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13-Feb-2001 Jo Carol Cummings seeking Lynn Bandy added to wants list
Carolyn Murphy added to contacts
9-Feb-2001 Jim C Bandy added to contacts
Awarded Site Web's Academic Excellence Award - a great surprise
Where is Richard's grave in Botetourt County? added to Wants List
Some English Newspaper Reports & Refs by Derek Bandy & Ken Bandy
Some English Wills added to Raw Data provided by Ken Bandy
Bucks Genealogical Society added to links
Debbie Walker's Condley web site added to links
5-Feb-2001 Jesse BANDY & Charity Ann BOONE added to Wants list
contacts' email addresses verified and corrected
2-Feb-2001 Bandy family Historical overview extended significantly Thanks to Graham W & Ken Bandy
Cheri "Bandy" Robinson  Email address change
1-Feb-2001 Todd Bandy added to contacts
This site wins Genealogy Web Site of the day award
This site wins Golden Web Award 2001/2
28-Jan-2001 Graham Bandy is visiting Washington in April on letters page
Email address change Graham W Bandy
18-Jan-2001 Descendants of John Franklin BANDY & Ellen Lee CLAYCOMB 
- a revised version by Lorana L Gibbs
16-Jan-2001 Descendants of John Frazier BANDY & Mary GOODE by Cathleen Bandy Lesiewicz
Descendants of George BANDY & Christina Slinkard updated


Descendants of George BANDY & Christina Slinkard by Jerry L Lynn
Descendants of Treva Louise BANDY & Marvin Otto JORDAN by Lorana L Gibbs


More on the Huguenot Connection - letter from Cheri Robinson


Bandy family cemetery near Garfield in Breckenridge County, KY added to wants
William F McGuire added to contacts


Word Blind added to business pages
Tazewell County Virginia Families and Ancestors added to web links


Ken Bandy's Data Base of English Bandys added to raw data
Kenneth G Bandy added to contacts
Information on Bandy Books added


Huguenots with similar names in Henrico Co. VA - letter from Cheri Robinson
WANTED - Archie Bandy m. Emma Lilley, d. c1975 Selma California
24-Nov-2000 This site wins Golden Web Award
22-Nov-2000 Lauren Bandy added to contacts

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19-Nov-2000 WANTED - Thomas Charles BUNDY b. 1848 St Andrews, London
HELP - Where can we get the various Bandy books
7-Nov-2000 This site wins Ancestry Connections Award
4-Nov-2000 minor design & layout changes
2-Nov-2000 details of John Bondy born 1756 added to Raw Data by Cheri Robinson
1-Nov-2000 Descendants of  Mary Polly BANDY & Jonathan JAMES added
31-Oct-2000 Help wanted on the William & Dicey Green Bandy line
Bandy family section extended
Becky Smith added to contacts
25-Oct-2000 Larry Bandy added to contacts
Bedfordshire Domesday Book extracts added to Family Introduction
22-Oct-2000 Information wanted on James and Suzannah Bandy (US) and reply
20-Oct-2000    baby Kristy Lockwood-Gibb born today
16-Oct-2000 details of Ann & Sophia (bap 1798), daughters of Sam and Sarah BANDY wanted
Information on surname Bonnesen added to names
some erroneous web links removed
07-Oct- 2000 details of William Bandy born c.1853 Aylesbury wanted
link to HMS Pandora site added
link to Sandera family website added
02-Oct-2000 Survey removed - vote was in favour of keeping news section - but with more frequent updates
26-Sep-2000 Pictures added to A report of the first International Reunion
More Domesday Book extracts added to Family Introduction
David Fookes added to contacts
Benjamin F. Bandy, II added to contacts
15-Sep-2000 Domesday Book extracts added to Family Introduction
Alyson Bandy added to contacts
Heraldry review revised
Eileen Wheeler added to contacts
12-Sep-2000 A report of the first International Reunion
7-Sep-2000 information on William Woodford Bandy by Robert W. Meriwether added to Raw Data
3-Sep-2000 Richard Matthews added to contacts
Elizabeth Ann Taylor added to contacts

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