters page
04-Aug-1999 Fred Richard Bandy Jr. Lines added to Genealogies
Gravestone information from Bandy Va. Cemeteries added to Raw Data
Reunion Article extended on news page (27-Jul)
26-Jul-1999 Debt of Honour Register added to Raw Data pages
News page updated re reunion
2000 Reunion added to announcements
24-Jul-1999 Norwegian input on Bandy name added to Name page
Letters Page updated
20-Jul-1999 Letters Page updated
19-Jul-1999 Family announcements updated

baby James Omar Longwell III born today

16-Jul-1999 US Descendants of Elizabeth Bandy (1799-1879) added
presentation of Canadian lines improved
Contacts added
14-Jul-1999 New edition of Bandy News 
The Bandy Family in Early America by Dale Bandy added
13-Jul-1999 Contacts email amended
Canadian Genealogies added
08-Jul-1999 Contacts added
Mr. Longwall added to business pages
Survey form technical error corrected (03-Jul)

baby Olivia Lockwood-Gibb born today

Family announcements section added under news
01-Jul-1999 survey form amended to include  PC display size (pixels)
Contacts added
29-Jun-1999 Genealogical Wants added
technical adjusts to speed some pages up
web links added
Huguenots Connection info on letters page
Contacts added
27-Jun-1999 Genealogical Wants added
Further BANTA information on letters page
UK Genealogy Ring membership approved
Contacts added
18-Jun-1999 BANTA name on letters page 
Submitted site to Yahoo (already listed in Alta Vista)
Submitted site to Cyndi's List
Contacts added
17-Jun-1999 Some navigation improved
Family Web links added 
Site Map adjusted  
Immediate Email button added to all navigation bars (for Larry)
12-Jun-1999 Software section added to News
Downloadable FTW Genealogy added
Contacts added     
10-Jun-1999 Larry Ozbun's data added in browsable format
Data Submission guidlines added to Email intro
Search facilities made more explicit (menus adjusted)
Contacts added
08-Jun-1999 Genealogical Wants added
Suggested Dutch origin added to Names page
Contacts added
included UK Genealogy Ring (ukgen) links, awaiting approval
Site History page linked in to What's new
Sosta restaurant & Carolina Baby added to business pages
Larry Ozbun site linked on genealogies page
06-Jun-1999  Clarence Bandy's contributed data added to genealogies page
News Front page updated
Contacts added
05-Jun-1999 site opened

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